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Creative, Witty, or Humorous Acronyms

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of creative, witty, or humorous acronyms. It is evident that those responsible for naming many of these organizations or projects put some real thought into the imaginative acronyms by which they're commonly known.

Not all of the groups or projects listed below are still active, while others may have taken on new monikers. Be aware that some of these abbreviations, acronyms, recursive initialisms, and backronyms may have completely different meanings in different locales. If no specific city, state, province or country is listed for a group or organization, this usually means it exists in several different locations.

PUNCTUATION NOTE: We're cognizant of the fact that some of the organizations listed below fail to use proper punctuation in their names. Rather than correcting this, we present their names as they normally refer to themselves.

WARNING: Be aware that this page contains language that may be offensive to some readers.

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Clever, Unusual, or Humorous Acronyms
AAAAAAAAAAAAA - All Asian, African, American, and Anglo Association Against Acronym and Abbreviation Abuse Anonymous (humorous acronym)

ACCEPT - Alachua County Continuing Education for Pregnant Teens (Florida, USA)
Allen County Continuous Enforcement Probation Track (Indiana, USA)
Automated Community Content Editing PorTal

ACCESS - Ashworth College Continuing Education for Student Success
Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learners

ACCORD - Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes
Advanced Components Cooperation for Optoelectronics Research and Development
Artists Contributing to Civic-Oriented and Responsive Democracy (North Carolina)
ASEAN and China Cooperative Operation in Response to Dangerous Drugs -- (ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

ACE Team - Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team

ACES - Access Certificates for Electronic Services
Acoustic Containerless Experiment System
Active Civically Engaged Scholars
Adaptation Controlled Environment System
Advanced Computerized Execution System
Advanced Concept Ejection Seat
Advanced Countermeasures Electronic System
Aerial Combat Engagement Specialist
After Care Education for Students
Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Airspace Concept Evaluation System
Alabama Cooperative Extension System
All Children Exercise Simultaneously
Altus Cumulus Electrification Study
American Clean Energy and Security Act
American College of Eye Surgeons
American Consortium on European Studies
American Copy Editors Society
Any Club Except Seattle
Anything Can Equal Success
Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society
Army Center of Excellence, Subsistence
Army Continuing Education System
Association for Children for Enforcement of Support
Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space
Australian Centre for Educational Studies
Automated Civil Engineering System
Automated Client Eligibility System
Automated Coastal Engineering System
Automated Communications Engineering Software
Automated Continuing Evaluation System

ACHIEVE - Academic Competitiveness Highlighting Individual Excellence and Valuing Education
Achieve, Challenge, Honor, Integrity, Engage, Value and Excellence
Athletic Competitiveness Highlights Individual Excellence, Virtues and Ethics

ACORN - Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods -- In 2009, this Virginia-based nonprofit organization ceased use of the acronym ACORN to avoid confusion with the controversial national group that was also called ACORN.

ACORN - Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

ACRONYM - A Clever Re-Organization Nudges Your Memory
A Comical Reduction Of Nomenclature Yielding Meaning
A Company Reaching Out to New Youthful Markets
A Completely Random Order Never Yields Meaning
A Concise Recollection Of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics
A Concise Reduction Obliquely Naming Your Meaning
A Contrived Reduction Of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics
A Contrived Reduction Of Nomenclature Yielding Mostly nonsense
A Crazy Reminder Of Names You Misplaced
A Cross Reference Of Notes Yielding Messages
A Cryptic Reminder Of Names You Meet
Abbreviated Code Rarely Or Never Yielding Meaning
Abbreviated Code Representing Officious Names You Mangle
Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning
Abbreviated, Concise, Reduction Of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics
Abbreviated, or Cropped Representation Of Names Yielding Meaning
Acronyms Cleverly Reduce Officious Names Yielding Mnemonics
Acronyms Complicate the Reading Of Narratives You Make-up
Alphabetic Collocation Reducing Or Numbing Your Memory
Alphabetical Character Reduction Of a Name Yielding a Meaning
Alphabetically Coded Reminder Of Names You Misremember
Alphabetically Condensed Representation Of Neologically Yclept Magniloquence
Alphanumeric Character Rendition Of Names Yielding Meaning
Alphanumeric Code for Remembering Odd Names You Make-up
American Committee Really Out to Numb Your Mind
Annoyingly Cryptic References Of Names You Make-up
Armstrong's Conceivably Regular Or Nearly Yearly Meet (Academic Quiz Bowl)
Automatic Computerized Reorganization Of Name Yielding Meaning

ACRONYMS - A Common Representation Of Names You Must Shorten
A Concise Reduction Of Names Yielding a Memory Stimulant
A Crazy Roundup Of Nonsense You Must See
A Cryptic Rendition Of Names You Might See
Abbreviated Capitalized Real-time Organizational Neological Yeoman-like Memory Surrogates
Absurdly Contrived Representations Of Names Yielding Mass Silliness
Acronyms Create Really Odd, Novel, Yet Memorable Sentences
Advanced Cryptology Rendering Obviously Nonsensical Yet Meaningful Stuff
Alphabet Casserole Rounds Off Nicely Your Metaphorical Supper

ACROSS - Anime Club Regional Organization Servicing SIUE (Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville)

ACT FAST - Advanced Concepts and Technology Frequency Agile Solid-state Tuner
Agent Characteristics and Toxicity -- First Aid and Special Treatment

ACTFAST - ATC Communications Test Facility and Avionics System Test (ATC = Air Traffic Control)

ACTION - Anti-Crime Team In Our Neighborhoods
Any Change Toward Improving One's Nature
Arrest Car Thieves in Our Neighborhood (Michigan, USA)
Attacking Crime Trends In Our Neighborhoods (Tempe, Arizona, USA)

ADAPT - Adult Diversion And Peacemaker Training
American Disabled for Accessible Public Transit
American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today
Approach for Data management, Archive, Protection and Transmission

ADDONAS - Active Distributed and Dynamic Optical Network Access Systems

ADOPT - Adoption Dream Of Parenting Tomorrow

ADVANCE - Army Data Validation and Netting Capability Establishment
Avoiding Drugs, Violence and Negative Choices Early

AGILE - Accelerating Growth, Investment, and Liberalization with Equity (Philippines)
Advanced Generation of Interoperability for Law Enforcement

AHEAD - Access to Higher Education And Degrees
Association for Higher Education and Disability

ALCOHOLICS - A Life Centered On Helping Others Live In Complete Sobriety

ALERRT - Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training

ALERT - A Londonderry Emergency Response Team (New Hampshire, USA)
Acute Launch Emergency Restraint Tip
Acute Life-threatening Events Recognition and Treatment
Advanced Local Emergency Response Team (North Carolina)
Air Land Emergency Resource Team
Air Loss Estimates in Real Time
Aircraft Low Energy Retrieval Technique
Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (Canada)
Alta Loma Emergency Response Team (California, USA)
America's Law Enforcement Retiree Team
Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time
Avoiding Life-Endangering and Reckless Texting Drivers Act of 2009

ALERTUS - Alliance with Law Enforcement for the Reporting of Threats within the United States

ALICE - A Large Ion Collider Experiment (Center for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland)

ALIEN - Alien Lifeforms Inhabiting Earth's Nations

ALOHA - A Long-term Oligotrophic Habitat Assessment -- Also known as HALE ALOHA (Hawaii Air-Sea Logging Experiment).
Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic
Advanced Laser sources for Optical Home Access
A Love of Homeless Animals
Aerial Locations Of Hazardous Atmospheres
Airborne Lidar Observations and Hawaiian Airglow

AMANDA - Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array -- A telescope that detects high-energy cosmic neutrinos at the South Pole, Antarctica.

AMBER - America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response

AMPERE - Active Magnetosphere and Planetary Electrodynamics Response Experiment

ANONYMOUS - Actions, Not Our Names, Yield Maintenance Of Unity and Service

ANSWER - Act Now to Stop War and End Racism
Automated Nutrition System with Earning Reconciliation

ANVIL - Alcohol, Narcotics, Vice, Intelligence and Laundering (Arab, Alabama, USA)

A-PLUS - Automated Property Loss Underwriting System

APOGEE - Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (astronomical survey)

APPLE - Apple and Pear Produce Liaison Executive
Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity
Athletic Prevention Programming Leadership Education
Awesome Prepared People Learning Everyday

ARCHIE - Automated Resource for Chemical Hazard Incident Evaluation

ARIES - Advanced Research in Intelligent Educational Systems (Canada)
Advanced Recovery and Integrated Extraction System
Airborne Reconnaissance Integrated Electronic System

ARISTOTELES - Applications and Research Involving Space Technologies Observing the Earth's field from a Low Earth Orbiting Satellite

ARMER - Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response (Minnesota)

ARTEMIS - Acceleration, Reconnection Turbulence, and Electrodynamics of the Moon's Interaction with the Sun

ARTS - Alpha Repertory Television Service

ASAP - Academic Strategic Alliances Program
Action Supporting All People
Advocating Safe Alternatives for Peers
Alcohol Safety Action Program
Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals
Always Say A Prayer
American Society for Action on Pain
American Society of Adults with Pseudo-Obstruction
American Students for Assignment Procrastination
Angry Students for Alternative Parking
Anti Shuffling Association of Perth
Apex Students Advocating Peace (Apex High School, Apex, North Carolina, USA)
Archallagan Stoney Mountain Arrasey Preservation (Isle of Man)
Army Substance Abuse Program (U.S. Army)
Association of Student Activity Planning
Association of Students Advancement Program
Association of Students Advocating Peace
Association of Students Against Poverty
Association of Students Against Procrastination (University of Toronto)
Association of Students Against the President
Association of Students and Parent/Professionals
Association of Students And Postdocs
Association of Students and Principals
Association of Students for the Adoption of Pets
Association of Students for the Advancement of Psychology
Association of Students in Applied Psychology
Association of Students of Architecture and Planning
Atypical Small Acinar Proliferation

ASCEND - Aviation Summer Camp: Exploring New Dimensions

ASCENDS - Active Sensing of CO2 Emissions over Nights, Days, and Seasons (NASA)

ASPIRE - Achieving Student Progress in Reading Education
Acquiring Strategies for Personal Improvement and Relationship Enhancement (Georgia, USA)

ASSET - Advanced Simulation and Software Engineering Technology
Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow

ASSIST - Acquisition Source Selection Interactive Support Tool
Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System
Advanced Soldier Sensor Information System and Technology
Aggies Selflessly Serving in Shaping Tomorrow (Texas A & M University)
Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (World Health Organization)
Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies
Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer
Association of Scientists and Scholars International for the Shroud of Turin
Automated Special Security Information System Terminal
Automated Systems Security Incident Support Team

ATLAS - Advanced Test Line for Actinide Separations
Airborne Turnable Laser Absorption Spectrometer
Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System
Athletes Training and Learning to Avoid Steroids
Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software
Autonomous Temperature Line Acquisition System

ATLAST - Advanced Technology Large Aperture Space Telescope

ATOMS - Air Traffic Operations Management System

ATTIC - Alternative Technology Treatment Information Center

AWARD - Artists With Audiences Responding to Dance

AWARE - Alzheimer's Women's Association for Resources and Education
Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment

AWOL - Alternative Week of Off-campus Learning

BAANGFUEL - Bits, Atoms, Antimatter, Neurons, Genes, Frequencies, and Ultra- and infra-spectral Energy and Light

BADCATS - Burglary Auto Detail Commercial Auto Theft Section (California, USA)

BADGES - Bay Area Drug and Gang Enforcement Squad (Florida, USA)
Before Aggressive Driving Gets Everyone Stopped (California, USA)

BALLOTS - Bibliographic Automation of Large Library Operations using a Time-sharing System

BANANA - Bring All Necessary Assignments for Needed Achievement
Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody

BANANAS - Bad Acronym Naming and Nomenclature Assessment Scale

BANDIT - Boise Area Narcotics and Drug Interdiction Task Force (Idaho, USA)

BANSHEE - Beam Accelerator for Novel Super High Energy Electron

BARK - Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels (UK)
Baby Animal Rescue Koalition
Backcountry Avalanche Rescue K-9s
Bandit's Adoption and Rescue of K-9s
Basic Alliance for the Rescue of K-9s
Being Advocates for Rescued K-9s
Belleville Area Rescue of K-9s (Illinois, USA)
Billings Animal Rescue Kare (Montana, USA)
Bonnie's Animal Rescue and Kennels
Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels (Texas)

BARKS - Banbury Animal Rescue and Kindness Service (UK)
Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels (UK)
Byram Animal Rescue Kindness Squad

BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit (San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA)
Behavioral Assessment and Response Team
Best Available Retrofit Technology

BASIC - Badly Assembled, Severely Illogical Code
Becoming A Soldier In Christ
Beginner's Algorithms for Seemingly Infinite Confusion
Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
Boring And Shamelessly Idiotic Coders
Boston Area Students Involved in the Community (Wellesley College)
Brothers And Sisters In Christ

BASIS - Baltic Air-Sea-Ice Study
Battelle Automated Search Information System
Bay Area Social Intervention Services (Bay City, Michigan, USA)
Biological Aerosol Sentry and Information System
British Airways Safety Information System
Brief Addiction Science Information Source
Burst and All Sky Imaging Survey
Burst Arc Second Imaging Spectroscopy
Business Action to Support the Information Society

BATCAVE - Basic Advanced Trauma Computer Assisted Virtual Experience

BATTLE - Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement -- Also known as the DuPage County Auto Theft Task Force. (Illinois, USA)

BAYANET - Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (Michigan, USA)

BEACH - Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health
Bring Everyday: Assignments, Communication, and Homework

BEAMS - Becoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science

BEAR - Beam Experiment Aboard a Rocket
Becoming Efficient And Responsible Students
Being Effective And Responsible Students
Being Excited About Reading
Being Equipped And Responsible
Break, Enter, Auto Theft and Robbery (Canada)

BEARS - Berkeley Experiments with Accelerated Radioactive Species
British, European, American Racing and Supporters

BEER - Biologists' Ecology and Evolution Roundtable
Brewers East End Revival
Brewers Excise and Economic Relief Act

BENCHMARC - Biodegradation of Environmental Chemicals Modeled with Aquatic, Relative-Rate Coefficients

BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Basic Instructions Before Living Eternally
Be Inspirational, Befriend and Love Everyone
Belief, Inspiration, Baptism = Life Everlasting
Believe In Biblical Lessons Eternally
Best Investment Before Leaving Earth
Blind Information Based on Lamebrained Entheomaniacs
Blinded Information Based on Lack of Evidence

BICEPS - Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies (Latvia)
Basic Industrial Control Engineering Programming System
Bio-Informatics Collaborative European Programme and Strategy
Brevity, Immediacy, Centrality, Expectancy, Proximity, and Simplicity (The principles of combat stress management)

BINGO - Business and Industry Non-Governmental Organizations (United Nations)

BIRD FLU - Believe In Redeemer Deeply = Fear Leaves Us

BITCH - Babe In Total Control of Herself
Beautiful Individual That Causes Havoc
Beautiful Individual That Causes Horniness
Beautiful, Intellectual, Trustworthy, Courageous and Hot
Being In Total Control, Honey
Being In Total Control of Herself
Being In Total Control of Him
Birds In The City of Hollywood
Bitchy, Insensitive, Tactless, Cruel, Heartless
Black Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeneity
Boisterous, Insulting, Thoughtless, Combative, Heartless
Brave, Intelligent, Tenacious, Courageous and Honest

BLAST - Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Shrimp, and Tomato sandwich
Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Sprouts, and Tomato sandwich
Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Swiss, and Tomato sandwich
Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Swiss, and Turkey sandwich
Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope
Basic Leadership And Staff Training
Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
Bates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Battlefield Laser Acquisition Sensor Test
Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stressed or Tired
Building Load Analysis and System Thermodynamics
Burst Locations with an Arc Second Telescope

BLEND - Buildings and Landscapes Enhancing the Neighborhood through Design

BLIMP - B Lymphocyte-Induced Maturation Protein
Boundary Layer Integral Matrix Procedure

BMW - Bavarian Money Waster
Beautiful Masterpiece on Wheels
Beautiful Mechanical Wonder
Bestow Me Wisdom
Big Money Waster
Black Motivated Women
Born Moderately Wealthy
Brings More Women
Broke My Wallet

BOAT - Business Owners Against Terrorism

BOAT CAMP - Building Ocean Awareness Through Children, Adults and Marine education Professionals

BoatUS - Boat Owners Association of The United States

BONGO - Business-Organized Non-Governmental Organization

BORIS - Bishop's Online Retrieval and Information System (Bishop's University)

BOXER - Bulk-Only X-ray Enhanced Region

BRASS - Basic Rapid Alarm Security System

BRAVE - Be Ready and Victory's Easy
Bee Research and Virology in Europe
Bringing Reality About Violence Education (Arizona, USA)
Bringing Reality About Violence in the Environment
Bringing Remembrance to All Veterans Everywhere
Bully Reduction Anti-Violence Education

BRAVO - Biomedical Research Abroad: Vistas Open
Biotechnology Regulatory Assistance Virtual Office (Canada)
Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization (Ohio, USA)
Building Responsibility and Valuing Organization
Business Risk and Value of Operation in Space

BRITE - Bright Radar Indicator Terminal Equipment

BUDDY - Bullying Undermines Developing, Diverse Youths

BUICK - Big, Ugly Idiot's Cat Killer
Big, Ugly Imitation Chrome King
Big, Ugly Import Car Killer
Bought Understanding It Can't Kickbutt
Built Using Inferior Car Knowledge

BUMP - Baby Under Manufacturing Process
Benthic Untethered Multipurpose Platform
Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Black Upwardly Mobile Professional
Boston University Marine Program
Boston Urban Music Project
Bring Up My Post

BUMPS - Black Upwardly Mobile Professional Students

CABIN - Chemical and Biological Information Network

CACA - Central Arkansas Cricket Association
Chad, Angola, Cambodia, Algeria
Chicago Art Critics Association
Chinese American Citizens Alliance
Chinese American Cultural Association
Chinese Anti-Cancer Association
Christian Autosports Club of Australia
Congo, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Algeria
Croton Academy of Comedic Arts

CADILLAC - Car And Driver Indicates Lady Luck Abandoned Consumer
Certified As Detroit's Inadequate, Lumbering Luxury Automotive Catastrophe
Chrome Accents Decorate In Lavish, Luxurious, Aristocratic Car
Colossal Automobile Delights Individuals with Lumbering Luxury And Comfort
Costly Automobile Delivers Indulgent Luxury, Lavishness And Comfort
Crazy And Demented Idiots Like Large American Cars
Crazy Aunt Drives It Like a Lunatic Across the Country

CADRE - Computer-Aided Data Retrieval and Evaluation

CAJUN - Corrections and Justice Unified Network (Louisiana, USA)

CALIPSO - Cloud-Aerosol LIDAR and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations

Cal-SOAP - California Student Opportunity and Access Program

CaMEL - Carry-all Mechanized Equipment Landrover

CAMEO - Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations

CAMP - Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (California, USA)
Capital Asset Management Process
Capital Assets Management Program
Cleveland Area Manufacturing Program
Code Assessment and Maintenance Program
Coordinate Access Management Plan (Canada)

CAMPRS - Community Ambassadors for Manteca Parks and Recreation Services (Manteca, California, USA)

CANCER - Computer Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits, Excluding Radiation

CANDIES - Chocolate, Almond Joy, Nestle Crunch, Dots, Idaho Spud, Everlast, Snickers
Clark Bar, Abba-Zaba, NutRageous, Dove, Idaho Spud, Everlast, Starburst
Chipotle, Apple, Netflix, Deckers, Intuitive Surgical, Express Scripts,

CANDLE - Collaboration between AAMVA and NLETS for Drivers License Exchange
(AAMVA = American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, and NLETS = National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System)

CANDO - Compact for Apprehension of Narcotics Dealers and Offenders (Nebraska, USA)

CANTER - Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses

CAPTAIN - Community Action for Parents, Teens and Interested Neighbors (New York, USA)

CARATS - Comprehensive Assessment and Restructure of the Air Traffic Services

CARDS - Climatological Aerological Reference Data Set

CARE - California Agency for Research in Education
Child Abduction Response Effort
Child Abduction Rescue Effort
Child Advocacy Research and Education
Christian Action Research and Education
Community Action for a Renewed Environment
Community Action Research and Empowerment
Community Action Research Experiences
Community Action Response Element
Community Action to Reach the Elderly
Community Advocacy Referral and Education
Community, Advocacy, Respect and Equity
Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency -- (The Ryan White CARE Act)
Computer-Aided Rescue Effort
Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere

CARES - Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services
Case Animal Rights and Ethics Society (Case Western Reserve University)
Character, Academics, Responsibility, Effort and Sportsmanship
Collaborating and Acting Responsibly to Ensure Safety Alliance
Compassion, Awareness, Respect, Education Support
Compassionate, Attentive, Responsive, Enthusiastic Service
Compensation and Retention Encourage Stability

Cargo CAT - Cargo Criminal Apprehension Team (California, USA)

CARLA - Computer-Assisted Retrieval at Los Alamos

CARPE - Central African Regional Program for the Environment

CARS - Cadillac, Audi, Renault, Saab
Caravan, Avanti, Ranger, Sebring
Car Allowance Rebate System (Also known as Cash for Clunkers)
Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo, Rolls-Royce, Saturn
Chrysler, Aston Martin, Rambler, Studebaker
Chrysler, Austin, Rover, Sterling
Citroen, Audi, Renault, Subaru
Climate Applications Referral System
Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering microscopy
Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy
Community Awareness and Relocation Services
Construction Automated Records System -- Occasionally referred to as the Construction Automation Records System (North Dakota, USA)
Containment Atmosphere Recirculation System
Corrective Action Reporting System
Corvette, Altima, Regal, Seville
Credibility Assessment Research Summit

CARTS - Capital Area Rural Transportation System (Southeast Texas, USA)
Carrying Apparatus for Regional Transportation of Stuff
Central Area Rural Transit System (Alaska, USA)
Chautauqua Area Regional Transit System (Chautauqua County, New York, USA)
Chemeketa Area Regional Transportation System (Northwest Oregon, USA)
Chico Area Rapid Transit System (Chico, California, USA)
Community Action Rural Transit System (Columbiana County, Ohio, USA)
Controlled Atmosphere Reliable Transportation System
County of Atlantic Rural Transportation System (New Jersey, USA)
Craven Area Rural Transportation System (Eastern North Carolina, USA)
Cullman Area Rural Transportation System (Cullman, Alabama, USA)

CASINO - Calling All Suckers Inside - Nothing Offered

CASPER - C-130 Airborne Sensor with Palletized Electronic Reconnaissance
Computer-Aided Scenario and Problem Evaluation Routine
Continuous Activity Scheduling, Planning, Execution, and Replanning

CAST - Clean and Sober Theatre (Tucson, Arizona, USA)
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

CATCH - Caring Athletes Team for Children's and Henry Ford Hospital
Charitable Assistance To Community's Homeless (Boise, Idaho, USA)
Community Acting Toward Children's Health
Coordinated Approach To Child Health

CATS - Calhoun Area Transit System (Iowa, USA)
Campus Area Transit System (Ohio, and Kentucky, USA)
Canadian Auxiliary Territorial Services
Capital Area Transit System (Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA)
Cargo Analysis Technology Symposium
Caring, Active, Thinking Students
Caring Adults Teaming for Safety
Carload And Truckload Shipments
Carroll Area Transit System (Carroll County, Maryland, USA)
Cedar Area Transit System (Cedar City, Utah, USA)
Center for Applied Thermodynamic Studies (University of Idaho, USA)
Central Area Transit System (Perth, Australia)
Centralized Automatic Test System
Charlotte Area Transit System (North Carolina, USA)
Cherokee Area Transportation System (Georgia, USA)
Chicago Area Transportation Study (Illinois, USA)
Chico Area Transit System (California, USA)
Clemson Area Transit System (South Carolina, USA)
Clinton Area Transit System (Michigan, USA)
Clovis Area Transit System (New Mexico, USA)
Columbia Area Transit System (Missouri, USA)
Combined Arms Training Systems
Common Automatic Test System
Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (Kentucky, USA)
Computer-Aided Time Standards
Computer-Aided Transcription System
Computer-Assisted Training System
Computer-Assisted Tumor Surgery
Consequences Assessment Tool Set
Consolidated Asset Tracking System
Cookeville Area Transit System (Tennessee, USA)
Cork Area Transit System (Ireland)
Cost Analysis Tracking System
Cottonwood Area Transit System (Arizona, USA)
County Area Transit System (Ontario County, New York, USA)
Covington Area Transit System (Alabama, USA)
Cumberland Area Transit System (New Jersey, USA)
Customer Access Terminal System

CAUSE - Cornell Anthropology Undergraduates Seeking Experience (Cornell University)

CAVE - Cave Automatic Virtual Environment
Cavern for Adventure, Visiting and Exploring
Cavernous Area for Vertical Exploration
Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
Chamber Affording Visitation and Exploration
Citizens Against Virtually Everything
Community Action Volunteers in Education
Computer-Assisted Virtual Environment
Computer Augmented Video Education

CENSOR - Centralized Electronic Network of Sex Offender Registries

CHAIRS - Criminal History Arrest Incident Reporting System (New York, USA)

CHAMMP - Computer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics, and Model Physics

CHAMP - Community Health Air Monitoring Program
Continuous High Average-Power Microsecond Pulser plasma accelerator (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA)

CHAMPS - Changing Hearts, Attitudes, and Minds for Personal Success
Changing Hearts, Attitudes, and Minds by Participating in Sports
Charter High School of the Arts - Multimedia and Performing (Van Nuys, California, USA)
Clear Hills Agricultural Multi-plex Society (Alberta, Canada)

CHANCE - Chapters Helping Advocate for Needy Communities Everywhere

CHAOS - Canadian High Acceptance Orbit Spectrometer

CHARGE - Combined Harrisonburg and Rockingham Gang Enforcement Unit (Virginia, USA)

CHARLI - Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Robot with Learning Intelligence

CHARLIE's Ride - Cardiac Health Advocates Remembering Loved-ones Impacted Everywhere (A charity motorcycle ride)

CHART - Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training
Center for Hazards Assessment Response and Technology (University of New Orleans)
Combined Humanitarian Assistance Response Training
Community Health Action and Response Team
Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (Maryland, USA)
Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique

CHEER - Character, Health, Effort, Enthusiasm, and Responsibility

CHEER for Character - Cooperation, Healthy mind and body, Effort, Enthusiasm, and Responsibility -- A Harlem Globetrotters' community outreach character-education program for youngsters.

CHESS - Community Health and Environmental Surveillance System

CHEVROLET - Can Hear Every Valve Rattle, Oil Leaks Every Time
Can Hear Every Valve Rattle, On Long, Extended Trips
Can't Hear Excessive Valve Rap Over Lousy Engine Timing
Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time
Cheap Heap, Every Valve's Rotten, Oil Leaks, Exhaust Too
Cheap, Heavily Equipped Vehicle Running On Least Expensive Tires
Clutch Hangs, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time
Condition Hopeless, Entire Vehicle Relies On Leftover Engine Technology
Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques
Cracked Heads, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks, Engine Ticks
Crappy Hot-running Engines, Very Rusted Out, Lose Every Time

CHIEF - Craig Hospital Inventory of Environmental Factors
Criminal History Information Exchange Format

CHILL - CCITT High Level Language
Communities Helping Improve Local Lives (Virginia, USA)
Cops Help Improve Local Lives

CHIRP - Confidential Human factors Incident Reporting Program

CHOMP - Consumers Have Options for Molar Protection Act

CHRISTMAS - Candy, Hot chocolate, Rudolf, Indulgent, Snowflakes, Traditions, Merriment, And Santa
Celebrate Hope, Relationships, Inspiration, Sharing Traditions, Music, Anticipation, Savior
Cheerful Hearts Rejoice In Seeing The Merriment And Salvation
Cherry pie, Hot cocoa, Roast beef, Ice cream, Sugar cookies, Turkey, Muffins, Angel food cake, Shortbread cookies
Children, Holiday, Reindeer, Inspiration, Singing, Toys, Mistletoe, Angels, Snowflakes
CHRIST My Anointed Savior
Christian Hearts Rejoice In Singing Tidings of My Anointed Savior
Christmas, Hearth, Reindeer, Inspiration, Stockings, Tinsel, Mistletoe, Advent, Snow
Church, Hymns, Rejoice, Inspirational, Star, Tidings, Music, Advent, Salvation
Cranberries, Ham, Rolls, Ice cream, Stuffing, Turkey, Marshmallows, Apple pie, Sweet potatoes

CHRYSLER - Can't Have Refund. You're Stuck Loser -- Endless Repairs
Can't He Repair Your Slow, Leaky, Expensive Rustbucket
Company Has Recommended You Start Learning Engine Repair

CIDER - Computer Interactive Display, Entry, and Retrieval

CITROEN - Car Is Thoroughly Rotten -- Overhauls Endlessly Needed
Crummy Interior, Terrible Road-holding, Owned Entirely by Nitwits

CLAIMS - Computer-Linked Application Information Management System

CLAMS - Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing (Massachusetts, USA)

CLASH - Cape Land And Sea Harvest Festival (Cape Cod festival)
Central London Action on Street Health (UK)
Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (New York, USA)
Citizens Lobbying Against Social Harassment
Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble
Coalition of Lavender Americans on Smoking and Health
Collective League of Adrenaline, Strength, and Honor (CLASH Wrestling)
Consortium for Law-Enforcement Action for the Security of Humanity

CLASS - Canadian Laser Aesthetic Surgery Society
Carrier Landing Aid Stabilization System
Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying in School
Celecoxib Long-term Arthritis Safety Study
Central Leatherstocking Area Sighthound Society (New York, USA)
Centralized Local Area Selective Signaling
Character, Leadership, Academics, Sportsmanship, and Service (Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity)
Character, Leadership, Academics, and Sportsmanship = Success
Children Learning About Space Science
Chivalry, Loyalty, Accountability, Scholarship, and Sportsmanship
Christian Liberty Academy School System
Classroom Learning and Study System
Classroom Listening and Scoring System
Closed Loop Artillery Simulation System
Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters (Australia)
College Level Assessment and Survey Services
College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
Come Late And Start Sleeping
Communications Link Analysis and Simulation System
Community Living Assistance and Support Service (Texas, USA)
Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act
Completely Lame And Superfluous Schooling
Composite Lightweight Affordable Spacecraft Structure
Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (NOAA)
Computerized Labeling and Address Sequence System (USPS)
Consolidated Loan Administration and Servicing System
Consular Lookout And Support System
Continuum and Line Analysis Single-dish Software
Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services
Custom Local Area Subscriber Service
Customer Local Area Signaling Service
Customized Local Area Signaling Service

CLEAN - Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (Pennsylvania State Police)
Community and Law Enforcement Against Narcotics
Community Leaders Educating and Assisting Neighborhoods (California, USA)

CLEAR - Campaign Logistics Expenditure and Replenishment Model
Canadian Legal Education Annual Review
Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating
Canine Law Enforcement Accreditation Registry
Center for Language Education and Research (Michigan State University)
Centre for Law-Enforcement Audio Research (UK)
Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews
Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (Chicago Police Department)
Classification of Events Activities and Relationships
Clear Law Enforcement for Alien Removal Act
Climate and Environment in Alpine Regions
Closed Loop Execution and Recovery
Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail
Colorado List of Emergency Assistance Recipients
Committee to Lead Education and Roads (Arkansas, USA)
Communications Link Expert Assistance Resource
Community Law Enforcement and Recovery (California, USA)
Community Law Enforcement Aware Response
Community Leaders Educating About Resistance (Morgan County, Missouri, USA)
Community-Linked Evaluation AIDS Resource (Ontario, Canada)
Company-Level Evacuation and Recovery
Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources Act
Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation
County Law Enforcement Applied Regionally
County Level Easily Accessible Resource
Creating Law Enforcement Accountability and Responsibility
Crossing Law Enforcement And Research of CLEAR Violations
Cross-Linked Ethoxylate Acrylate Resin

CLEARS - California Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors

CLEVER - Clinical Laboratory for Evaluation and Validation of Epidemiologic Research

CLIFF - Clean Lifestyle is Freedom Forever

CLIMB - Center for Leadership Innovation and Mentorship Building
Center for Loss in Multiple Births
Children Living with Inherited MetaBolic Diseases
Children's Lives Include Moments of Bravery
City Life Is Moving Bodies (New York, USA)
Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists (New York, USA)
Creative Learning Ideas for the Mind and Body
Credentials for Leadership in Management and Business

CLOUD - Complete Loss Of User Data

CLOUT - Countrywide's Loan Origination and Underwriting Technology

CLUE - Carefully Locating or Uncovering Evidence
Chippewa Linux Users and Enthusiasts
Claim Loss Underwriting Exchange
Clinical Look-Up Engine
Colorado Linux Users and Enthusiasts
Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (Insurance acronym)
Confirmation, Location, Uncover, Expose
Correction of Local Usage Errors
Crucial Location or Unearthing of Evidence

CLUES - Carefully Looking Under Everything Systematically
Chicanos Latinos Unidos En Servicio (Minnesota, USA)
Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio
Concordia Library Users' Enquiry System
Countrywide's Loan Underwriting Expert System
Critically Locating or Uncovering Evidence or Substantiation

COASTAL Act - Consumer Option for an Alternative System To Allocate Losses Act

COASTS Coordinated Older-Adult Senior Transportation Services

COBRA - Cabinet Office Briefing Room A (UK)
Central Oregon Battering and Rape Alliance (Later known as "Saving Grace")
Chemical, Ordnance, Biological, and Radiological Arms
Collection of Broadcasts from Remote Assets
College of Business Recent Alumni
Combat Outcome Based on Rules of Attrition
Combined Old Boys' Rugby Association (Malaysia)
Common Object Request Broker Architecture (Computer terminology)
Complete Oil Breakdown Rate Analyzer
Computer Optimized Batch Reconciliation Application
Conservation of Biodiversity Resource Areas (Kenya)
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Co-Optimized Booster for Reusable Applications (NASA)
Cost of Base Realignment Actions
Cost, Operational Benefit, and Requirements Analysis

CODES - Computerized On-site Data Entry System
Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

COLBERT - Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill -- A treadmill on the International Space Station.

COLISEUM - Community On-Line Intelligence System for End Users and Managers

COMBATT - Community Organization Making Boxing Today for Tomorrow

COMET - Combined Ozarks Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement Team (Missouri, USA)
County of Macomb Enforcement Team (Michigan, USA)

COMMET - County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team (California, USA)

COMMIT - Coordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative Against Trafficking

COMPETES - Creating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology, Education, and Science (America COMPETES Act)

CONGO - Community Organized Non-Governmental Organization
Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (United Nations)

COP/MOP - Conference of the Parties / Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol (United Nations Climate Change Conference - Kyoto Protocol)

COPS - California Organization of Police and Sheriffs
Christians Obediently Preaching Salvation
Citizens' Option for Public Safety
Community Oriented Policing Services (U.S. Department of Justice)
Concerns of Police Survivors

COPS MORE - Community Oriented Policing Services - Making Officer Redeployment Effective

COSMO - Constellation of Small Satellites for Mediterranean basin Observation

COSTAR - Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement

COURAGE - Communities Offering United Resources Against Gang crime Everywhere
Community Opposition and United Resistance Against Gang Evils

COVER - Coalition on Victim's Equal Rights (California, USA)

CRAMP - Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program

CRASH - Capacity, Resilience, Accessibility, Security and High-expectations
Central Minnesota Reduction of Accidents for Safe Highways (Minnesota, USA)
Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope
Christians Rejoice And Sing Hallelujah
Come Rejoice And Sing Hallelujah
Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Congo, Rwanda, Algeria, Senegal, and Haiti
Cuba, Rwanda, Angola, Somalia, and Haiti

CRAVE - Carcinogen Risk Assessment Verification Endeavor

CREAM - Candy Rules Everything Around Me
Cars Rule Everything Around Me
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Center for Research and Education in Advanced Materials
Center for Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Measurement
Center for Research in Economics and Management
Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music
Center for Research in Environmental Appraisal and Management
Center for Research in Enzyme and Microbial Technology
Christ Rules Everything Around Me
Cosmic Radiation Effects and Activation Monitor
Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass

CREATE - Center for Research and Education on Aging and Technology Enhancement
Center for Research and Evaluation in the Application of Technology to Education
Center for Research and Evaluation of Advanced Technologies in Education
Center for Research, Evaluation and Advancement of Teacher Education
Center for Research in Education, Arts, Technology and Entertainment (University of Central Florida)
Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching Excellence
Center for Research on Engaging Advanced Technology for Education
Center for Research on the Educational Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners
Centre for Research, Education and Training in Energy (UK)
Colossal, Reading, Entertaining, Artsy, Teen Event (Marion County, Florida, USA)
Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity
Consortium for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation (Western Michigan University)
Culturally Responsive Education for All: Training and Enhancement (Wisconsin, USA)

CREDO - Center for Research on Education Outcomes
Centre for Research on Eating Disorders and Obesity
Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford
Chaplain's Religious Enrichment Development Operation
Chaplain's Response to the Emerging Drug Order
Clemson Research in Engineering Design and Optimization Laboratory (Clemson University)
Composite Radio and Enhanced service Delivery for the Olympics

CREEP - Committee to RE-Elect the President
Communists and Radicals Effortlessly Endanger the Public
Continuing Recessions Evoke Endless Politicking
Creepy, Repulsive, Endlessly Exasperating Politicians
Creepy, Revolting, Eerie, Evil, Pagans
Criminal Radicals Easily Endanger Politics

CREST - Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
Center for Research and Education for Social Transformation
U.S. Center for Research and Education on Strategy and Technology (Also known as US-CREST)
Center for Research Education and Scientific Training
Center for Research, Education, Sadhana and Training
Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology (National Science Foundation)
Center for Research in Economics and Statistics
Center for Research in Ecological Science and Technology
Center for Research in Ecological Studies and Technology
Center for Research in Education and Simulation Technologies (Minnesota, USA)
Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology
Center for Research in Engineering Sciences and Technology
Center for Research in Environmental Sciences and Technologies
Center for Research on Economic and Social Theory
Center for Research on Economic Sustainability and Trends (Clayton State University)
Center for Research on Embedded Systems and Technology
Center for Research on Energy and Sustainable Transportation
Central Region Emergency Response Strike Team
Centre Region Emergency Response Strike Team
Centre for Research into Elections and Social Trends (UK)
Comprehensive Regional Economic Strategies and Tactics
Contingency Real Estate Support Team
Coastal Restoration through Enhancement of Science and Technology

CRIME - Cariboo Region Integrated Marijuana Enforcement (British Columbia, Canada)

CRIMES - Criminal Record Information Management Enterprise System

CRISP - Center for Research and Industrial Staff Performance
Center for Research and Instruction in Space Physics
Center for Research in Interdisciplinary Signal Processing (Duke University)
Center for Research In Security Prices
Center for Research in Society and Politics (University of California - Los Angeles)
Center for Research, Information and Service in Psychology
Center for Research on Interface Structures and Phenomena (Southern Connecticut State University)
Center for Research on Interfacial Structure and Properties (University of Missouri - Kansas City)
Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (National University of Singapore)
Centre for Research in Social Psychology (Australia)
Comprehensive Regional Information Sharing Project
Computer Resources Integrated Support Plan
Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects
Consortium for Radiologic Imaging Studies of Polycystic Kidney Disease
Cross Regional Information Sharing Project (UK)
Current Research in Social Psychology

CROW - Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife

CROWD - Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (Baylor College of Medicine)

CROWD FUND - Capital Raising Online While Deterring Fraud and Unethical Non-Disclosure Act

CRUSH - Crime Reduction Utilizing Statistical History

C-SAVE - Cortland Students Advocating for a Valuable Environment (State University of New York at Cortland)

CUBS - Case Undergraduate Biological Society (Case Western Reserve University)
Citizens United for Baseball in the Sunshine
City University Business School (Later known as Cass Business School)
Community Urban Bus Service (Washington)
Completely Useless By September (Chicago Cubs)
Credit Union and Building Society
Credit Union for Berkeley Students (University of California - Berkeley)

CUFFED - Cops United Felony Fugitive Enforcement Division (West Virginia, USA)

CURE - Caucasians United for Reparations and Emancipation
Citizens to Uphold the Right to Educate (Connecticut, USA)
Citizens United for Racial Equality
Citizens United for Rail Equity
Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants
Citizens United for Research and Employment
Citizens United for Research Excellence
Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy
Citizens United for Resources and the Environment
Citizens United for Responsible Education
Citizens United for Responsible Environmentalism
Citizens United for Responsibility to the Environment (Southern Colorado, USA)
Citizens United for Rural Environment
Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange
Citizens United Reform Effort
Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia
Citizens United to Reclaim the Environment
Citizens United to Reduce Emissions of Formaldehyde Poisoning -- Formerly known as Save Us From Formaldehyde Environmental Repercussions (SUFFER).
Citizens United to Restore Economic Self-Help (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Clergy United to Reclaim the Ecclesial
Clergy United for Renewal of East Baltimore (Maryland, USA)
Clergy United to Remain Effective
Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education
Coalition to Undo Racism Everywhere
Conference Upon Research and Education in World Government

CURES - Citizens United for Renewable Energy and Sustainability

CURVES - Choose and Communicate, Understand, Reason, Value, Emergency, and Surrogate -- An easily-memorized mnemonic for determining medical decision-making.

DARE - Data Archival and Retrieval Enhancement
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness
Defence Avionics Research Establishment (India)
Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate
Drug Abuse Resistance Education

DART - Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Texas, USA)
Dangerous Assessment Response Team (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
DEA Action Response Team
Delano Area Rapid Transit (California, USA)
Delaware Area Rapid Transit (Delaware, USA)
Direct Action Response Team
Disaster Animal Response Team
Disaster Assistance Response Team (USAID)
Dodger Area Rapid Transit (Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
Domestic Abuse Response Team
Domestic Assault Response Team
Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (Victoria, Australia)
Drug Abatement Response Team
Drug Action Response Team
Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force (Ohio, USA)
Drug Activity Response Team
Drug and Alcohol Response Team
Dublin Area Rapid Transit (Ireland)

DARTS - Digital Automated Radar Tracking System
Dixie Area Rapid Transit System (St. George, Utah, USA)

DASH - Dashing Always Speeds Homecoming
Delay in Accessing Stroke Healthcare
Dell Advanced SCSI Host
Density and Scale Height
Development Approach in Science and Health
Devens, Ayer, Shirley and Harvard (Massachusetts, USA)
Diagnostic Assessment for the Severely Handicapped
Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension
Direct Action to Stop Heterosexism (Cornell University)
Disability of Arm, Shoulder and Hand
Display And Sight Helmet
Distress Alarm for the Severely Handicapped
Division of Adolescent and School Health
Downtown Area Short Hops (Long Beach, California, USA)
Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter

DAVID - Driver and Vehicle Information Database

DAWN - Drug Abuse Warning Network

DEBITS - Deposition of Biogeochemically Important Trace Species

DELOREAN - Don't Ever Lend One Rich Easterner Any Narcotics

DENIAL - Don't Even Notice I Am Lying

DESTINI - Deep Earth Seismic Trigger Initiative (From the 2003 movie The Core)

DIAPER - Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act

DIG - Durham Inner-city Gardeners (Durham, North Carolina, USA)

DISCLOSE Act - Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections

DISCUS - Distilled Spirits Council of the United States

DODGE - Daily Overhauls Do Get Expensive
Damn Old Dirty Gas Eater
Dead Or Dying Garbage Emitter
Dies On Day Guarantee Expires
Drips Oil, Drops Grease Everywhere

DORIS - Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite

DOUBT - Debating On Understanding Bewildering Thoughts

DRANO - Downriver Area Narcotics Organization (Michigan, USA)

DRATT - Downriver Auto Theft Team (Michigan, USA)

DREAM - Developing and Reaching Each Aspiring Memory
Developing Responsible, Economically Advanced Model Citizens
Dignity, Responsibility, Empowerment, Attitude, and Maturity
Directing through Recreation, Education, Adventure, and Mentoring
Disparities Research and Education Advancing Mission
Distance Routing Effect Algorithm for Mobility
Diverse Response to Education, Activities, and Mentorship
Dixon Regional Educational Alliance Movement (Dixon, California, USA)
Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri
Dramatically Reconstructing Education through African-American Men

DREAM Act - Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (USA)

DRIVE - Directional, Reasonable, Inspiring, Visible, and Eventual

DR. SPENCER REID - David Rossi, Shemar, Penelope, Elle, Nichols, Cook, Erin, Rachel, Reaper, Emily, Ian, Derek (Criminal Minds' name games)

D-STAR - Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio

DUCT TAPE - Dorks United to Create Through Theater Arts, Problem-solving, and Engineering (Cornell University)

DUMBO - Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (New York, USA)

DUMP - Dubai, Ukraine, Mexico, and Portugal
Dominica, Uganda, Mozambique, and Pakistan

EAGLE - Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor
Elevation Angle Guidance Landing Equipment
Encouraging Ambition and Generating Learning Experience
Encouraging Ambition and Generating Learning Expertise
Energy Absorbing Gas Lithium Ejector
Erie Area Gang Law Enforcement Task Force (Pennsylvania, USA)
Ethiopia Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment
European Association for Grey Literature Exploitation
Exceptional Adult Georgian in Literacy Education (Georgia, USA)
Expecting Academic Greatness with a Loving Emphasis
Export and Anti-proliferation Global Law Enforcement Task Force
Extra-normal Activities Garrison for Law Enforcement

EAGLES - Eager, Active, Girls and guys, Learn Everyday to Study
East Anglia Gas and Liquids Evacuation System
Ecosystem Assessment Geospatial analysis and Landscape Evaluation System
Empowered, Adaptable, Global-Minded, Literate, Ethical and Skilled
Encourage And Guide Learners to Excel in School
Engaged Adults Growing, Learning, and Eagerly Serving
European Action on Global Life Sciences
Every Associate's Gift Leaves Everlasting Spirit
Everything A Great Learner Expects for Success
Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards

EDGAR - Education Department General Administrative Regulations

EDSEL - Every Day Some Engineer Laughs
Every Day Something Else Leaks

EDWARD - Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping

E-FROGS - Eco-Friendly Rides On Green Shuttles (Dallas, Texas, USA)

ELVIS - Electromagnetic Very Weak Instabilities Saturated
Entertaining Las Vegas In Style
Export Licensing Voice Information System

EMILY - Early Money Is Like Yeast
Electronic Membrane Information Library
Every Moment I Love You

EMPOWER - Embracing More Preventative Options With Effective Results

ENTER - Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (Australia)

EPICC - Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council

EPICS - Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System

E-PARASITE - Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation Act

ERASE - End Racism and Advance School Equity
End Racism and Sexism through Education
End Racism and Sexism Everywhere
End Racism and Stop Exploitation
Ending Racism and Sexism Everywhere
Expose Racism and Advance School Excellence

ERASE Acronyms - Eliminate Redundant And Superfluous or Excessive Acronyms

ESCAPE - Elimination, Substitution, Control And Prevent Exposure
Engineering Specific Career Advisory Problem-solving Environment
Enjoy Southern California And Pacific Environments
Enjoy the Sierras of California And Pacific Ecosystems
Escape Solitary Confinement And Prison Effectively
EUROCONTROL Simulation Capability And Platform for Experimentation
European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering
Evade Security, Capture, And Procure Escape

ESPRIT - European Strategic Programme for R&D in Information Technology -- (European Strategic Programme for Research and Development of Information Technology)

ESSENCE - Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics

EUCLID - Emory University Computing and Library Information Delivery System
European Cooperation for the Long-term in Defense

EVIL - Ethiopia, Venezuela, Iran, Libya

FABGLITTER - Fetish, Allies, Bisexuals, Gay, Lesbians, Intersex, Transgender, Transsexual Engendering Revolution

FACETS - Family Assistance Center for Education, Training and Support (Wisconsin, USA)

FACTS - Facilities and Company Tracking System
Factual Analysis Criminal Threat Solution
Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System

FADES - Focus on Analysis and Documentation in the Enduring Stockpile

FAILING - Finding An Important Lesson, Inviting Needed Growth

FAITH - Fantastic Adventures In Trusting Him
Find Assurance in Trusting Him
Food Always in the Home (Philippines)
Foolish And Ignorant Theological Hogwash
Forsaking All, I Take Him
Forsaking All, I Trust Him

FALCON - Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally
First Assist Locator and Coordinated Operations Network
Flint Area Library Cooperative Online Network (Michigan, USA)
Force Application and Launch from Continental United States
Forward Area Language Converter
Frequency Agile Laser for Configurable Optical Networks
Fuzzy Algorithms for Control

FAMOUS - French-American Mid-Ocean Undersea Study

FASTER - Funding Advancement for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery

FAUST - Fine Arts University Student Theater (University of Nebraska at Omaha)

FDA-TRACK - Food and Drug Administration - Transparency, Results, Accountability, Credibility and Knowledge-sharing

FEAR - Face Everything and Recover
False Evidence Appearing Real
Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act -- Also known as the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (No FEAR Act).
Foreign Export and Recovery Task Force (California, USA)
Forensic Evidence Auto Recovery (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
Forgetting Everything's All Right
Frantic Efforts to Appear Recovered

FECES - Fostering Energy Conservation and Ecological Sanitation

FELINE PRIDES - Flexible Equity-Linked Exchangeable Preferred Redeemable Increased Dividend Equity Securities

FIAT - Failed Italian Automotive Technology
Failure In Automotive Technology
Federation Internationale des Associations de Thanatoloques
Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation
Fellow of the Institute of Asphalt Technology
Felony Investigative Assistance Team (DuPage County, Illinois, USA)
Fiat Is Always Trouble
First In Automotive Troubles
Fix It Again Tony
Fix It All the Time
Fixed It Again Today
Forest Industries Association of Tasmania
Found In A Trashcan
Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training
Freaking Italian Automotive Trash
Futile Italian Attempt at Transportation

FIDLER - Field Instrument for the Detection of Low Energy Radiation

FIESTA - Friends In Earnest Supporting Tuition Assistance

FIGHT - Fierce Israeli Guerilla Hand-to-Hand Tactics

FIGS - French, Italian, German, and Spanish

FILTH - Failed In London, Try Hong Kong

FIRST - Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-centimeters
Far InfraRed and Submillimeter Space Telescope
Fast Israeli Rescue and Search Team
Federal Incident Response Support Team
For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (Robotics)
Forensic Investigative Response and Support Team
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

FLAMES - Fibre Large Array Multi-Element Spectrograph

FLAP - Fatal Light Awareness Program -- This organization strives to safeguard migratory birds in the urban environment through education, research, rescue and rehabilitation.

FLEAT - Federal Law Enforcement Analyst Training

FLIRT - Fast Ladies Into Riding Together (motorcycle club)
Fast, Lightweight Innovative Regional Train
Feinberg Library's Internet Resource Tracker
Flirtatious Looks Involving Relationship Testing

FOCUS - Facility for Operations Control and Utilization Statistics
Facility Operator Certification for Utility Systems
Families Of Children Under Stress
Families of Clergy United in Support
Families OverComing Under Stress
Federation On Computing in the United States
Fellowship of Catholic University Students
Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools
Financial and Operational Combined Uniform Single Report
Follow One Course Until Successful
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools
Frontiers in Optical Coherent and Ultrafast Science

FONNSI - Finding of No New Significant Impact

FONSI - Finding of No Significant Impact

FORCE - Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
Focus On Reducing Cost Everywhere
Formula One Race Car Engineering
Friends of Rock Creek's Environment (Rock Creek Conservancy)
Friends Of the River Crane Environment (UK)
Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (Canada)

FORD - Fails On Rainy Days
Fast Only Rolling Downhill
Faulty, Obsolete Racing Device
Fifth On Race Day
Fireball On Rear Denting (Ford Pinto)
First On Recall Day
Fixed Or Repaired Daily
For Old Redneck Drivers
Fords Only Roll Downhill
Fork Over Repair Dough
Forward Only -- Reverse Defective
Found On Road Dead
Found On Rubbish Dumps
Frequent Overhaul, Rapid Deterioration
Funny, Old, Rattling Dump

FORWARD - Friends of Resources, Wildlife and Recreational Development

FRAMED - Family Rights And Many Ending Discrimination
Fathers' Rights and Men Ending Discrimination

FREDDIE - Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device Diminutive Interrogation Equipment

FREEDOM - Freedom for Russia and Emerging Eurasian Democracies and Open Markets Support Act of 1992

FRIENDS - Financial Rescue in Emergencies Now in Dire Situations

GAMETAG - Global Atmospheric Measurements Experiment of Tropospheric Aerosols and Gases

GANG - Game Audio Network Guild
Center for Geometry Analysis Numerics and Graphics (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Georgia Air National Guard (Georgia, USA)
Giving Adolescents New Goals
God's Anointed New Generation
God's Anointed Now Generation
Goons Attacking Neighborhoods Greedily

GARBAGE - Greece, Angola, Rwanda, Botswana, Afghanistan, Ghana, Ethiopia

GATOR - Genuine, Accurate, Trustworthy, Origin and Readability
Geospatial Assessment Tool for Operations and Response

GEAR UP - Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

GEMINI - Global Emergency Management Information Network Initiative

GENIUS - Girls Exploring New Ideas Using Science

GETAGRIP - Gentle Encouragement To Actually Get Requests In Print

GHOST - Gang and Habitual Offender Strike Team (Florida, USA)
Graffiti Habitual Offenders Suppression Team (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Greater Halloween Options for Safe Trick-or-Treating (Clarksville, Tennessee, USA)

GLAAD - Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

GLAADS - Gun Low Altitude Air Defense System

GLBTTQQIAAP - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ally, Asexual, Pansexual

GLIDE - Government Land Information Data Exchange (British Columbia, Canada)

GLIMPSE - Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire

GLOBE - Global Land One-kilometer Base Elevation
Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment

GMC - Generally Malfunctions Completely
Generally Mediocre Cars
Generic Made Chevy
Giant Molecular Cloud
God's Mechanical Curse
Good Mountain Climber
Got Mechanic Coming
Greatest Mistake Created
Greatly Maligned Cars
Grossly Misconceived Creations
Grief & Misery Combined

GNATS - GOES Navigation Analysis and Trending System (GOES = Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite)

GO WISE - Getting Our Women Involved in Self Employment

GOALS - Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System
Government Online Accounting Link System

GOATS - Going Off At The Swamp (Family Music Festival)
Greater Oakridge Area Trail Stewards (Oakridge, Oregon)
Greater Ohio Area Tandem Society

GODAWGS - Georgia Online Disaster Awareness Geospatial System

GO-GIRL - Gaining Options - Girls Investigate Real Life (Wayne State University, Michigan, USA)

GOODS - Generic Object Oriented Database System
Global Oceanographic Observation Data Set
Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey

GOOGLE - General Oblivion and Omnipotent Guide to Lots of Everything
General Organism Optimized for Gratification and Logical Exploration
Giving Opinions and Options Generously Linked Everywhere
Global Organizing Optimizer Granting Limitless Experiences
God's Only Online Gateway Linking Electronically
God's Own Official Guide to Locating Everything
Good Offers, Online Games and Limitless Experiences
Gradually Overcoming Obstacles by God's Love Eternally
Great Opportunity to Organize and Guide Linked Experiences
Group Of Organisms Giggling, Laughing, and Enjoying

GRACE - Giving Real Assistance and Care to Everyone
God Reaching All Christians Everyday
God Releases Altruism, Compassion, and Empathy
Greater Reston Arts Center (Virginia, USA)
Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
Greatness Results After Choosing Excellence

GRAD - Gang Renouncement and Disassociation
Graduation-Required Assessment for Diploma (Minnesota, USA)

GRADE - Gang Resistance and Drug Education (Florida, USA)

GRAIL - Gene Recognition and Analysis Internet Link
Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (NASA)

GRAMA - Government Records Access and Management Act (Utah, USA)

GRAPE - Gamma Ray Attenuation Porosity Evaluation
Gamma Ray Attenuation Porosity Evaluator
Golden Retriever Adoption Placement and Education

GRASP - Gaining Retention and Achievement for Students Program (New Mexico State University)
Gamma-Ray Astronomy with Spectroscopy and Positioning
Gang Reduction and Aggressive Supervised Parole (New Jersey, USA)
Gang Rescue And Support Project
Gastroenterology Research on Absorptive and Secretory Processes
General Read And Simulate Program
General Reflector Antenna Software Package
General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns
General Retrieval And Sort Processor
General RF Applications Software Package
General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (University of Pennsylvania)
Generalized Regression Analysis and Spatial Prediction
Generalized Remote Acquisition and Sensor Processing
Generalized Retrieval and Storage Program
Genetic Range-dependent Algorithm for Search Planning
Generic Retrieve/Archive Services Protocol
Genomic Research on Atlantic Salmon Project (Canada)
Give Rural Adults a Study Program -- Later known as "Give Ready Adults a Study Program."
Given, Required, Analysis, Solution, Paraphrase (problem solving method in physics)
Glendale Recreation After School Program (Glendale, Arizona, USA)
Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership
Global Resource Application Service Provider
GONG Reduction and Analysis Software Package (GONG = Global Oscillation Network Group)
GOOS Regional Alliance for the Southeast Pacific (GOOS = Global Ocean Observing System)
Governance Reform and Sustainable Partnerships (Romania)
Graduate Research Assistant Scholarship Program (Boston University)
Graduate Research Association of Students in Pharmacy
Graduate Retention in the Automotive Sector Project (UK)
Grand Rapids Academic Summer Program (Michigan, USA)
Graphical Reduction and Analysis SANS Program
Graphical Representation and Analysis of Structural Properties
Graphical Representation and Analysis of Surface Properties
Graphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures and Processes
Grapple, Retrieve, And Secure Payload
Grass Roots Awards Sponsorship Program
GrassRoots Association for Student Power
Gravitational Radiation Analysis and Simulation Package
Greater Resources for After-School Programming
Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets (New York, USA)
Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure
Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing
Ground Reaction and Self Protection
Guided Reading and Summarizing Procedure

GRASS - Generalized Reactor Analysis Subsystem
Geographic Resources Analysis and Support System

GREAT - Gang Reporting, Evaluation and Tracking
Gang Resilient, Exceptional and Terrific kids
Gang Resistance Education And Training
General Record of Enforcement Actions Tracked
Get Really Excited About Today
Globally Ready Engineering And Technology
Great River Environmental Action Team (Mississippi River)
Greater Rochester Eating And Tandem Society (New York, USA)
Greatness Requires Effort, Ability, and Tenaciousness
Greatness Requires Effort, Ambition, and Talent
Greatness Requires Effort, Aptitude, and Training
Greet, React, Escort, Anticipate and Thank (customer service motto)
Guaranteed Reduced Exchange Access Tariffs
Gulf Reef Environmental Action Team

GREEN - Garden, Recycle, Educate, Eco-friendly, Nurture
Growing a Regional Energy Employment Network

GREENS - Global Redevelopment with Energy Environment Sustainability

GRETA - Gamma-Ray Energy Tracking Array

GRIM - Growth Really Is Mediocre -- To note a "GRIM economy," as opposed to a "NICE economy" (Non-Inflationary Constant Expansion).

GRINGO - Governmentally Regulated and Initiated Non-Governmental Organizations

GRIPE - Gang Reduction through Intervention, Prevention, and Education

GRIPS - Gang Response Intervention, Prevention and Suppression

GRITS - Gamma Ray Imaging Telescope System
Gentlemen Raised In The South
Get Rich In The Streets
Girls Raised In Tennessee Science (Middle Tennessee State University, USA)
Girls Raised In The Scriptures
Girls Raised In The South
Girls Raised In The Spirit
Girls Raised In The Sun
Girls Raised In Tiger Stadium
Godly Revelations In Today's Society
Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit
Green River Intra-county Transit System (Kentucky, USA)
Guys Raised in the South

GRREAT - Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training, Inc.

G-SALSA - Graduate Student Association for Latino and Spanish Activities

GUINNESS - Geography Undergraduates INtegrating NEo-geographies and Social Science (UK)

HAARP - High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (Near Gakona, Alaska, USA)

HAITI - Help Haitian Adoptees Immediately to Integrate Act

HANDY - Helping Abused and Neglected Dependent Youth

HAPPY - Heart Awareness and Primary Prevention in Your neighborhood (HAPPY Heart)
Humanity and Pets Partnered through the Years Act

HARM - Hazard Assessment Rating Methodology
Health Advocates Rejecting Marijuana

HARVEST - Healthy Agricultural Resources by Volunteers and Educators in Science and Technology (Craryville, New York, USA)

HAVEit - Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport

HAWKS - Hamilton Area Wireless Kontrol Society (Ohio, USA)
Helpful, Attentive, Well-behaved, Kind and Safe
Helpful, Attentive, Well-behaved, Kind and Sincere
Helping All Wonderful Kids Succeed
Honesty, Accountability, Work, Kindness, Self-control

HeadsUp - Health, Education, Arts Developing Strength, Unity and Peace

HEALING - Helping Everyone Accept Love Insightfully Now Gratefully

HEART - Happy Equine Acres Rescue and Therapy
Healing Emergency Aid Response Team (HEART 9/11)
Healing, Enjoying And Recovering Together
Helping Educators Attack Risk factors Together
Helping Everyone Access Recreation Together
Helping Everyone Achieve and Rethink Tradition
Helping Everyone Achieve Respect and Tolerance
Helping Everyone Achieve Respect Together
Helping Everyone Achieve Results Together
Helping Everyone Achieve Reward Together
Helping Everyone Achieve Righteous Thoughts
Helping Everyone Achieve the Right Target
Helping Everyone Address Risks Today
Helping Everyone Along Respectfully Today
Helping Everyone Around the Region Together
Helping Everyone Attain Relief Today
Helping Everyone Attain Repairs Today
Helping Everyone Attain Responsibility Together
Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce (Project HEART)
Honesty, Empathy, Achievement, Respect, Teamwork
Honor, Equality, Acceptance, Respect, and Tolerance (Massachusetts, USA)
Hope, Empowerment, Advocacy Resources Training
Hospitality Education and Retail Training (Kansas, USA)

HEARTS - Helping Every American Remember Through Serving Veteran's Museum (Texas, USA)
Helping Everyone Abused Rise Together Safely
Helping Everyone Access Responsive Treatment in Schools Act (USA)
Helping Everyone Achieve Riches Through Service
Helping Everyone Adjust to Real Tough Situations
Helping Everyone Around Recognize Their Sacrifices
Helping Everyone Arrive Ready To Succeed
Helping Everyone Attain Respect Through Service
Helping Everyone with Autism Reach Total Success
Honesty, Empathy, Achievement, Respect, Teamwork and Success
Hope, Empowerment, Advocacy, Recovery, Towards Support

HELL - Haiti, Ethiopia, Liberia, Libya
Helping Everyone Live Longer

HELLO - Help Enrich and Lift the Lives of Others

HELP - Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Health Emergencies in Large Populations
Health/Higher Education, Learning, Parenting assistance
Helping Everyone in La Grange Park (La Grange Park, Illinois, USA)
Helping Everyone Less Priviledged
Helping Everyone Live Positively
Helping Everyone Live Powerfully
Helping Everyone Live Productvely
Helping Everyone Live Prosperously
Helping Everyone Living in Poverty
Helping Everyone Love Performance (Carmarthen, Wales, UK)
Helping Everyone with Love's Power
Higher Education and Learning Partnership
Higher Education for Learning Problems (Marshall University)
Higher Education for Low-Income People (University of Minnesota)
Higher Education Learning Plan
Higher Education Learning Program
Higher Education Legislative Plan
Higher Education License Plate Program
Higher Education Loan Program
Higher Education Loan Programme (Australia)
Higher Education Location Program (University of Wisconsin)
Holiday Endeavor for Lone Parents
Hydrology for Environment, Life and Policy

HELP Miami - Hollywood Education and Literacy Project Miami (Florida, USA)

HEMP - Help Eliminate Marijuana Planting (Michigan, USA)

HERCULES - Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift and Evacuation System

HERO - Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
Health Enhancement Research Organization
Helicopter Emergency Reconnaissance Observer
Helping Everyone Reach Optimal Fitness
Helping Everyone Reach Out
Helping Everyone Read Often
Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities
Helping Everyone Remember Orphans
Helping Everyone Respect Others
Helping Everyone's Re-Entry Opportunity
Heroically Employing Resources for Others
Heroically Engaging and Reaching Others
Higher Education and Research Opportunities
Highway Emergency Response Operations
Home Energy and Resources Organization
Honest Examination of Real Occurrences

HEROES - Helping Everyone Realize Opportunities to Eternally Shine

HIPPY - Having Imagination Produces Positive Yields
Hippies Imbibe Pills, Pot and Yoga
Hipsters Involved in Politics, Pot, and Yoga
Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters
Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters
Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (Australia and Canada)

HITS - Homicide Information Tracking System

HOLDEN - Heaps Of Lead Doing Entirely Nothing
Heaps Of Loud, Distorted Engine Noises
Heavy Oil Leaks, Deafening Engine Noise
History Of Loud, Deafening Engine Noise
Holden Owners Lose Drags Every Night
Holes, Oil Leaks, Dents and Engine Noise
Hope Our Luck Doesn't End Now
Horrible, Obscene, Loud, Disgusting Engine Noises
Hot Oil Leaks Down Every Night

HOLLIS - Harvard OnLine Library Information System (Harvard University)

HONDA - Had One, Never Did Again
Hallmark Of Non-Destructible Automobiles
Hand Over Numerous Dollars to Asians
Happy Owners Never Drive Anything else
Hated, Old, Noisy, Damaged Automobile
Highly Overpriced Non-Domestic Automobile
History Of No Dramatic Acceleration
Horsepower Option Never Did Appear

HOOVES - High Output Ovine Vegetation System (UK)

HOPE - Health Omnibus Programs Extension Act of 1988
Health Opportunities for People Everywhere
Help Offering Parents Empowerment -- A support network for parents of missing children.
Helping Other People Eat
Helping Other People Educate
Helping Other People Effectively
Helping Other People Endure RSDS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome)
Helping Other People Envision
Helping Other People Escape
Helping Other People Everyday
Helping Other People Everywhere
Helping Other People Evolve
Helping Other People Exceed
Helping Other People Excel
Helping Other People Exist
Helping Other People in Emergencies
Helping Other People in Every way
Helping Other People through Empowerment
Helping Other People with Epilepsy
Helping Other People's Enrichment
Helping Others Pursue Excellence
Homeless and Orphaned Pets Endeavor -- A U.S. animal adoption organization.
Homeownership and Opportunity for People Everywhere
Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Elections

HORSE - Horse Organizations for Racing, Showing and Eventing (Texas, USA)
Hold 'em, Omaha, Razz, Seven-card stud, 8 or better (poker variants)

HUMMER - Huge, Ungainly Military Monster, Easily Recognizable
Humongous, Unnecessarily Massive, Monstrosity: Environmentally Ruthless

HUNT - Huron Undercover Narcotics Team (Michigan, USA)

HYUNDAI - Hope You Understand Nothing's Drivable And Inexpensive
How Your Usual Nerd Drives An Import

ICARS - Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service (Canada)

ICE-CREAM - Interactive Consumption of Entertainment in Consumer-Responsive, Engaging and Active Media

I-HEAR - Indianapolis Higher Education Access Resources

IKAROS - Interplanetary Kite-craft Accelerated by Radiation of the Sun

IMAGE - ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (ICE = Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
Integrated Model to Assess the Greenhouse Effect
Integrated Molecular Analysis of Gene Expression

IMPACT - I Must Personally Advance Christ Today
Identity Management process assessment customer tool (IMpact)
I'm Making Positive Action Choices Today
Improving Mood - Promoting Access to Collaborative Treatment
Increasing Might, Power, Academics, Choices, and Truth
Index for Mortality Prediction After Cardiac Transplantation
Indiana Muslim Political Action Committee Task Force (Indiana, USA)
Individualized Movement and Physical Activity for Children Today (Oregon State University)
Individuals Meeting Potential and Creating Tomorrows
Influencing My Peers And Communicating the Truth
Information Management of Public Access to Computer Terminals
Information Management, Public Affairs, Construction and Traffic control
Informed Merchants to Prevent Alcoholic Crime Tendencies
Institute For Modern Pedagogy And Creative Teaching (Science IMPACT)
Integrated Model of Plumes and Atmosphere in Complex Terrain
Integrated Multi-Perspective Access to Campus Technology (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)
Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (Canada)
Integrity, Maturity, Performance, Academics, Community and Tenacity
Integrity, Motivation, Perseverance, Attitude, Character and Truth
Intensively Managed Product Advancement Characterization Training
International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force
International Monitoring Programs for Asteroid and Comet Threat
Irish Municipal, Public and Civil Trade Union

IMPULSE - Information Management to Promote and Underpin LEA and School Effectiveness (LEA = Local Education Authority) (UK)

INSITE - International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts -- A fan club for the 1980 movie, Somewhere In Time, starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.

INSPIRE - Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions
Interdisciplinary National Science Project Incorporating Research and Education Experience -- (Also known as NASA INSPIRE)

iPHONE - I Prefer Hipness Over Network Excellence

ISAAC - Iowa State Anime Appreciation Club
Irvine Students Against Animal Cruelty (University of California at Irvine)

I-STOP - Integrated Satellite Tracking of Polluters

JEEP - Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme
Junk Engineering Executed Poorly
Junk Everyone Eagerly Purchases
Just Empty Election Promises
Just Expect Endless Problems

JETS-TEAMS - Junior Engineering Technical Society - Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science

JEWEL - Jesus Entrusted Women Enjoying Life
Joining Entrepreneurs with Enterprising Leadership
Joint Endeavour for Welfare, Education and Liberation (Caribbean)
Jordanian Education for Water and Environmental Leadership

JOB - Job Opportunities for the Blind

JOBS - Job Opportunities in the Business Sector
Job Opportunity and Basic Skills
Job Opportunity Bank Service
Joint Ontario Business Sector (Ontario, Canada)
Jumpstart Our Business Strength Act
Just Overburdened Business Struggle
Justifiable Obnoxious Battle for Survival
Justifying Objectionable Business for Survival
Justifying Overwork, for the Benefit of Survival
Juxtaposing Overwork, and the Battle for Survival

JOINT - Josephine Interagency Narcotics Team (Oregon, USA)

JOLT - Java OnLine Transactions
Java Open Language Toolkit
Journal of Law and Technology
Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
Just Outside the Lincoln Tunnel (New York, USA)

JOLTS - Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey
Juvenile On-Line Tracking System

JUDGE - Jurisdictions Unified for Drug and Gang Enforcement Program Evaluation (California)

JUGHEAD - Jonzy's Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation And Display -- A computing term for a tool used to obtain menu information from Gopher servers.

JULIETS - Just Us Ladies Into Eating Together and Shopping

JUSTICE - Joint Urban Strike Team Increasing Community Efforts

KASPAR - Kinesics and Synchronisation in Personal Assistant Robotics (UK)

KASPER - Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository (Kansas, USA)
Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting

KIDS - Kids in Distressed Situations
Kids Information Data System (Wisconsin, USA)
Kids of Inmates will Define our Society

KIPPERS - Kids Invading Parental Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings

KOPS - Keeping Our Police Safe (Minnesota, USA)

KRISP - Kenya Rift International Seismic Project

LA IMPACT - Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force (California)

LAPTOP-HF - Left Atrial Pressure monitoring to Optimize Heart Failure Therapy Study

LEADERS - Lightweight Epidemiology Advanced Detection and Emergency Response System

LEGIT - Law Enforcement Gang Interdiction Task Force (Georgia, USA)

LIFE - Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering
Lasallian Institute for the Environment (Philippines)
Laser-Induced Fluorescence Emission
Laser Infrared Flyout Experiment, a.k.a. Laser IRCM Flyout Experiment (IRCM = Infrared Countermeasures)
Lawrence InterFaith Endeavor (Indiana, USA)
Leaders in Fitness Education
Leaders in Freshman Engineering (Texas A&M University)
Learning in Informal and Formal Environments
Less Intensive Farming and Environment (UK)
Life Is For Everyone
Life Is For Experiencing
Life Is Full of Experiences
Lingnan Institute of Further Education (Hong Kong)
Literacy Is For Everyone
Live In Freedom Everyday
Live In Full Effect
Live It Fully Everyday
Living Implants From Engineering
Living In Faith Everyday
Living In Faithful Evangelism
Living In Fear Everyday
Living In Forever Eternity
Living In Fullness Everyday
Living Injury Free Everyday
Local Independent Framing Expert
Long Island Fiber Exchange (New York, USA)
Love Is For Everyone

LIGHT - Living In God's Heavenly Thoughts

LINCOLN - Large Income? No Class? Own Lincoln Now
Lavish, Innovative, Notable Cars Of Luxurious Nature

LINUS - Legislative Information Notification Update System (Oregon, USA)

LITTLE - Leading Integrated Taskforce Tackling Litter Everywhere (Australia)

LOTUS - Lots Of Trouble: Usually Serious

LULU - Locally Unwanted Land Use

LUMEN - Lighting Understanding for a More Efficient Nation

LUST - Leaking Underground Storage Tank

MACINTOSH - Most Applications Crash; If Not, The Operating System Hangs

MADCAT - Multi-Agency Detail for Commercial Auto Theft (California, USA)

MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MAGIC - Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov Telescopes
Memphis Area Geographic Information Council
Minnesota Accountable Government Innovation and Collaboration (MAGIC Act)

MAGNET - Marion Area Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team
Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Trans People
Mid-Michigan Area Group Narcotics Enforcement Team
Mohave Area General Narcotics Enforcement Team (Arizona, USA)

MAIDS - Management Automated Information Display System
Multipurpose Automatic Inspection and Diagnostic System

MAPLE - Maple Agriculture Protection and Law Enforcement Act

MARGIN - Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network

MARIA - Methods for Assessing the Radiological Impact of Accidents

MARS - Mid-Air Retrieval System (Military acronym)
Military Affiliate Radio System
Mission Analysis and Reporting System (Military acronym)
Mobile Analytical Response System
Multifunction Acquisition and Reporting System

Mars-GRAM - Mars Global Reference Atmospheric Model (NASA)

MarshMALLOW - Marsh Management Activities for Learning the Lifestyles of Wildlife

MARVEL - Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library

MASERATI - Must Also Suggest Extra Rope And Towing Implements

MASTER-IP - Math and Science Teacher Education and Retention Industry Partners (University of Arizona)

MAZDA - Made After Zero Design Analysis
Most Always Zipping Down Avenues
Must Always Zoom Down Asphalt

MAZE - Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts (University of Minnesota)

MedICS - Medical Information Computer System

MEDS - Medicaid Encounter Data System

MENOPAUSE - Merciless, Exhausting, Never-ending, Outrageous, Painful, Annoying, Ugly and Sweat-filled Experience

MEOW - Maximum Envelope of Water
Maximum Envelope of Winds
Moral Equivalent Of War

MERCEDES - Modern, Economical, Reliable Car -- Extremely Durable, Expensive Sedans
Money Envy Reliably Causes Every Derogatory Expletive to Surface
Most Eccentric Rich Capitalists Enjoy Driving Expensive Sedans
Most Economical Running Cost -- Extreme Driving Experience Satisfaction
Most Envied Road Car Ever Driven -- Entirely Satisfactory
My Expensive Race Car Emits Dense Exhaust Smoke

MERGE - Mobile Emergency Response Group and Equipment (San Jose, California, USA)
Model for Evaluating Regional and Global Effects of GHG reduction policies

MERIT - Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (Netherlands)
Magistrates' Early Referral Into Treatment program (Australia)
Management Enterprise Risk Innovation and Teamwork
Marine Environmental Research and Innovative Technology (Hong Kong)
Method to Extend Research in Time Award
Michigan Educational Research Information Triad
Model, Engage, Renew, Inform and Tolerance
Monitoring Earth's Rotation and Intercomparison of Techniques
Multi-agency Enforcement Response Interdiction Team (Oregon, USA)

MERLIN - Mail Evaluation, Readability, Lookup INstrument (U.S. Postal Service)
Missouri Education and Research Libraries Information Network
Mobile Environmental Research Laboratory Investigating Nature
Montana Enhanced Registration and Licensing Information Network
Multi-Element Radio Linked Interferometer Network (UK)

MICROSOFT - Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software is Only for Fools and Teenagers
Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers

MIDAS - Mobile Instrumentation Data Acquisition System
Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic Signalling (UK)
Munich Image Data Analysis System (European Southern Observatory)

MILES - Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System

MiMoSA - Mission Modes and Space Analysis

MINICAM - Miniature Chemical Agent Monitor

MINI-ME - Miniature Imager for Neutral Ionospheric atoms and Magnetospheric Electrons

MISFITS - Maryland Illegal Soapbox Federation & Incline Trials Society

MISTER - Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models

MnWARN - Minnesota Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network

MOMS - Moms Offering Moms Support

MONET - Mono County Narcotics Enforcement Team (California, USA)

MOOSE - Maintain the Organization, Operation, Systems and Equipment

MOPS - Mean of Platts Singapore -- A measure of some petroleum product pricing in Singapore.
Millions of Operations Per Second
Minimum Operational Performance Standards
Mission Operations Planning System

MORE - Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiast

MOSAIC - Method for Objectively Selecting Areas of Inquiry Consistently
Menace, Object, Subject, Affect, Intensity, and Clarity

MOSES - Massive Open Systems Environment Standards
Metropolitan Organizing Strategies Enabling Strength (Michigan, USA)
Mission Operations, System Engineering and Software
Mission Operations and Systems Engineering Support
Multi-sensor Optimal Smoothing Estimation Software

MOTHER - Maternal Opioid Treatment: Human Experimental Research

MOUSE - Manually-Operated User Selection Equipment
Minimum Orbital Unmanned Satellite of Earth

MUFFIN - Multi-User File For Interagency News

MULES - Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System

MUMS - Mothers United for Moral Support

MUSIC - Magma Users Summit on Integrated Circuits
McGill University System for Interactive Computing
Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualization
Montpelier U.S. Insurance Company
Multi-User Special Intelligence Communications
Multi-User System for Interactive Computing
Music, Urbanism, Social Integration and Culture (UNESCO)
Musicians United for Songs in the Classroom
Musicians United in Supplemental Instruction for Children
Musicians United to Save Indigenous Culture
Musicians United to Serve In Cohesion
Musicians United to Serve In the Community
Musicians United to Serve the Community
Musicians United to Stop Infant Circumcision
Musicians Usually Sing Interesting Creations

MUSTANG - Managing Useful Skills To Achieve Necessary Goals
Mid-Missouri Unified Strike Team And Narcotics Group

NACCHO - National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (Australia)

NAILS - National Airspace Integrated Logistics Support
National Automated Immigration Lookout System

NAKED - Nice And Kind Educated Dude

NAME - National Association for Multicultural Education
National Association for Museum Exhibition
National Association of Marriage Enhancement
National Association of Media Educators of New Zealand
National Association of Medical Examiners
National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts
National Association of Mobile Entertainers
National Association of Music Educators

NAVY - Never Again Volunteer Yourself

NEOWISE - Near-Earth Objects Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NASA)

NESTOR - Neutrino Extended Submarine Telescope with Oceanographic Research (Off the coast of Greece)

NETWORK - New Energy to Work Out Racial Kinks

NEW EAGLES - Nash, Edgecombe, Wilson: Empowering Adolescents with Gifts of Love, Education and Serenity

NEWBORN - Nationally Enhancing the Wellbeing of Babies through Outreach and Research Now Act

NICE - National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly
Non-Inflationary Constant Expansion -- To note a "NICE economy," as opposed to a "GRIM economy" (Growth Really Is Mediocre).

NINJA - Nigh-Invincible Night-Journeying Assassins

NITRO - Narcotics Investigation and Trafficking of Recidivist Offenders Unit

NO GUNS - Networks Organized for Gang Unity and Neighborhood Safety

NOBLE - National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
North of Boston Library Exchange (Massachusetts, USA)

OASIS - Observation at Several Interacting Scales
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

OCEANZ - Online Child Exploitation Across New Zealand

OCTAVE - Omapatrilat Cardiovascular Treatment Assessment Versus (medical acronym)
Open Circle To Another Vision Entertainment
Operant Conditioning To Achieve Voter Expectations (Elgin, Illinois, USA)
Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability Evaluation

OLDSMOBILE - Obsolete Lemons Dealt & Sold, Misled Owners Bought Into Lousy Engineering
Old Ladies Driving Slowly, Make Others Behind Infuriatingly Late Everyday
Overpriced, Leisurely Driven Sedan Made Of Buick's Irregular Leftover Equipment

OOPSALA - Orchestral Orthographers Publicly Support Annoyingly Lengthy Acronyms (Spelling Bee team)

OPERA - Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration
Onboard Processing Expandable Reconfigurable Architecture
Open PLC European Research Alliance (PLC = Power Line Communications)
Optics and Photonics in the European Research Area
Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus
Oulu Project Elucidating Risk of Atherosclerosis
Out-of-Pile Expulsion and Reentry Apparatus

OSCAR - Objective Supply Capability Adaptive Redesign
Occupation and Skill Computer-Assisted Researcher
Offering Support to Children and Relatives (UK)
OFW Student Consulting and Research (Germany)
Online Services for Curriculum and Articulation Review
Online Student Computer Assisted Registration
Online Survey and Certification Automated Record
Online System for Clerkship Application and Review
Online System for Comprehensive Activity Reporting (Australia)
Online System for Computer-Assisted Retrieval
On-Screen Configuration and Activity Reporting
Onsite Security Control and Audit Review
Open Source Cluster Application Resources
Open Standards for Container/Content Allowing Re-use
Open System for Communication in Realtime
Open Systems Core Avionics Requirement
Operating System for Control And Recording
Operational Software Components for Advanced Robotics
Operational Stress Control and Readiness
Optical Storage Compressed Audio Replay (Germany)
Optical Submarine Communications by Aerospace Relay
Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
Ordnance Survey Centre Alignment of Roads (UK)
Organizing Student Communications And Resources
Osceola County Association of Realtors (Florida, USA)
Our Small Children At Risk Foundation
Out of School Care and Recreation (New Zealand)
Outdoor Site Classification And Research
Outstanding Students of the Cordillera Administrative Region (Philippines)

OUTDOOR Act - Optimal Use of Trade to Develop Outerwear and Outdoor Recreation Act

OVERT - Ohio Valley Emergency Response Team (USA)
Ojai Valley Emergency Response Team (USA)
Ontario Volunteer Emergency Response Team (Canada)
Oregon Veterinary Emergency Response Team (Oregon, USA)

PACER - Police Anti-Crime Emergency Response (Philippines)

PADRE - Protective Action Dosage Reduction Estimator

PAGAN - People Against Gangs And Negativity
People Against Gloom And Negativity
People Against God And Nature
People Against God And Niceness
People Against Goodness And Normalcy
Politicians Advocating Godlessness And Narrow-mindedness
Politicians Against Goodness And Normalcy

PAINT - Portland Airport Interagency Narcotic Team (Oregon, USA)

PAMELA - Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics

PANDA - Physical Activity and Nutrition for Diabetes in Alberta (Canada)
Prepared And Necessary Daily Assignments
Prevent Abuse and Neglect through Dental Awareness
Prevent and Neutralize Drug Abuse
Program for Assessed Needs in Developmental Areas

PANDAS - Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections
Physical Activity Nutrition Discipline Attitude School

Pan-STARRS - Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System

PARTY - Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth

PASSAGE - Preparing All Students for Success in A Global Economy (Ohio, USA)

PASTE - Preschool Association of Students, Teachers, and Educators

PATCH - Planned Approach to Community Health

PAUSE - Parents Against Unconstitutional Sex Education
Post Abortion Understanding, Support and Equipping
Promoting Acceptance and Understanding in a School Environment

PAWS - Partners for Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
Performing Animal Welfare Society
Pets And Wildlife Savers
Pets Are Worth Saving
Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, USA)
Precious Animals Worth Saving
Precise Autonomous Wildlife Surveillance
Pro Animal Welfare Society
Progressive Animal Welfare Society
Promoting Athletes With Sportsmanship
Promoting Awareness With Students (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point)
Protection of Animals in Wakefield Society (Massachusetts, USA)
Protectors of Animal Welfare and Safety of UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio)

PEACE - Parental Encouragement for Autistic Children Everywhere
Peacefully Ending All Conflict on Earth
Peacefully Engaging All Christians Everywhere
Peacefully Expressing A Christian Existence
People Enjoying A Contented Existence
People Expressing A Christ Everlasting
Personal Empowerment and Conflict Expertise
Personal Enlightenment Allows Constant Evolution
Philippine Ecumenical Action for Community Empowerment
Placing Every Adoptable Creature Encountered
Plasma Electron And Current Experiment
Positive Energy Accentuates Conventional Experiences
Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation
Positive Energy Always Corrects Errors
Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation
Pray Everyday And Cherish Everyone
Production Expansion/Acceleration Capability Enhancement
Progressing Everyday And Changing Everyway
Protect, Educate, Aid Children Everywhere
Protect Everyone And Cherish Existence
Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions
Pursue Excellence And Cherish Everyday
Putting an End to Abuse through Community Efforts
Putting an End to All Conflict Everywhere

PEARL - Personnel Expertise and Resource Listing
Processor and Experiment Automation Realtime Language
Professionalism, Excellence, Achievement, Role Model/Responsibility, and Leadership
Pupils Equal And Reactive to Light (medical acronym)

PEARLS - Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives for Seniors

PELICAN - Pennsylvania's Enterprise to Link Information for Children Across Networks

PENTIUM - Produces Erroneous Numbers Thru Incorrect Understanding of Mathematics

PERKS - Pioneers Enjoying Recreation while Keeping Sober (William Paterson University, New Jersey, USA)

PETS - Prevent Euthanasia Through Spaying (Helping P.E.T.S.)

PICNIC - Prepared, Informative Communications and News In Classrooms
Problem In Chair, Not In Computer

PIGS - Passive Infrared Guidance System
Pesticides In Groundwater Systems
Politicians: Immoral, Greedy Sleazebags
Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain
Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain
Pride, Integrity, Guts, Service

PIIGS - Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain

PILOT - Payment In Lieu Of Taxes

PINTO - Performance Is Not The Object
Powerful Incendiary, Nearly Toasts Occupants
Put In Nickel To Operate

PISCES - Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System

PLACE - Position Location Aircraft Communications Equipment

PLAID - Precision Location and Identification

PLYMOUTH - Please Leave Your Money Out Under The Hood

POEM - Polar-Orbiting Earth observation Mission
Poetic Orator Expounding Melodiously
Portland Office of Emergency Management (Oregon, USA)

POEMS - Polyneuropathy, Organomegaly, Endocrinopathy, Monoclonal gammopathy, and Skin changes (POEMS syndrome)

POET - Poetic Orator Expounding Tunefully
Protecting Our Environment Together

POETTS - Protecting Our Environment Today for Tomorrows Solace

POGO - Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
Privately Owned/Government Operated

POLAR - Production Order Location and Reporting

Polar BEAR - Polar Beacon Experiment and Auroral Research

POLITICIAN - Pandering, Obnoxious, Lying, Immoral, Tyrannical, Incompetent, Conniving, Insane, Argumentative, Nincompoop
Pathetic, Obscene Loudmouth Involved in Terrorizing Innocent Citizens by Introducing Asinine Nonsense
Posturing, Offensive, Lamebrain, Ignorant, Thief, Imbecile, Con-artist, Ineffectual, Antagonistic, Nitwit
Purveyor Of Lies, Innuendos, Taxes, Ignorance, Conjecture, Insanity, And Nepotism

PONTIAC - Plan On Numerous Trips In Another Car
Please, Only Nerds Thinks It's A Car
Plenty Of Noises That Irritate And Clank
Plenty Of Numbskulls Think It's A Cadillac
Poor Old Nitwit Thought It was A Cadillac
Put On Notice To Improve A Car

POOP - Potentially Offensive Objects for Pickup

POOP SCOOP - Perception Of Offensive Products and Sensorized Control Of Object Pickup

POPULAR - Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored

PORSCHE - Pity Only Rich Suckers Can Have 'Em
Proof Of Rich, Spoiled Children Having Everything
Proves Only Rich Suckers Can Have Everything

PortPASS - Port Passenger Accelerated Service System

POSSE - Parents of Students in Special Education
Parents Opposed to Sex and Sensitivity Education
Pluto Outer Solar System Explorer
Portable Open Source Security Elements
Portland Open Source Software Entrepreneurs (Oregon)
Predict, Organize, Search, Summarize, and Evaluate
Prevent Ongoing Spread of STDs Everywhere
Program of Ship Salvage Engineering
Project Outreach For Secondary School Education (Canada)
Protect Our Surf Sites and Environment

POTATO - People Over Thirty Acting Twenty One
Person Over Thirty Acting Twenty One

POWER - Partnership Opportunities for Women Empowerment Realization
Pennsylvania Online World of Electronic Resources

PREDATOR - Proactive Rapid Enforcement Deterrence And Target-Oriented Response Task Force (Nye County, Nevada, USA)

PRESTO - Project to Re-Engineer Space Telescope Observing

PRIDE - Pacific Regional Initiatives for the Delivery of basic Education
Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education
Parenting Resources Information Development Education
Parents' Resource Institute for Drug Education
Participation, Responsibility, Integrity, Development and Excellence
Partnership, Respect, Involvement, Diversity, Education
Partnership, Responsibility, Involvement, Diversity, Education
Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence
Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Enthusiasm
Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence
People Recognizing Individual Diversity and Equality (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence
Personal Responsibility for Individual Daily Effort
Personal Responsibility for Individual Dedication to Excellence
Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment
Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence
Personal Responsibility Is a Daily Effort
Personal Responsibility Is a Daily Expectation
Positive attitude, Respect for others, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence
Positive Relationships Intended to Deliver Excellence
Prevention Resources and Information on Drug Education
Pride, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence
Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises Inc.
Productivity and Responsibility Increase Development and Employment
Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence
Promoting Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, and Empowerment

PRIME - Police Records Information Management Environment
Private Rental Investment Mortgage and Equity
Promoting, Recruiting, and Increasing Minority Educators (Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville)

PRISM - People for the Rights of Individuals of Sexual Minorities (University of Mary Washington)
Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (U.S. Department of Transportation)
Personnel Resource Information System for Managers
Promoting Regional Improvement in Science and Math

PRISMS - Prevention Risk Indicator / Services Monitoring System

PRO-ACT - Pennsylvania Recovery Organization Achieving Community Together

PROGRESS - Personal Responsibility and Opportunities to Gainfully Reach Economic Self-Sufficiency

PROMISE - Youth Prison Reduction through Opportunities, Mentoring, Intervention, Support and Education Act

PROMISES - Payment Reliability for our Obligations to Military and Investors to Secure Essential Stability

PROTECT - Program for Response Options and Technology Enhancements for Chemical/Biological Terrorism
Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to End the Exploitation of Children Today

PROTECT IP - Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act

PROVE - Plutonium Recovery Option Verification Exercise

PSALM - Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Literature, and Music

PULSE - Participation, Urgency, Legacy, Sustainability, and Equity
Peer-to-Peer Unstructured Live Streaming Experiment
People United to Live in a Safe Environment
People Uniting, Lending Support and Encouragement
People Using Language Skills Effectively
Peri-Urban Lusaka Small Enterprise (CARE PULSE Project)
Photon Ultrafast Laser Science and Engineering (Stanford University)
Police Using Leading Systems Effectively
Pride, Unity, Leadership, Sisterhood, Esteem (Princeton High School, Princeton, New Jersey, USA)
Professionals United for Leadership and Social Enrichment
Protestant Unionist Loyalist Social Education

Q-SMARTS - Qatar Summer Math And Reading Talent Scholars

RACER - Remedial Action Cost Estimating Requirements
Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response Trust

RACES - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services

RADAR - Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Report
Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources

RADIANT - Rehabilitative and Diagnostic Innovations in Applied Neuro Technology

RADIUS - Remote Authentication Dial In User Service

RAILS - Reaching Across Illinois Library System (Illinois, USA)

RAINS - Regional Alliances for Infrastructure and Network Security

RAISE - Research, Analysis, Insight, Strategy, and Execution

RAISE UP - Reengaging Americans in Serious Education by Uniting Programs Act

RALPH - Reduction and Acquisition of Lunar Pulse Heights

RAMBO - Reconfigurable Atomic Memory for Basic Objects

RAPID - Recovery Assistance Programs Information and Delivery

RAPIDS - Reengineering Acquisition, Payment and Information Disposition Systems (Wisconsin, USA)

RAPTOR - Regional Analysis of Police Technology and Operations Reporting

RAPTORS - Robots and People Transmitting Objective Radical Synergy

RATTLER - Regional Auto Theft Team Law Enforcement Response -- Also known as the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force. (Arizona, USA)

REACH - Really Enthusiastic Artists Crying 'Hire'
Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health
Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals
Relief for Energy Assistance Through Community Help
Resources, Education And Caregiver Help
Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer's Caregivers Health
Responsible, Educated Adolescents Can Help

REACT - Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams
Raid, Entry and Containment Team
Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team
Registration Enforcement And Compliance Team -- An LAPD team that monitors registered sex offenders. (Los Angeles, California, USA)

REACTS - Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site

READS - Reading Evaluation and Demonstration of Success Initiative (Wisconsin, USA)

READY - Riding to Empower Amputee-Determined Youth

REAL ID - Rearing and Empowering America for Longevity against acts of International Destruction

REAPER - Reid, Emily, Aaron, Penelope, Erin, Rossi (Criminal Minds' name games)
Recovery by Electronically Activated, Pyrotechnically Ejected Razor

REASON - Rapid Evaluation and Shipment of Nuclear Waste

RED DOG - Running Every Drug Dealer Outta Georgia (Georgia, USA)

RED HORSE - Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers

RED TAPE - Redundant, Exasperating Drivel That Always Prevents Employment
Ridiculous Employee Decisions That Affect People Everyday
Ridiculous, Excessive Drivel That Always Prohibits Expansion

REINS - Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act

RELATIONSHIP - Really Exciting Love Affair Till It's Over -- Now Sobriety Hangs In Peril
Really Exciting Love Affair Turns Into Outrageous Nightmare -- Sobriety Hangs In Peril

RENEWAL - Rest, Environment, Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Alternatives and Limits

REPAIR - Review and Evaluate Planned Annual Institution Repairs (Oregon, USA)

RESPECT - Real-life Education for Self Protection Empowering College-bound Teens

REWARD - Rewarding Education with Wages and Respect for Dedication (Wisconsin, USA)

REWARDS - Rewarding Everyone Who Acts Responsibly and Doesn't Smoke (Canada)

RICCHE - Rhode Island Children's Crusade for Higher Education

RIDGE - Ridge Inter-Disciplinary Global Experiment

RINGO - Religious International Non-Governmental Organizations
Research-oriented and Independent Non-Governmental Organizations (United Nations)

RIVER - Residents Improving Valuable Environmental Resources

RN HEALS - Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service (Philippines)

ROAM - Restoring Our American Mustangs Act -- A government program that offers protection for wild horses and burros in the American West.

ROAR - Radio Operated Automobile Racing
Rail, Ocean, Air and Road
Reach Out, Act, Respond (An animal conservation initiative)
Reach Out and Read (A literacy program)
Recovery of Overpayments, Accounting and Reporting (U.S. Social Security Administration)
Remotely Operated Auto Racing
Reservoirs of Antibiotic Resistance Network
Right of Admission Refused
Right Of Admission Reserved

ROCK - Reaching Out, Convicts to Kids
Real Options for City Kids (San Francisco, California, USA)

ROCKS - Regional Outdoor Center for Kinetic Sports (Seeley Lake, Montana)
Relatives Often Condone Keeping Secrets
Rumors Of Cutbacks Keep Surfacing

ROGUE - Repeat Offender Gang Unit Enforcement (Florida)

ROMEO - Real Old Motorcyclists Eating Out
Retired Old Men Eating Out

ROOST - Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (Lake Placid/Essex County, New York, USA)

ROPE - Repeat Offender Program Enforcement (Ontario, Canada)

ROSTER - Remotely Observed Signatures in the Thermosphere of Explosive Releases -- Occasionally known as Remotely Observed Signatures of Thermospheric Energy Releases.

RSVP - Regulatory Structure and Validation Project
Restartable Solid Variable Pulse (rocket engine)
Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Rice Student Volunteer Program (Rice University)

SAAB - Sad Attempt At Beauty
Send Another Automobile Back
Somewhat Apathetic Automotive Blunder
Sorry Automobile, Always Broken
Sorry Automobile, Assembled Backward
Sure Ain't A Bimmer
Swedish Automobiles Are Best
Swedish Autos Always Breakdown

SAAFE - Sexual Assault Advocacy and Facilitative Education
Sexual Assault Awareness Facilitative Education (Valparaiso University)
Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone (Wellesley College)

SABER - Safeguard Artifacts Being Excavated in Riverside
State-of-the-Art Biometrics Excellence Roadmap

SABLE - Southeastern Airborne Law Enforcement (North Carolina, USA)

SABRE - Sexual Assault Backlog Reduction Effort (California, USA)

SACCATS - Sacramento County Auto Theft Suppression Task Force (California, USA)

SAFE - Safe and Fear-free Environment
Safety Award for Excellence
Secure and Fair Enforcement
Security Against Fraud Enhancements
Securing America's Future Energy
Security and Accountability for Every Port Act
Sexual Assault and Family Emergencies
Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (California)
Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner
Sexual Assault Free Environment
Sexual Awareness For Everyone
Signatures and Authentication For Everyone
Situational Awareness and Forecasting Environment
Situational Awareness for Everyone
Situational Awareness for Fire Emergencies
Smokefree Air For Everyone
State Administration of Foreign Exchange (China)
Stop Abuse For Everyone
Student Association for Fire Ecology
Student Association for Freedom of Expression
Student Association For the Environment
Students Advocating a Fearless Environment
Students Advocating Female Equality
Students Advocating Financial Education
Students Advocating for a heterosexism Free Enviroment
Students Advocating for Environment
Students Advocating For Equality
Students Advocating for Fair Education
Students Advocating for Free Education
Students Advocating for Freedom and Equality
Students Advocating for Funding of Education
Students Advocating for Future Empowerment
Students Advocating Freedom and Equality
Students Advocating Freedom in Education
Students Against False Equality
Students Against Fees in Education
Students Allied For Educators
Students Allied for Equality
Students Allied for Freedom and Equality

SAFER - Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation
Sexual Assault Free Environment Resource
Situational Awareness For Emergency Response
Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response
Students Advocating for Equality in Relationships
Students Advocating for Equitable Rebuilding
Students Advocating for Equitable Recovery

SAFETEA-LU - Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users

SAFETNet - Secure Automated Fast Event Tracking Network

SAFIRE - Spectroscopy of the Atmosphere using Far InfraRed Emission

SAIL - Seagull Academy for Independent Living (Lake Worth, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA)
Self Acceptance Is Life -- A suicide prevention program.
Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (NASA acronym)
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Stanford University)
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language (Computing terminology)
Student Association for International Learning (Washington and Lee University)

SAILS - Simplified Aircraft Instrument Landing System
Strategic Analysis of Integrated Logistics Systems
Student Alumni Involved for Lake State (Lake Superior State University)
Students Advocating Information and Library Studies (Carson-Newman College)

SAINT - Sacramento Area Intelligence Narcotics Task Force (California, USA)
Sacramento Area Intelligence Narcotics Team (California, USA)
Statewide Analytical Interdiction Narcotics Team

SALAD - Students Against Lackmann Associated Dining
Students Against Leg Abuse Disorder

SALSA - Semi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere
South Asian Law Students' Association
Spanish and Latino Students' Association
Spares Acquisition and Logistics Support Analysis
Students Advocating Life Without Substance Abuse
Students Advocating Living Without Substance Abuse
Supporting, Acting, Learning, Striving and Accepting

SALTY - Sea Animal Life for Tomorrow's Youth

SALUTE - Service, Academics, Leadership, Unity, Tribute, Excellence
Size, Activity, Location, Unit/Uniform, Time, and Equipment -- A mnemonic acronym used by the military for reporting intelligence on the enemy.

SAMBO - Simultaneous Auroral Multi-Balloons Observations

SAMPLE - Students Advocating Marketing, Promotions, and Life Experiences

SAMSON - Simulation and Modeling Supporting Operational Needs

SANDS - Stratospheric Aitken Nuclei Detection System
Supplement to an Abbreviated New Drug Submission (Canada)
Surveillance Accident Nuclear Detection System

SANTA - Sober All Night Totally Awesome Designated Driver (designated driver campaign)
South African National Tuberculosis Association
Spay and Neuter Team of Atlanta (Georgia, USA)
Stop Another Needless Tragic Accident (DUI checkpoints and patrols)
Students Against Name Tags Association
Students Against Nicotine and Tobacco Addiction
Substance Abuse Need for Treatment among Arrestees
Systematic Analog Network Testing Approach

SARAH - Shock, Anger, Rejection, Acceptance, and Help -- Occasionally known as Shock, Anger, Rejection, Acceptance, and Hope.
Students Against Racism and Hatred (Australia)
Students Against Rockbridge Area Hunger (Washington and Lee University)

SATURN - Same American Trash Under Revised Name
Stickers Are Truly Unnegotiable, Rebates Nonexistent

SAVE - Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments
Sexual Assault and Violence Education
Seriously Acknowledging Victim's Emotions
South Atlantic Ventilation Experiment
Sportsmen Against Violating the Environment
Student Action for Veterans' Equity
Student Advocates for Valuing the Environment
Student Association for Voter Empowerment
Students Actively Volunteering for the Environment
Students Advocating and Valuing the Earth
Students Advocating for, and Valuing Equality
Students Against a Vanishing Earth
Students Against the Violation of the Environment
Students Against Vandalism Everywhere
Students Against Vector Exploitation
Students Against Violating the Earth
Students Against Violating the Environment
Students Against Violations of the Earth
Students Against Violence Everywhere
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement Programs

SAVER - Shuttle Avionics Verification and Evaluation Review
Situational Awareness Viewer for Emergency Response

SAVES - Sexual Assault and Violence Education by Students
Sexual Assault Victim Education and Support
Sexual Assault Victims and Elderly Services
Sexual Assault Victims Emergency Services
Students Against Vandalism Education in Sandusky (Sandusky, Ohio, USA)
Students Against Victimization, Exploitation, and Slavery
Students Against Victimization Exposing Slavery

SCALE - Smyth County Adult Literacy Education (Virginia, USA)
Statutes, Cases Automated Legal Enquiry (Australia)
Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education

SCALES - State Council for Adult Literacy Education Services

SCAM - Scanning and Alarm Monitoring
So-Called Alternative Medicine
South Carolina Association of Magicians (South Carolina, USA)
Standard Content Archive Management
Stop Criminals from Acquiring your Money
Substituted-Cysteine Accessibility Method (medical acronym)
Suffolk College Alternative Music (UK)
Supreme Court and the Attitudinal Model

SCAMP - Satellite Command Antenna on Medium Pedestal
Scholarly Communication And Management Program
Scholarships for Children of American Military Personnel
Security Call Analysis and Monitoring Platform
Self-propelled Crane for Aircraft Maintenance and Positioning
Sensor Control and Management Platoon
Shipboard Chemical Agent Monitor - Portable
Shipboard Computer-Aided Maintenance Program
Single Channel Anti-jam Man-Portable terminal
Single-Chip A-series Mainframe Processor
Small Caliber Ammunition Modernization Program
Small Craft Advisor Magazine Project
Sound Card Amateur Message Protocol
South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation
Southern California Areal Mapping Project (U.S. Geological Survey)
Southern California Asthma Management Program
Special Computer, APL Machine Portable
Specific, Challenging, Acceptable, Measurable and Personal (for setting goals)
Standard Configuration And Modification Program
Steubenville Comprehensive Air Monitoring Project (Steubenville, Ohio, USA)
Suffolk County Association of Master Plumbers (New York, USA)
Summer Camps at Mandarin Presbyterian (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
Summer Campus, Advanced Mathematics Program
Super Critical Air Mobility Pack
Supplemental Camera and Maneuvering Platform
System for Computer-Aided Management of Pests

SCAMPI - Science Communication and Marine Public Information
Southern California Area Modern Physics Institute
Staff College Automated Military Periodicals Index
Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement
Statistical Classification of Activities of Molecules for Pharmacophore Identification

SCARE - Student Created Aggression Replacement Education

SCARS - South Carolina Association of Reconstruction Specialists

SCENT - Special Canine Enhanced Narcotics Team (Oregon, USA)

SCHOOL - Seven Continuous Hours Of Our Learning
Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives
Successful Communication Helps Organize Our Lives

Science STARS - Students Tackling Authentic and Relevant Science

SCOPE - Safety-Controls Optimization by Performance Evaluation
Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence (Florida, USA)
Sikh Community Organized for Political Education (A political action committee)
Students Career Opportunities for Planning and Exploration

SCORE - Schools of California Online Resources for Education
Selective Crime Occurrence Reduction Enforcement Unit
Service Corps of Retired Executives
Setting Criteria for Ohio to Realize Excellence
Southern California Off Road Enthusiasts
Southern Nevada Cannabis Operation and Regional Enforcement

SCRAP - School and Community Reuse Action Project (Portland, Oregon, USA)

SCRIBE - Self-Contained Rapidly Integratable Background Environment

SCUTE - South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts

SEADOG - South East Area Drug Operations Group (Wisconsin, USA)

SEARCH - System for Electronic Analysis and Retrieval of Criminal Histories

SEAS - Shipboard Environmental data Acquisition System

SEEDS - South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces (Durham, North Carolina, USA)
Supporting Early Education Delivery Systems

SENTRI - Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

SERVE - Students Enhancing Resources for Vermillion Enrichment

SESAME - Second European Stratospheric Arctic Middle-latitude Experiment
Severe Environmental Storms and Mesoscale Experiment
Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation

SHALOM - Sharing Hands and Light of Mapleton (Mapleton, Oregon, USA)

SHAPE - School for Higher and Professional Education
Shaping Health as Partners in Education
Students for Health Adventure and Physical Education (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)
Supporting Healthy Activities and Pure Eating
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe -- Headquarters of the NATO military organization. (NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

SHARE - Seattle Housing and Resource Efforts
Secure Homeland Access and Reporting Environment
Self-Help and Resource Exchange
Software Help for Applications, Research, and Education
Students Supporting Health and Relief Efforts (Iowa State University)

SHARP - Sexual Harassment, Assault, Rape Prevention
Sexual Harassment / Assault, Response and Prevention

SHEBA - Solution High-Energy Burst Assembly

SHIELD - Securing Human Intelligence and Enforcing Lawful Dissemination Act
Strategic Hazards Identification and Evaluation for Leadership Decisions -- Also known as NCR SHIELD (NCR = National Capital Region).

SHINE - Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Elders

SHOT - Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade

SICK - Spain, Iceland, Columbia, Kazakhstan

SIGNAL - Students Interested in Growth, Networking, And Leadership

SIMON - Semi-Intelligent Mobile Observing Navigator

SIMPLE - Savings Incentive Match Plan For Employees
Sustainable and Innovative Mobility Product for Low Energy consumption

SIMPSON - Savagely Instigated Murder, Pathetically Slashing and Overpowering Nicole

SIREN - Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network
Strategic Information Response Electronic Network

SITCOM - Sanford and Son, I Dream of Jeannie, Three's Company, Coach, On Our Own, Mad About You
Seinfeld, It's a Living, That Girl, Cybill, One Day at a Time, Murphy Brown
Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
Spin City, I Love Lucy, Taxi, Cheers, The Odd Couple, My Three Sons

SKATE - Scaffolding Kids Abilities Through Education

SLAMS - State and Local Air Monitoring System

SLEDNET - South Lake/El Dorado Narcotics Enforcement Team -- A specialized multi-agency investigative drug unit in the south shore area of Lake Tahoe. (California, USA)

SLEEPR - Structural Launch Enclosure to Effectively Protect Robonaut

SLIP - Sobriety Loses Its Priority

SLOSH - Sea, Lake and Overland Surges from Hurricanes

SLURP - Simple Linear Unit Reservoir Program

SMART - Safe Mapping and Reporting Tool
Safety and Mission Assurance Review Team (NASA acronym)
Sarasota-Manatee Area Regional Transit (Florida, USA)
Save Money And Reduce Trash
School Medical Assistance Response Team
School Multi-Agency Response Team
Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation
Secure, Mobile, Advanced, and Reliable Technology
Securities Market Automated Regulated Trading
Services Management And Realeasy Tweaking
Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology -- A monitoring system for computer hard drives.
Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking
Sequential Modular Architecture for Robotics and Teleoperation
Sexual Misconduct Advocate Response Team
Sexual Molestation and Abuse Response Team (Indiana, USA)
Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool
Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology
Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain
Smooth Movement Across Rough Terrain
Snohomish Multiple Agency Response Team (Washington, USA)
Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (California, USA)
Sophisticating Millions And Revolutionizing Thought
South Metro Area Regional Transit (Oregon, USA)
South Montgomery Area Retired Teachers (Texas, USA)
Sovereign Mutual Aid Response Team
Special Medical Augmentation Response Team
Special Monitoring of Applied Response Technologies
Specialized Medical Aid Response Team
Specialized Medical Assistance Response Team
Specialized Mobile Assistance Response Team
Specialized Multi-Agency Response Team
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely -- A process for setting and achieving your goals.
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, Time-bound
Standardized Mutual Aid Response Team
Start Making A Reader Today (reading program)
State of Maine Animal Response Team (Maine, USA)
State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team (Massachusetts, USA)
Stationary Material Alternative Reactive Targets
Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (A flood mitigation project in Malaysia)
Student Mentor Awareness Resource Team
Students Making a Real Transformation
Students Making a Realistic Transformation
Students Making a Realistic Transition
Students Making A Right Turn
Students Making Abstinence Real Today
Students Making Academically Rewarding Trips
Students Making Advertisements to Reduce Tobacco
Students Making All Races Tolerant
Students Making ART
Students Making Art to Reduce Transmission
Students Managing Alcohol Responsibly and Together
Students Managing Alcohol Responsibly Together
Students Managing Alcohol Risk at Tech (GT SMART -- Georgia Tech)
Students Managing Anger and Resolution Together
Students Maximizing Achievement, Relationships and Time
Stunt Marine Action Response Team
Subject Matter Advisory Response Team
Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Suburban Mutual Aid Response Team
Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Team
Summer Mobile Analytical Response Team
Supervision and Management Automated Record Tracking System
Supervision Management And Recidivism Tracking
Supportability Management Assessment Report Tool
Sustainable, Medicinal, Artistic, Resourceful, and Thematic
Sustainable Mobility Accessibility and Research Transformation
Swift Market Analysis Response Team (Toyota)
System Metric and Reporting Tool
Systemwide Mental Assessment Response Team (Los Angeles, California)

SMART Tents - Shocking Mainstream Adolescents into Resisting Temptation (Arizona, USA)

SMART-T - Secure Mobile Anti-jam Reliable Tactical - Terminal

SMARTT - Students Making Advancements in Renewable Transportation Technology

SMASH - Social Media Advanced Skills Huddle
Students Making A Safe Haven
Students Making A Second Home
Students Making A Smart Habit
Students Making a Stand for Him
Surf, Movies, Art, Shaping History

SMEAR - Scandalous, Malevolent, Embittered, And Rancorous
Sleazy, Misrepresentation, Embarrassing, And Repulsive
Spiteful, Malicious, Evil, Appalling, and Ruthless
Span Mission Evaluation Action Request

SMILE - Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences
Science and Mathematics Integration for Literacy Enhancement
See My Instant Life Energizer
Service is My Instant Life Energizer
Service Makes Individual Lives Exciting
Service, Manners, Ideals, Leadership and Excellence
Services Maximizing Independent Living and Empowerment
Smile More Intensely and Love Eternally
Smile More Intensely and Love Evermore
Smile More Intensely and Love Everyone
Smile More Intensely and Love till the End
Smiles Motivate, and Inspire Loyalty Everyday
Special Magic In Loving Everyone
Special Magic Is Loving Everyone
Structure, Meaning, Imagery, Language, Effect
Students Managing Information and Learning Everyday
Students May Inspire Learning Everywhere
Sustainable Mobility Initiatives for Local Environment

SMILES - Sharing, Mindful, Integrity, Learning, Excellence and Social Responsibility
Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System
Strategic Management in the Life and Engineering Sciences

SMOOTH - Santa Maria Organization of Transportation Helpers (Santa Maria Valley, California, USA)

SNARE - Specialized Narcotics Abuse Reduction Effort Drug Task Force (Nebraska, USA)

SNARL - Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory (near Mammoth Lakes, Mono County, California, USA)

SNARL - Suggested No-Adverse Response Level

SNIFFER - Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research

SNITCH - Somebody Needs Information That Could Help

SNORE - Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts

SOAR - Science: Optimizing Academic Returns
Search Operations Aerial Response (Palm Bay, Florida, USA)
Searchable Online Accommodation Resource
Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
Sexual Orientations Accepted and Respected (Southern New Hampshire University)
Small Organization Arts Regrants (Asian American Arts Alliance)
Society of Accident Reconstructionists
Society Organized Against Racism
Southern Observatory for Astrophysical Research
Spartan Orientation, Advising and Registration (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
Special Operations and Response Team
Special Operations Aviation Regiment (U.S. Army)
Student Online Achievement Resources
Student Opportunities for Academic Research
Student Organization Achievement and Recognition Awards
Student Organization and Recognition Standards
Student Organization Advising and Resource Center
Student Organization Advising and Resources
Student Organization Advisory Review
Student Organization Annual Retreat
Student Organization Awards and Recognition (Cornell University)
Student Organization Awards Recognition (Colorado State University)
Student Organization for Academic Freedom
Student Organization for Advancement and Recruiting
Student Organization for Alumni Relations
Student Organization for Animal Respect
Student Organization for Animal Rights (University of Utah)
Student Organizations and Advisor Recognition
Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration
Student Orientation Advisement and Retention
Student Orientation, Advising and Registration
Student Outdoor Adventure Recreation (Plymouth State University)
Students of Addicted Relatives
Students Organized Achieving Results
Students Organized Against Racism
Students Organized Against Rape (Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA)
Students Organized Against Risks
Students Organized and Ready
Students Organized and Responsible
Students Organized Around Reading
Students Organized Around Responsibility
Students Organized for Animal Rights
Students Organized to Actively Resist
Students Organized to Assist Raising Funds
Summer of Academic Refinement
Supporting Others and Acting Responsibly
Survival Opportunities And Resources
Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery

SOARS - Spacecraft Orbital Anomaly Reporting System (NASA acronym)

SOBER - Savings, Orderly Budgets, and Equitable Rebalancing
Short Of Being Entirely Ready
Slow On the Bottle, Enjoy the Road
Son Of a Bitch: Everything's Real!
Spirituality Over Booze Equals Recovery
Stay Off the Bottle, Enjoy the Road
Still Obedient Because Everyone Remembers
Stop Or Be Ever Remorseful
Student Organization for Business Ethics and Research

SOBRIETY - Stay Off Booze: Recovery Is Everything To You

SOFAS - Stop Overuse of Freaking Acronyms, Stupid!
Student Organization for African Studies (American University)
Student Organization for Furniture Academia and Styling (North Carolina State University)
Student Organized Fund Activities Sober

SOFAST - Southern Ohio Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team

SOLACE - Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (UK)

SOLAR - Student Organization Leadership, Advising and Resources (University of California at Riverside)
Student Organization Leadership and Activity Resources
Student Organization Learning and Resources

SOLEMN - Sex Offender Law Enforcement Multi-disciplinary Network (Rhode Island)

SOURCE - Students Organized for Using Resources Conscientiously and Efficiently

SPACE - Solar Powered Adaptive Containers for Everyone
Spacecraft Prelaunch Automatic Checkout Equipment (NASA acronym)
Students Participating Actively in County Education (Virginia, USA)
Students Preparing for Academics and Careers in Engineering
Students Promoting Action/Community Education
Students Promoting and Advocating for Community Engagement (Vanderbilt University)
Students Promoting Astronomy Culture, and Education (University of Alberta, Canada)
Sustainable Practices in Agriculture for Critical Environments

SPADE - Stratospheric Photochemistry, Aerosols, and Dynamics Expedition

SPARCLE - South Pole Atmosphere Radiation and Cloud LIDAR Experiment

SPARK - Scanning, Parsing, And Rewriting Kit
Senior Peers Actively Renewing Knowledge (University of Missouri at Kansas City)
Single Parents, Active and Raising Kids
Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids
Spreading Power, Activism, Respect, and Knowledge
Strong, Prepared and Ready for Kindergarten
Students Promoting Academic Readiness in Kids
Students Promoting Academic Recognition at King
Students Promoting Achievement, Ambition, Responsibility and Knowledge
Students Promoting Action and Resource Knowledge
Students Promoting Action, Responsibility and Knowledge
Students Promoting Activism, Reform and Knowledge
Students Promoting Activism, Rights, and Knowledge
Students Promoting Alcohol Responsibility and Knowledge
Students Promoting All Religious Knowledge (University of Northern Colorado)
Students Promoting Animal Respect and Kindness
Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge (Canada)
Students Promoting Awareness, Reflection and Knowledge (University of Michigan)
Students Promoting Awareness, Rights, and Knowledge
Summer Program at Rutgers for Kids
Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids

SPARKS - Students Promoting Awareness, Responsibility, Knowledge and Service
Students Promoting Awareness, Responsibility, Knowledge and Success

SPEAK - Students Performing, Experiencing, and Acquiring Knowledge
Students Promoting Eating disorders Awareness and Knowledge (University of Utah)
Students Promoting Education Among Kids
Students Promoting Education and Knowledge
Students Promoting Education through Awareness and Kindenss
Students Promoting Empathy, Action, and Knowledge (Columbia University)
Students Promoting Empowerment and Knowledge
Students Promoting Engagement through Activism and Knowledge
Students Promoting Environmental Action in Knoxville (University of Tennessee - Knoxville)
Students Promoting Equal Action and Knowledge
Students Promoting Equality, Acceptance and Kindness
Students Promoting Equality Acceptance Knowledgeably
Students Promoting Equality, Action and Knowledge
Students Promoting Equality, and Acceptance through Knowledge
Students Promoting the Environment and Acceptance through Knowledge

SPEAKS - Students Promoting Education, Awareness, and Knowledge of Sexual risks

SPEAR - School / Police Emergency Action Response (Canada)
School Program Evaluation and Research (University of Kansas)
Singapore Prison Emergency Action Response
Stanford Positron Electron Asymmetric Ring (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, California, USA)
Students Promoting Education and Awareness about Rape (Pennsylvania State University)
Students Promoting Educational Advancement and Research (Southern Illinois University - Carbondale)
Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Recycling (Vanderbilt University)
Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility
Students Promoting Equity through Aid and Research
Students Promoting Excellence, Advocacy and Reflection in Service (Florida State University)

SPEARs - Students Promoting Early Alumni Relationships

SPECIES - Social, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual

SPICE - Simplicity, Perceived self-interest, Incongruity, Confidence and Empathy
Spacelab Payload Integration and Coordination in Europe
Students Promoting an Improved Campus Experience (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Students Promoting Increased Community Empowerment
Students Promoting Individual Career Enhancement
Students Promoting Intelligent Choices and Education
Students Promoting Intelligent Choices and Experiences
Students Promoting Intelligent Choices Everyday
Students Promoting Inter-Cultural Exchanges
Students Promoting International and Cultural Exchange
Students Promoting International and Cultural Exploration
Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (Texas Tech University)

SPIDER - Sexual Predator Internet Decoy Enforcement in Riverside (California, USA)

SPIKE - Science Planning Interactive Knowledge Environment
Students Promoting Independence, Knowledge, and Equality (Augsburg College)
Students Promoting Interest in Kendo Exercises

SPIRIT - Scholarship, Passion, Integrity, Reflection, Involvement, and Teamwork
Security, Planning, and Integrated Resources for Information Technology program
Special People Individually Recognizing Integrity and Togetherness
Students Promoting Individual Responsibility, Integrity and Trust
Students Promoting Involvement to Reach Ideal Transformations (University of Michigan - Flint)

SPLASH - Special Program to List the Amplitude of Surge from Hurricanes
Structural Passive Landing Attenuation for Survivability
Students Preparing for Leadership and Service in Him
Students Preparing Life Around Serving Him
Students Promoting and Living a Sober High
Students Promoting Leadership and Awareness in Serving the Homeless (Susquehanna University)
Students Promoting Leadership and Awareness through Service with the Homeless
Students Promoting Life Activities Safely and Healthfully
Students Protecting Land and Sea Habitats (River Ridge High School, New Port Richey, Pasco County, Florida, USA)
Swim, Play and Learn Aquatic Safety Habits (YMCA SPLASH)

SPLAT - Student Paintball Leagues and Teams
Students Promoting Laughter and Tolerance
Students Promoting Leadership Action Team
Students Promoting Local Artists Together
Students Pushing the Limits of Advanced Technology

SPONSOR - Sober Person Offering Newcomers Suggestions On Recovery

SPORT - Special Programs Organized for Recreation Time (Belmont and Watertown, Massachusetts, USA)

SPORTS - Skiing, Pentathlon, Olympics, Racquetball, Triathlon, Snowboarding
Skeet, Polo, Olympics, Relay racing, Trapshooting, Speed skating
Soccer, Power boat racing, Olympics, Roller hockey, Tennis, Skydiving
Softball, Pentathlon, Olympics, Rowing, Triathlon, Skiing
Sportsmanship Produces Outstanding Results Through Sacrifices
Steer roping, Pro rodeo, Olympics, Relay racing, Triathlon, Steer wrestling
Squash, Polo, Olympics, Running, Tetherball, Skating
Swimming, Pole vault, Olympics, Rugby, Tennis, Springboard diving

SPOTS - Students Promoting Others Through Service (Sloan Creek Middle School, Collin County, Texas, USA)

SPRINT - Special Police Radio Inquiry Network Terminal

SPRITE - Social, Political, Religion, Intellectual, Technological, and Economic
Storage, Processing and Retrieval of Information in a Technical Environment
Students Promoting Respect for Individuality Through Example (University of Arizona)
Summer Pipeline Research Initiative: the Tulane Experience

SQUID - Scalable Query Utility and Image Database
Software Quality In the Development Process
Stupidly Quick, Underdressed and Imminently Dead (motorcycling acronym)
Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Ignorant and Dangerous (motorcycling acronym)
Speeding Quickly Until I Die
Super Quick Until I Die
Superconducting Quantum Interference Device
Swimming Queers United in Denver (Colorado, USA)

STAAR - Second Time Around Animal Rescue
Second Time Around Aussie Rescue
Standing Together Africans and African-Americans as Resource Leaders of Rochester
State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness
Strategies to Address Antimicrobial Resistance Act
Students Taking Action Against Recklessness (San Diego, California, USA)
Students Together Against Acquaintance Rape (University of Pennsylvania)
Southern Tennessee Area Arts Repertory

STAGE - Showcasing The Artistry of God's Excellence
South Tahoe Area Ground Express -- A public transportation service in the South Lake Tahoe area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Later known as BlueGO. (California and Nevada, USA)

STALKER - Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers, Loners, Killers, Explorers and Robbers

STALKERS - Simplifying the Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe Act (USA)

STAMP - Science and Technology, Advanced Manufacturing Park (New York, USA)
Science, Technology, Architecture and Medical Professions
Secure Template-Aware Mail Processor
Securities Trading Access Messaging Protocol
Securities Transfer Agent Medallion Program
Securities Transfer Association Medallion Program
Solid Tumor Autologous Bone Marrow Program
South Tyneside Academy of Musical Performance (UK)
Stay away from bullies, Tell someone, Avoid bad situations, Make friends, and Project confidence (Program to combat bullying)
Stay Tobacco-free Athlete Mentor Program
Survivors Take Action against abuse by Military Personnel

STAND - Sacramento Taking Action Against Nicotine Dependence
Stop - Take a New Direction
Students Taking A New Direction
Students Taking Action Against Nicotine Dependence
Students Taking Action for National Democracy
Students Taking Action for New Development
Students Taking Action for Nursing Diversity (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Students Taking Action Not Dropping Out
Students Taking Action Not Drugs
Students Taking Action Now Dammit!
Students Taking Action Now: Darfur
Students Taking Action Now = Democracy!
Students Taking Action Now for a Difference
Students Taking Action Now for Democracy
Students Together Able, Not Disabled

STAND OUT Math - Students Taking A New Direction Overcoming and Understanding Tests in Math

STAND UP - Students Taking A New Direction Under Pressure
Students Taking A New Direction with Unity and Power
Students Taking Action Now Defending a Unified Planet

STAND-UP - Standing Together Accepting No Division United for a Purpose
Students Taking A No Drug-Use Policy

STANDUP - Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection Act

STAPLE - Simultaneous Truth and Performance Level Estimation
Stopping Trained in America Ph.D.s from Leaving the Economy Act

STAR - Science-based Threat Analysis and Response
Science Theater Art Recreation
Secure Trade in the APEC Region (APEC = Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
Sheriff's Team of Active Retirees
Short-Term Assessment and Rehabilitation
Show Thankfulness, Appreciation, and Respect
Space Telescope Axial Replacement
Special Tactics And Response Team
Special Treatment and Recovery
Staff Training, Assistance Review Program
Stipends for Training Aspiring Researchers
Students Tackling Academic Recovery
Students Tackling Academic Requirements
Students Tackling Academic Responsibilities
Students Tackling Advanced Research
Students Tackling Altercations Responsibly
Students Tackling Autism Research
Students Talking About Relationships
Students Tutoring, Assisting and Recruiting
Studies, Training, Analysis, and Research
Supporting Teachers to Achieve Results
Supporting Teachers with Academic Resources
Supporting Teachers with Anytime/Anywhere Resources

STAR Tech - Supporting Teachers to Achieve Results by Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

STARE - Southern Tropical Atlantic Region Experiment

STARRS - South Texas Area Runners, Riders, and Swimmers
Study To Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS)

STARRY - Society for Telescopes and Astronomical Research and Recreation at Yale (Yale University)

STARS - Satellite Tracking and Ranging Station
Save The Animals Rescue Society
Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (Canada)
Sheriff's Team of Active Retired Seniors
Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems
Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System
State Technology Assistance Resource System
State Training and Registry System
Strategic Team Against Rape and Sexual Assault (Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
Student Tour guides and Admissions Representatives
Student Transition And Retention Services
Students and Technology in Academia, Research and Service
Students Tackling Academics and Reaching Success
Students Tackling AIMS and Reaching Success
Students Tackling At-Risk Situations
Students Taking a Right Stand
Students Taking Action for Real Security!
Success Through Alumni Recruiting Students
Supporting Teachers Across Rural Schools
Supporting Teachers and Reaching Students
Supporting Teachers and Reconstructing Schools
Supporting Teachers and Reforming Systems
Supporting Teachers in Achieving Results with Students
Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

START - Safe Therapeutic Assault Response Team (Michigan, USA)
Safety and Technical Assessment for Readiness of Technology
Sanction, Treatment, Assessment, Revocation and Transition
Savings Today And Rewards Tomorrow (U.S. Bank)
Scientific and Technical Advisory and Response Team
Security Through Advanced Research and Technology
Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team (Vermont, USA)
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
Students Tackling Abortion Realities Today
Students Tackling Abusive Relationships Together (Texas, USA)
Students Talking About Respect and Tolerance (Montana, USA)
Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team

STEAM - Save Time, Energy, And Money
Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Model (UK)
Science, Technology, Engineering and Applied Mathematics
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Music
Small Town Economic Assistance Program
Sport Tourism Economic Assessment Model
Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange And climate Monitor
Surface Transportation Efficiency Analysis Model

STELA - System for Tracking Export License Applications

STING - Strike Team Investigative Narcotics Group (Michigan, USA)

STOP - Safe Tables Our Priority
Safety Training Observation Program
Satellite Tracking of People
Secure Tips Online Program
Secure Transportation Offender Partition
Security Tracking of Office Property
Selected Test Optimization Program
Selected Treatment Options for Parolees
Services, Training, Officers, Prosecutors Violence Against Women Program
Short Time Of Prayer
Silent Thought Or Prayer
Silent Time Of Prayer
Single Title Order Plan
Skid Tires On Pavement
Slightly Tap On Pedal
Sort, Toss, Organize, Put away (Household organizing)
South Texas Organization of Police (USA)
Special Tactics and Operations
Spin Tires On Pavement
Squeal Tires On Pavement
Start Targeting Oppression and Poverty
Stay calm, Think, Observe, and Plan (Survival acronym -- if you're lost)
Stop, Talk, Observe, Prevent further injury
Stop Taxing Our People
Stop The Ocean Pollution
Stop The Offenders and Predators (Clay County, Florida, USA)
Stop The Ordinances Please (Texas, USA)
Stop, Think, Observe, and Plan (Survival acronym -- if you're lost)
Stop This Outrageous Purge
Stop Transmission of Polio
Stop Traveling On the Parkway
Stop Turning Out Prisoners (Florida, USA)
Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy
Students and Teachers Opposing Pollution
Students and Teachers Opposing Prejudice (Canada)
Students Tackling Ordinary Problems (New Jersey, USA)
Students Taking on Poverty
Students Taking On Prevention
Students Taking on Problems
Students Taking Opportunity for Prevention
Students Talking Out Problems
Students Thinking of Peers
Suction Termination of Pregnancy
Supporters to Oppose Pollution
Surgical Termination of Pregnancy
Suspend Travel On the Parkway

STOP Obesity Alliance - Strategies to Overcome and Prevent Obesity Alliance

STOPS - Strategies and Tactics Of Patrol Stops

STORM - Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement
State Team Organized for the Review of Management of Irene

STREET - Strategy to Reach, Empower and Educate Teenagers (UK)

STRETCH - Service That Requires Engaging the Compassionate Heart

STRIDE - Special Transit Ride (Duluth, Minnesota, USA)

STRIP - Silvicultural Treatment Regime Initiative Project (British Columbia, Canada)

STRIPES - Student Tigers Rallying, Interacting, and Promoting Education and Service (Louisiana State University)

STRIVE - Science Teachers Research Involvement for Vital Education
Students Taking a Renewed Interest in the Value of Education

STRONGER - State Review of Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Regulations

STUD - Students Tackling Underage Drinking

STUDENT - Smart Teachers Use Detention to Effectively Negate Truancy
Stupid Teachers Undermine Determined Educators and New Tutors

STUDS - Small Tactical Ubiquitous Detection System

STUPID - Soaring Taxes Used to Perpetuate Institutional Dysfunction
Somalia, Turkey, Uganda, Portugal, Ireland, and Dubai
Spain, Turkey, UK, Portugal, Italy, and Dubai

SUBARU - Screwed Up Beyond All Repair, Usually
Sorta Useful, But Are Really Underpowered
Sport Utility Buffs Are Relatively Unimpressed
Still Usable, But All Rusted Underneath
Stupid Urbanites Bumbling Around Rural Areas

SUFFER - Save Us From Formaldehyde Environmental Repercussions -- Later known as Citizens United to Reduce Emissions (CURE) of Formaldehyde Poisoning.
Save Us From Further Erosion of our Rights
Somalia, Uganda, France, French Guiana, Ethiopia, Rwanda

SULLY - Sooners United for Leadership, Loyalty and You

SUMMIT - Sierra Unified Major Marijuana Investigation Team (California, USA)
Success Using Motivation, Morale, Intensity, and Treatment

SURF - Students Using Responsibility First
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)

SURF Board E - Students United for Representation to the Fremont Board of Education (Fremont, California, USA)

SWAG - Scientific Wild Ass Guess
Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess
Souvenirs, Wearables And Gifts
Stuff We All Get
Stupid Wild Ass Guess

SWAMP - Serving with a Mainstream Perspective (A political action committee)
Students With A Motivational Purpose

SWATH - Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull

SWEEP - Summer Warrant Effective Enforcement Program

SWEEPS - Sagittarius Window Eclipsing Extrasolar Planet Search (a 2006 astronomical survey)

SWEET - SEEDS Workgroup on Early Education Technology -- (SEEDS = Supporting Early Education Delivery Systems)

SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
South Western Identity Theft and Fraud Task Force (Nevada, USA)
Southwest Investigative Fugitive Team (U.S. Marshals Service)
States Working Interstate Fraud Together (Florida, USA)

SWIM - Surface Water Improvement and Management (Florida, USA)
System-Wide Information Management

SWINE - Students Wildly Ignorant About Nearly Everything
Students Wildly Indignant About Nearly Everything

TABLE - Tsukuba Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment

TAILS - To Adopt Is Life Saving

TAKEOFF - Teaching Aviation Knowledge Educates Our Future Flyers

TALENT - Top performance, Availability, Leadership, Energy, New vision and Teamwork

TALON - The Alberta Law Officers' Network (Canada)
Theater Application: Launch On Notice -- A U.S. missile.
Threat and Local Observation Notice (U.S. Department of Defense)

TARGET - Team Action and Resources for Gifted Education in Tuscaloosa (Alabama, USA)
Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer system
Tri-Agency Resource Gang Enforcement Team (Orange County, California, USA)

TARGETS - Terminal Area Route Generation, Evaluation and Traffic Simulation

TARTS - Tipton Amateur Repertory Theatre Society -- It became known as "Tipton Arts" after they were forced to change the catchy acronym by which their group was known when certain individuals complained that TARTS was sexist and derogatory. (UK)

TAVERN - Test and Verification Environment for Remote Networks

TEACH - Teachers Educate, Assist, Clarify and Help
Tell Everyone All Cuts Hurt (Budget cuts)
Traditionally Educators Are Creative Helpers

TEACHERS - Teachers Educating All Children in History, English, Reading, and Science
Teaching Every Adolescent Calculus, History, English, Reading, and Sports

TEAM - Technically Evaluated Advisory Materials
Technologies Enabling Agile Manufacturing
Timber Exporters' Association of Malaysia
Together Everyone Accomplishes Miracles
Together Everyone Accomplishes More
Together Everyone Achieves More
Together Everyone Acquires Money
Together Everyone Advances Missions
Together Everyone Advancing and Motivating
Together, Everyone and Anyone Matters
Together Everyone Annoys Me
Tools for Electronic Application Management
Total Employer Account Management
Total Estimation and Allocation Mechanism
Total Exposure Assessment Model

TEAMS - Teaching Everyone About Management Skills
Technology Experiments Advancing Missions in Space
Temporary Emergency Assignment Management System (British Columbia, Canada)
Tests of Engineering, Aptitude, Mathematics and Science
Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager, and Strategist
Total Efficiency Accountability Management System
Trace Element Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

TEAM-CPR - Thermal, Etiological, Asphyxiation, Mechanical, Chemical, Psychological, and Radioactive

TEC-SMART - Training and Education Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing and Alternative Renewable Technologies

TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It

TERRIFIC - Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, and Capable
Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Influential, Friendly, Impeccable, and Caring
Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Influential, Friendly, Inclusive, and Caring
Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Influential, Friendly, Inquisitive, and Capable

TEXAS Grant - Toward Excellence Access and Success Grant

TFAIR - Task Force Against Illegal Recruitment (Philippines)

THANKSGIVING - Turkey, Ham, Apple pie, Nuts, Key lime pie, Stuffing, Gravy, Ice cream, Vegetables, Iced cookies, New York-style cheesecake, Green bean casserole

TIARA - Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities

TIGER - Timely, Information Gathering, Examination, and Reporting
Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Reference
Traffic Issues - a Guide to Enforcement Resources
Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery

TIGERS - Teaching Independence Gets Everyone Ready for School
Trials of Innovative Government Electronic Regional Services

TIPSY - Table Interpolation Program for Stand Yield (British Columbia, Canada)

TITANS - Theoretical Institute for Thermonuclear and Nuclear Studies

TODDON'T - Teaching Old, Dumb Dogs New Tricks

TOMCATS - Tactical Operations Multi-agency Cargo Anti-Theft Squad (Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA)

TOOLS - Transition Options Opportunities Learning Services

TOPCATTI - Training, Organization and Preparation for Combined Auto Theft Task Force Investigators

TOPLESS - Tandems of Ponca Laughter, Eating and Social Society (Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA)

TOWER - Theatre of Work Enabling Relationships
Think, Organize, Write, Edit, and Rewrite, or Think, Organize, Write, Edit, and Revise (a mnemonic device for writing)
Touching Others With Empowering Resources

TOYOTA - Take Out Your Old Tools Again
The One You Only Trust, Always
The One You Ought To Avoid
This One You Often Tow Away
To Operate Your Own Terrific Automobile
Too Often Yankees Overprice This Automobile
Too Often You Overestimate This Automaker
Torturous On Your Old, Tired Ass
Transportation Of Young Or Tasteless Airheads

TRACE - Target Responsibility for Alcohol Connected Emergencies
Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (NASA)

TRADE - Training Resources and Data Exchange

TRAIN - Teaching Responsibility And Information Nightly
To Ride Amid Impolite Nincompoops

TRASH - Tanzania, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Somalia, Haiti

T-RATT - Tulare Regional Auto Theft Task Force (California, USA)

TRENDS - Treatment Regime Evaluation Numerical Decision Support (Canada)

TRIDENT - Training and Recreation for the Intellectually Disabled, Enhancing Natural Talents
Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team (Colorado, USA)

TRIP - Tax Refund Intercept Program
The Road Information Program
Token Ring Interface Processor (Computer terminology)
Transit and Rail Inspection Pilot program

TRIPS - Travel Reporting and Information Processing System
Travel Request Information Processing System (Australia)
Travel Risk Planning System

TRIUMPH - This Really Is Unreliable Man -- Please Help!
Tried Repairing It Until My Parts Hurt

TRUST - Technologies for Restoring Users' Security and Trust in Health Information Act (USA)

T-SOAR - Trinity Students Organized Against Racism

TUNDRA - The Unlimited North Developers and Resources Association (Canada)

TURDS - Totally Unstoppable Rawkin Doom Squad

TUXEDO - Transactions for Unix, Extended for Distributed Operations

UNITE - Unlawful Narcotics Investigation, Treatment and Education

UPSET - Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (Michigan, USA)

URBAN Guerrillas - United Revolutionary Bicycle Action Network Guerrillas (USA)

URI SAVES - University of Rhode Island Students Actively Volunteering and Engaging in Service

USA PATRIOT Act - Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act

U.S. DRIVE - Driving Research and Innovation for Vehicle Efficiency and Energy sustainability

US-VISIT - United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology

VALIANT - Valley Inter-Agency Narcotics Enforcement Team (Oregon, USA)

VAROOM - Variable Annuity for Roll Over Only Money

VERONICA - Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives -- A search engine system for thousands of Gopher servers.

VIPER - Venom Immunochemistry, Pharmacology and Emergency Response Institute (University of Arizona)
Video Interactive Patrol Enhanced Response Unit
Violence, Intelligence, Prosecution, Enforcement and Recidivism
Violent Incident Process, Enforcement and Response
Violent Incident Prevention and Early Response
Violent Incident Proactive Enforcement Response
Virginia Interoperability Picture for Emergency Response
Vital Innovative Partnerships Ensuring Reclamation
Volunteers in Police Enforcement and Response
Volunteers in Policing Emergency Response

VIPS - Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Video Interoperability for Public Safety
Virginia Innocence Project Student Group (University of Virginia)
Volunteers in Parochial Schools
Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff
Volunteers in Plastic Surgery
Volunteers in Police Service
Volunteers in Primary Schools
Volunteers in Prison Service
Volunteers In Providence Schools
Volunteers In Public Schools
Volunteers In Public Service

VIRUS - Vital Information Resource Under Siege

VISTA - Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority (Ventura, California, USA)
Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture
Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy
Volunteers In Service To America

VOLKSWAGEN - Vehicle Offers Loud Knocking Sounds -- Will Always Generate Excessive Noise
Very Obsolete: Losers Knowingly Suffer With All German Engineered Nonsense
Very Obstinate Locomotion Keeps Stalling -- Weird And Generally Eccentric Nostalgia
Very Odd Looking, Kinky Sedan With A Great Engine Noise

VOLVO - Vastly Overpriced, Loses Value Overnight
Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object
Very Overpriced, Lame Vehicular Object

VORTEX - Verification of the Origin of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment

VULGR - Ventura Underground League of Gravity Racers

WAAANKAA - Writers Angry At Artinfo Not Kidding Around Anymore

WAG-CHELSEA - Women's Action Group - Children, Health, Education, Ladies, Senior citizens, Environment, Awareness

WAGES - Work and Gain Experience in the Summer (Nebraska, USA)

WANTED - Warrant Apprehension Network and Tactical Enforcement Detail (Arizona, USA)

WATCH - Washington Access To Criminal History

WAVES - Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service

WEAVE - Water and Energy: Atmospheric, Vegetative, and Earth
Women Escaping A Violent Environment

WeCAN - We Care About Newtown (Newtown, Connecticut, USA)

WFIRST - Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope

WHEEL - Wind Hazard and Earthquake Engineering Lab (Florida State University)
Women Helping to Empower and Enhance Lives
Women in Health, Education, Environment and Local Resources (Nepal)
Women's Housing Equality and Enhancement League

WHEEL POWER - Witnessing, Helping, Evangelizing, Encouraging and Loving as we Pedal Our Way to Eternal Rewards

WHOOP - Women Helping Out Other People (Texas A&M University)

WHOOPS - Women Helping Others Overcome Personal Struggles

WIMP - Weakly Interacting Massive Particles
Window, Icon, Menu, Pointing device (Computer terminology)
Windows / Icons / Mouse Programming (Computer terminology)
Women In Management in Publishing
Women in Mennonite Pastorates

WIMPs - Women in Management Positions
Women in Medical Physics
Women In Medicine Planners
Women In Moderately Poor Shape
Women In Music Professional Society

WINDOWS - Will Install Needless Data On Whole System
Wonderful Interface No DOS Operator Would Sanction

WINE - Western Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force (Iowa, USA)

WINGS - Women in Networking, Giving Support
Women Involved in Nurturing, Giving, Sharing

WINO - Wife In Name Only
Wine Institute of New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)

WISCLAND - Wisconsin Initiative for Statewide Cooperation on Landscape Analysis and Data (Wisconsin, USA)

WISDOM - We Inspired Seniors Dig Open Minds (Simi Valley, California, USA)
Working Intelligently to Surmount Daunting Obstacles for Mankind
Working Intelligently to Surmount Daunting Obstacles in Marriage

WISE - Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer
Women in Science and Engineering
Women In Search of Equity for Military In Divorce
Women in Search of Excellence
Association of Women in Security Electronics
Women In Self-Employment
Women in Islamic Spirituality and Equality
Women In Sports and Events
Women in Successful Enterprises
Women In Support of Each Other
Women in Support of Education (Ouray, Colorado, USA)
Women in Support of Empowerment
Women in Support of Enterprise
Women in Support of Equality
Women in Sustainability and the Environment
Women In Sustainable Energy
Women Interested in Successful Employment
Women Investing In Security And Education
Women Involved in Scholarship and Empowerment (Pennsylvania, USA)
Women Involved in Science and Engineering
Women Involved in Self Empowerment
Women Involved in Sports Evolution
Womens' Initiative For Self Empowerment
Women's International Shared Experience Project
Women's Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality
Women's Issues and Social Empowerment

WISE GISE - Women Involved in Science and Engineering Girls Involved in Science and Engineering

WISER - Warsaw Institute for Socio-Economic Research (Poland)
Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders
Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research
Women In Safe and Equal Relationships
Women in Science and Engineering Research
Women in Science and Engineering Residential Program
Women in Science and Engineering Roundtable
Women in Science Enabling Research
Women in Science, Engineering and Research
Women in Search of Education, Relating
Women in Secondary Education and Research
Women in Social and Economic Research
Women In Steady Exercise Research
Women in Support of Each other's Recovery
Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement
Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research
Women's Institute for Sustainable Energy Research
Workshop on Interdisciplinary Software Engineering Research

WISEST - Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology
Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation (University of Illinois at Chicago)

WISP - Winter Icing and Storms Programs
Women and Infants Services Package
Women in Irish Society Project
Women in Scholarly Publishing
Women in Science Program
Women In Science Project (Dartmouth College)
Women in Search of Peace (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Women in Search of the Paranormal
Women in Solidarity with Palestine
Women in Space Program
Women who are Inspiring, Successful and Powerful
Women's International Strike for Peace
Women's International Study of the Paranormal
World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism

WISPS - Women In Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Women In Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (UK)

WITS - Washington State Court Interpreters and Translators Society
Women and Infants Transmission Study
Women in Technology and Science
Women in the Sciences
Women In The Services
Women in the Solution
Women in the Spirit
Women in Today's Society
Women in Transition Seminars
World Instructor Training Schools

WRIST - Weather Radar Identification of Severe Thunderstorms

WRITE - Waste Reduction Innovative Technology Evaluation (U.S. EPA)
WONCA Rural Information Technology Exchange (WONCA = World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians)

YACHT - Young Active Christians Hangin' Together
Young Adult Catholics Hanging out Together
Young Adult Catholics Hanging Together
Young Adult Christians Hanging out Together
Young Adult Christians Hanging Together
Youth Against Complacency and Homelessness Today
Youth Against Complacency and Hunger Today
Youth And Community Help Trust
Young Americans Challenging High Technology
Young Americans Challenging Higher Technology
Youth and Christ Hanging Together
Youth And Christ Here Together
Youth And Church Here Together

YOURS - Youth Outreach Undergraduates Reshaping Success (Cornell University)

YOYO - You're On Your Own

ZITS - Zero Innovation and Technologically Shortsighted Society -- This is not an actual organization--It's more of a mindset.

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