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* Designates entries with corrections of common errors you may find elsewhere.

Hank Aaron *
"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott
Eddie Albert *
Edward Albert *
Senator James Lusk Alcorn *
Isaac Asimov *
Madeleine Force Astor *

Jim Bakker *
Clyde Barrow *
Queen Beatrix
Dirk Benedict *
Jack Benny *
Prince Bernhard
Theodore Bikel *
Rose Bird *
Anita McCormick Blaine *
Edward Bok *
Admiral Mike Boorda
Lizzie Borden *
Dorris Bowdon *
Mayor Tom Bradley
Jonathan Brandis *
Margaret Tobin Brown *
Barbara Bush *
President George Bush *

Truman Capote *
Harry Chapin
James Gould Cozzens
Hume Cronyn *

Jeffrey Dahmer *
Devaughn Darling *
John Davidson *
Denice Denton
Governor Thomas Dewey *
William K. Dick *

Wyatt Earp *
President Dwight D. Eisenhower *
John Eisenhower *
Mamie Eisenhower *
Will Eisner *
Queen Elizabeth II
Elizabeth Enright *

William Faulkner *
Favorite Trick
Farrah Fawcett *
W.C. Fields *
Myron Floren *
Betty Ford *
President Gerald Ford *
John W. Foster *
Gene Fowler *
Gene Fowler, Jr. *
Marjorie Fowler
Will Fowler
Harry Frazee *
Lane Frost *

John Kenneth Galbraith
Judy Garland *
King George VI
Althea Gibson *
Sen. Barry Goldwater *
Fritha Goodey

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