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* Designates entries with corrections of common errors you may find elsewhere.

Christopher Reeve *
John Hamilton Reynolds *
J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson *
LeAnn Rimes
Jay Robinson *
Sugar Ray Robinson *
David Rosenbaum *
Betsy Ross *
Dan Rostenkowski *
Chef Mike Roy *
Hilton Ruiz *

Carl Sagan
Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage *
Russell Sage *
Swede Savage
Jessica Savitch *
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf *
Betty Shabazz
Elizabeth "The Black Dahlia" Short
Dru Sjodin *
Jean Stafford *
Governor William Stephens *
Adlai Stevenson *
Jerry Stiller *
Justin Strzelczyk *

George Takei *
Sharon Tate *
Senator Glen H. Taylor *
William Desmond Taylor *
Peter Tomarken *
Spencer Tracy *

Vivian Vance *
William Vickrey
Herve Villechaize *

Andy Warhol *
Lew Wasserman *
Senator Paul Wellstone
Barry White *
Lady Jane Francesca Wilde *
Oscar Wilde *
Vice President Henry Wilson *
Kemmons Wilson
Verne Winchell *
J. Madison Wright *
Orville Wright *
Wilbur Wright
Earl Wrightson

Malcolm X *

Sam Yorty *

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