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* Designates entries with corrections of common errors you may find elsewhere.

Mariska Hargitay *
Mickey Hargitay *
Bill Harmsen
Ned Harrigan *
Richard Harris *
Tony Hart
Senator Howell Heflin
O. Henry *
Audrey Hepburn *
Katharine Hepburn *
Heinrich Himmler *
Billie Holiday *
Vyvyan Holland *
David Hollander *
Buddy Holly *
Qusay Hussein
Saddam Hussein *
Uday Hussein

David Janssen *
Joan of Arc
Pope John Paul II *
Nunnally Johnson *
Al Jolson *
Jim Jones *
Queen Juliana

Helen Keller *
William King *

Dorothy Lamour *
Carole Landis *
Angela Lansbury *
Ken Lay
Brandon Lee
Vivien Leigh *
Lotte Lenya *
Terry Long *
Myrna Loy *
Al Lucas *
Joan Lunden

Hugh MacDiarmid
Moyna Macgill *
Jayne Mansfield *
Charles Manson *
Princess Margaret
Walter Matthau *
Steve McQueen *
Timothy McVeigh *
Tom Mees *
Ethel Merman *
Arthur Miller *
Michael David Morrison
James Henry Moser *
William Mulholland

Eric Namesnik *
Huey P. Newton *
Leonard Nimoy *
Sen. George Norris *

Sydney Omarr
Senator John Holmes Overton *

Kevin Payne *
Robert A. Peck
Chris Peck
Eva Peron *
Prince Philip *
Albert Pick, Jr. *
William H. Prescott *

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