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Reference Sources

Autobiographical and biographical sources

Literary Source Information

Commonly misspelled words - Commonly confused words

Ode To a Spell Checker

U.S. Mail - UPS - FedEx and DHL holidays

Postal Service state abbreviations and U.S. postage rates

USPS financial losses for 2008

USPS financial losses for 2009

USPS financial losses for 2010

USPS financial losses for 2011

Frequently asked postage and mail questions

Recommended Christmas Mailing Dates

U.S. Postal Service Rate Increases and Changes

Invention of the artificial heart

Internet Accuracy Project blog

Errors contained in reference books

Miscellaneous reference book errors

Born This Day - errors

Cambridge Biographical - errors

Chase's Calendar of Events - errors

Collier's Encyclopedia - errors

Daily Celebrity Almanac - errors

Encyclopedia Britannica - errors

Funk & Wagnalls - errors

Grolier Encyclopedia - errors

International Motion Picture Almanac - errors

Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia - errors

Time/Information Please - errors

People Almanac - errors

World Almanac - errors

World Almanac Who's Who of Film - errors

Common Sources of Errors

Deliberate falsification of data

Creative or Unusual Acronyms

Law Enforcement Task Force Acronyms

U.S. Law Enforcement Acronyms

International Law Enforcement acronyms

U.S. Gang Acronyms

Motion picture studio lies

O.K. Corral Shootout

U.S. Presidents

U.S. Vice Presidents

U.S. States by date of statehood

U.S. Time Zones for Cities and Towns

World Capitals

U.S. State Capitals

Measurements, Weights and Temperatures

Pinch, Dash and Smidgen Measurements

Guide to Roman Numerals

Multiplication Table

Two-letter Internet Country Code domain extensions

Wind Chill Charts

Heat Index Charts

First and Last Freeze and Annual U.S. Precipitation

Plant Hardiness Zone Maps for North America

Record-setting U.S. temperatures

Daylight Saving Time in the U.S.

Perpetual Calendar Index

Guide to Leap Years

2006 Calendar

2007 Calendar

2008 Calendar

2009 and 2015 Calendar

2010 Calendar

2011 Calendar

2012 Calendar

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