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International Law Enforcement Abbreviations and Acronyms

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of a wide variety of abbreviations and acronyms used by various police and law enforcement personnel, special police units, as well as other groups working to make communities safer around the world.

While certain "insider" terms and lingo are used and recognized almost exclusively within law enforcement, other terms have gained wider acceptance and entered the vernacular of the general public.

NOTE: Not all of the groups listed below are still active, while others may have taken on new monikers. Be aware that some of these abbreviations and acronyms may have completely different meanings in different locales. If no location is offered for a group or organization, this usually means it exists in several locations around the world.

PUNCTUATION NOTE: We're cognizant of the fact that some of the organizations listed below fail to use proper punctuation in their names. Rather than correcting this, we present their names as they normally refer to themselves.

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Abbreviations and acronyms used by U.S. Law Enforcement Personnel

International Law Enforcement Abbreviations and Acronyms
AADS - Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service (Australia)

AAPS - Asian Association of Police Studies

ABCI - Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence -- They are also known as the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence (BCI).

ACC - Australian Crime Commission

A-CFSEU - Aboriginal Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (Canada)

ACO - Anti-Corruption Organization (India)

ACOTA - African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance

ACPC - Area Child Protection Committee (UK)

ACPO - Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

ACPORP - Association of Chief Police Officers Road Policing Committee (UK)

ACPOS - Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland

ACTF - Armed Crime Task Force (Australia)

ADCU - Alcohol and Drug Coordination Unit (Australia)

AFI - Agencia Federal de Investigacion (Mexico)

AFP - Armed Forces of the Philippines, or Australian Federal Police

AFP-IDG - Australian Federal Police - International Deployment Group

AFPPS - Australian Federal Police Protective Service

AHTU - Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (Ghana, India, Ireland, etc.)

AIDSOTF - Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force -- PNP-AIDSOTF and AID-SOTF are a couple of acronyms also used to identify them. (Philippines)

AIPM - Australian Institute of Police Management

AKHAR - Anti-Kidnapping, Hijacking and Armed Robbery Task Force (Philippines)

ALERT - Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (Canada)

AMEA - Alberta Municipal Enforcement Association (Canada)

AMLO - Anti-Money Laundering Office (Thailand)

AMPS - Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

AnCar - Anti-Carnapping Unit (Philippines)

ANCOR - Australian National Child Offender Registry

ANP - Afghan National Police (Afghanistan)

AOCTF - Asian Organized Crime Task Force (Canada)

AOS - Armed Offenders Squad (New Zealand)

APA - Association of Police Authorities (UK)

APD - Abbotsford Police Department (British Columbia, Canada)
Amherst Police Department (Nova Scotia, Canada)

APF - Armed Police Force

APS - Altona Police Service (Manitoba, Canada)
Anishinabek Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Australian Protective Service

ARPD - Annapolis Royal Police Department (Nova Scotia, Canada)

ARTAMI - Alberta Relationship Threat Assessment and Management Initiative (Canada)

ASC - Avon and Somerset Constabulary (UK)

ASF - Arson Strike Force (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

ASIRT - Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (Alberta, Canada)

ASPA - Avon and Somerset Police Authority (UK)

ASPS - Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (UK)

ASTF - Alien Smuggling Task Force
Anti-Smoking Task Force (Philippines)
Anti-Smuggling Task Force
Anti-Social Task Force (UK)

ASU - Air Support Unit
Airport Security Unit (Hong Kong)

ATS - Anti-Terrorism Squad

ATTF - Auto Theft Task Force

AUDHRI - Action Unit for Domestic, Homophobic and Racist Incident -- Later known as the Domestic Violence and Hate Crime Unit. (UK)

BAT - Burglary Action Taskforce (Australia)

BAWP - British Association of Women Police (UK)

BCACP - British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police (Canada)

BCCPA - British Columbia Crime Prevention Association (Canada)

BCI - Bureau of Criminal Intelligence -- They are also known as the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence (ABCI).

BCI - Bureau of Criminal Investigation

BCIGTF - British Columbia Integrated Gang Task Force (Canada)

BCPP - British Columbia Provincial Police (Canada)

BCS - British Crime Survey (UK)

BCSS - British Columbia Sheriff Services (Canada)

BCU - Basic Command Unit

BDDS - Bomb Disposal and Detection Squad (India)

BDU - Bomb Disposal Unit

BEAR - Break, Enter, Auto Theft and Robbery (Canada)

BEET - Break and Enter Enforcement Team (Canada)

BEU - Biker Enforcement Unit (Canada)

BHP - Belfast Harbour Police (Northern Ireland)

BI - Bureau of Immigration, or Bureau of Investigation

BIAC - Belfast International Airport Constabulary (Northern Ireland)

BID - Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (Philippines)

BIS - Biometric Identification System

BIU - Borough Intelligence Unit (UK)

BLDTF - Ballyfermot Local Drugs Task Force (Ireland)
Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force (Ireland)
Blanchardstown Local Drugs Task Force (Ireland)
Bray Local Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

BMP - Birmingham Market Police (UK)

BMPJ - Brigade Mobile de la Police Judiciaire (Algeria)

BNCA - Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency (Bhutan)

BOC - Bureau of Customs

BOCU - Borough Operational Command Unit (UK)

BPA - Black Police Association (UK)

BPS - Bangalore Police Service (Bangalore, India)
Barrie Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Belleville Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Bermuda Police Service (Bermuda)
Border Police Service
Border Protection Service
Botswana Police Service (Botswana)
Brandon Police Service (Manitoba, Canada)
Brantford Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Bridgewater Police Service (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Brockville Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

BRI - Bank Robbery Investigations
Brigade de Recherche et d'Intervention (France)

BRTF - Bank Robbery Task Force

BSF - Border Security Force

BTP - British Transport Police -- They are the national police force for U.K. railways providing policing services to rail operators, their staff and passengers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

BTPS - Blood Tribe Police Service (Alberta, Canada)

CACP - Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

CACPP - Canadian Air Carrier Protective Program

CAI - Child Abuse Investigations

CAIU - Child Abuse Investigations Unit

CANR - Canadian NORAD Region

CANU - Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (Guyana)

CAPP - Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists

CARRT - Child at Risk Response Team (Canada)

CAT - Community Action Team

CATAIR - Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists

CATSA - Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

CAU - Counter Assault Unit (Singapore)

CBACTAF - City of Bogo Anti-Crime Task Force (Philippines)

CBCF - Cross Border Crime Forum -- A joint Canada/U.S. effort to tackle cross-border crime.

CBI - Central Bureau of Investigation (India)

CBRP - Cape Breton Regional Police (Nova Scotia, Canada)

CBSA - Canada Border Services Agency

CC - Cheshire Constabulary (UK)

CCAICE - Canadian Coalition Against Internet Child Exploitation (Canada)

CCAT - Career Criminal Apprehension Team

CCB - Commercial Crime Bureau (Hong Kong)

CCC - Corruption and Crime Commission (Australia)

CCD - Commercial Crime Division

CCFT - Consortium for Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Singapore)

CCIU - Computer Crime Investigation Unit (Australia)

CCJA - Canadian Criminal Justice Association (Canada)

CCLDTF - Canal Communities Local Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

CCPS - Cornwall Community Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

CCU - Crowd Control Unit

CDCTF - Counter Drug and Crime Task Force (Trinidad and Tobago)

CDDU - Customs Detector Dog Unit (Hong Kong)

CDIB - Customs Drug Investigation Bureau (Hong Kong)

CDTF - Clondalkin Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

CEAT - Comando Especial Anti-Terrorista (El Salvador)

CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (UK)

CERT - Containment and Emergency Response Team (Canada)

CERVO - Control of the Exportation and Receiving of Stolen Vehicles Overseas (Canada)

CETS - Child Exploitation Tracking System

CFATF - Caribbean Financial Action Task Force

CFSEU - Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (Canada)

CFSEU-BC - Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit - British Columbia (British Columbia, Canada)

CFU - Central Fingerprint Unit
Computer Forensics' Unit
Corruption and Fraud Unit
Counter-Fraud Unit (UK)

CGTF - Crime Gangs Task Force (Australia)

CHS - Criminal History System (UK)

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

CIB - Criminal Investigation Bureau -- They are also referred to as the National Police Administration/Criminal Investigation Bureau (NPA/CIB). (Taiwan)

CICB - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

CID - Criminal Investigation Department

CIDG - Criminal Investigation and Detection Group -- CIDG-NCR is another acronym used to identify the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group - National Capital Region (Philippines)

CIO - Central Intelligence Organisation

CISA - Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta (Canada)

CISBC/YT - Criminal Intelligence Service British Columbia and Yukon Territory (Canada)

CISC - Criminal Intelligence Service Canada

CISF - Central Industrial Security Force (India)

CISM - Criminal Intelligence Service Manitoba (Canada)

CISNB - Criminal Intelligence Service New Brunswick (Canada)

CISNL - Criminal Intelligence Service Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)

CISNS - Criminal Intelligence Service Nova Scotia (Canada)

CISO - Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (Canada)

CISPEI - Criminal Intelligence Service Prince Edward Island (Canada)

CISQ - Criminal Intelligence Service Quebec (Canada)

CISS - Criminal Intelligence Service Saskatchewan (Canada)

CIU - Collision Investigation Unit
Community Intelligence Unit
Confidential Intelligence Unit (UK)
Crime Intelligence Unit
Crime Investigation Unit
Criminal Intelligence Unit
Cyber Intelligence Unit
Cyber-crime Investigation Unit

CivPol - Civilian Police

CJNTO - Community Justice National Training Organisation (UK)

CJS - Criminal Justice System

CJSNI - Criminal Justice System Northern Ireland

CKPS - Chatham-Kent Police Service (Canada)

CLDTF - Cork Local Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

CMET - Coordinated Marijuana Enforcement Team (Canada)

CMPG - Central Motorway Police Group -- A regional U.K. law enforcement service.

CMU - Crime Management Unit

CNC - Civil Nuclear Constabulary (UK)

CNPA - Civil Nuclear Police Authority (UK)

COP - Child Online Protection Initiative, or Citizens on Patrol

COPFS - Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (UK)

CORE - Coordenadoria de Recursos Especiais (Brazil)

CPA - Canadian Police Association

CPD - Charlottetown Police Department (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

CPI - Corruption Prevention and Investigation (Australia)

CPIC - Canadian Police Information Centre (Canada)

CPIU - Child Protection Investigation Unit

CPMF - Central Para-Military Force (India)

CPNI - Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (UK)

CPOSA - Chief Police Officers Staff Association (UK)

CPPO - Capiz Provincial Police Office (Philippines)
Cavite Provincial Police Office (Philippines)
Cebu Provincial Police Office (Philippines)
Cotabato Provincial Police Office (Philippines)

CPPS - Corman Park Police Service (Saskatchewan, Canada)

CPPU - Child Protection Policy Unit (Hong Kong)

CPRPS - Canadian Pacific Railway Police Service

CPRU - Crime Prevention and Reduction Unit (Gibraltar)

CPS - Calgary Police Service (Alberta, Canada)
Child Protection Squad (Australia)
Cobourg Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Crown Prosecution Service (UK)

CPT - Cyber Predator Team (Australia)

CPTDA - Central Police Training and Development Authority (UK)

CPU - Child Protection Unit, or Community Policing Unit

CRC - Crime Reduction Centre (UK)

CRCSG - Crime Reduction and Community Safety Group (UK)

CRIME - Cariboo Region Integrated Marijuana Enforcement (British Columbia, Canada)

CRISP - Cross Regional Information Sharing Project (UK)

CRPF - Central Reserve Police Force (India)

CRTF - Cornwall Regional Task Force (Ontario, Canada)
Crime Reduction Task Force

CRU - Community Relations Unit
Crime Reduction Unit (Canada)

CSC - Correctional Service of Canada

CSD - Crime Suppression Division (Thailand)

CSIS - Canadian Security Intelligence Service

CSO - Community Safety Officer
Community Support Officer

CSP - Central Scotland Police (Scotland)

CSPS - Central Saanich Police Service (British Columbia, Canada)

CSU - Community Safety Unit (UK)
Counter-Subversive Unit (Sri Lanka)

CTC - Counter Terrorism Command (UK)

CTU - Counter Terrorism Unit -- Later known as the Vancouver Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (Vancouver INSET) (Canada)

CVO - Chief Vigilance Officer (India)

CWB - Central Warrant Bureau (Australia)

DAAT - Drug and Alcohol Action Team (UK)

DART - Direct Action Response Team (Canada)

DARU - Drugs and Alcohol Research Unit (UK)

DASCS - Drugs and Serious Crime Squad (UK)

DATF - Domestic Abuse Task Force (UK)
Drug Abuse Task Force
Drug and Alcohol Task Force

DBTF - Domestic Burglary Task Force (UK)

DC - Derbyshire Constabulary (UK)
Detective Constable (UK)
Durham Constabulary (UK)

DCC - Deputy Chief Constable (UK)
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary (UK)

DCPA - Devon and Cornwall Police Authority (UK)

DCPO - Davao City Police Office (Philippines)

DDAAT - Derbyshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (UK)

DDB - Dangerous Drugs Board (Philippines)

DEM - Department of Emergency Management

DEU - Drug Enforcement Unit

DFS - Department of Forensic Science

DGC - Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary (Scotland)

DI - Detective Inspector (UK)

DIMIA - Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (Australia)

DIP - Drug Intervention Programme

DNEDTF - Dublin North East Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

DOPS - Dakota Ojibway Police Service (Manitoba, Canada)

DPD - Delta Police Department (British Columbia, Canada)

DPF - Defence Police Federation (UK)

DPIR - Detasamentul Politiei pentru Interventie Rapida (Romania)

DPP - Director of Public Prosecutions (UK)
District Policing Partnerships (UK)
Dyfed Powys Police (UK)

DPU - Dignitary Protection Unit (Australia)

DRG - District Response Group (Australia)

DRPS - Deep River Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Durham Regional Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

DRR - Drug Rehabilitation Requirement

DSG - District Support Group

DSI - Department of Special Investigation (Thailand)

DSU - Dog Support Unit (UK)
Drug Squad Unit (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)

D12LDTF - Dublin 12 Local Drug Task Force (Ireland)

DVACH - Domestic Violence and Criminal Harassment Unit (Canada)

DVDRC - Ontario Domestic Violence Death Review Committee (Canada)

DVHCU - Domestic Violence and Hate Crime Unit -- Formerly known as the Action Unit for Domestic, Homophobic and Racist Incident. (UK)

DVLA - Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Authority (Ghana)

EART - Elder Abuse Response Team (Ontario, Canada)

ECID - Economic Crime Investigation Division

ECRDTF - East Coast Regional Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

ECS - Electronic Crime Section (Australia)

EDGE - Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement Unit (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

EDU - European Drugs Unit

EIIB - Economic Intelligence and Investigation Bureau (Philippines)

EMES - Emergency and Major Events Section (Australia)

EOU - Emergency Operations Unit (Australia)

EOW - Economic Offences Wing (India)

EP - Essex Police (UK)

EPS - Edmonton Police Service (Alberta, Canada)
Espanola Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Estevan Police Service (Saskatchewan, Canada)

ERT - Emergency Response Team

ERU - Emergency Response Unit

ETF - Emergency Task Force

Europol - European Police Office

FAST - Free and Secure Trade -- The Free and Secure Trade program is a joint initiative between the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection that is designed to expedite legitimate trade across the Canada-U.S. border.

FATF - Financial Action Task Force

FCID - Force Criminal Investigation Department (Nigeria)

FCIU - Family Crime Investigations Unit (UK)
Financial Crimes Investigations Unit

FCLDTF - Finglas/Cabra Local Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

FCS - Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (South Africa)

FCV - Football Command Vehicle (UK)

FEADS - Fiscalia Especializada Para la Atencion de Delitos Contra la Salud -- Formerly an anti-narcotics division of Mexico's Office of the Attorney General. (Mexico)

FEO - Firearms Enquiry Officer (UK)

FESAGSS - Firearms, Explosives, Security Agencies and Guards Supervision Section (Philippines)

FFEB - Forensic Firearms Examination Bureau (Hong Kong)

FINTRAC - Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada

FIS - Forensic Identification Section (Canada)
Fraud Investigation Services (Australia)

FIT - Forward Intelligence Team (UK)

FIU - Financial Intelligence Unit
Forensic Identification Unit (Canada)

FMPU - Force Military Police Unit (Cyprus)

FNCPA - First Nations Chiefs of Police Association (Canada)

FNP - First Nations Police (Ontario, Canada)

FPF - Fredericton Police Force (New Brunswick, Canada)

FPU - Family Protection Unit
Force Protection Unit
Foreign Police Units
Formed Police Unit
Fraud Prevention Unit

FRU - Force Response Unit (Australia)

FSS - Forensic Science Service (UK)

FSU - Force Search Unit (Hong Kong)

GALPEN - Gay And Lesbian Police Employee Network (Australia)

GARRA - Grupo Armado de Repressao a Roubos e Assaltos (Brazil)

GATA - Global Antiterrorism Training Assistance

GC - Gloucestershire Constabulary (UK)

GDC - General District Courts

GFPF - Grand Falls Police Force (New Brunswick, Canada)

GIGN - Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (France)

GIO - Gang Intelligence Officer

GIPN - Groupes d'Intervention de la Police Nationale (France)

GIS - General Investigation Section
Groupe d'Intervention Special (France)

GMP - Greater Manchester Police (UK)

GMPA - Greater Manchester Police Authority (UK)

GOES - Grupos Operativos Especiales de Seguridad (Spain)

GOPES - Grupo de Operaciones Policiales Especiales (El Salvador)

GPA - Gay Police Association -- They were formerly known as the Lesbian and Gay Police Association (UK)

GPS - Gananoque Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Ghana Police Service (Ghana)
Guelph Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

GRP - Government Railway Police (India)

GSDU - Gold Stealing Detection Unit (Australia)

GSPS - Greater Sudbury Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

GTI - Groupe Tactique d'Intervention (Canada)

GVTAPS - Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police Service (British Columbia, Canada)

HATT - Halifax Auto Theft Team (Canada)

HC - Hampshire Constabulary (UK)
Hertfordshire Constabulary (UK)

HCIS - Heinous Crime Investigation Section (Philippines)

HEAT - Help Eliminate Auto Theft (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
High Enforcement Action Team (Canada)

HHC - Hampstead Heath Constabulary (UK)

HITF - Home Invasion Task Force

HKAPF - Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force (Hong Kong)

HKJDRS - Hong Kong Juvenile Delinquency Research Society

HKPF - Hong Kong Police Force -- They are also known simply as the Hong Kong Police (HKP).

HMIC - Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (UK)

HOSDB - Home Office Scientific Development Branch -- Formerly known as the Police Scientific Development Branch. (UK)

HP - Humberside Police (UK)

HPA - Hampshire Police Authority (UK)
Hertfordshire Police Authority (UK)

HPC - Haringey Parks Constabulary (UK)

HPS - Hamilton Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Hanover Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

HRP - Halifax Regional Police (Nova Scotia, Canada)

HRPS - Halton Regional Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

HSCC - Homicide and Serious Crime Command (UK)

HTCU - High Tech Crime Unit

IAFR - International Association of Forensic Radiographers (UK)

IAFS - International Association of Forensic Sciences

IAU - Internal Affairs Unit

IBET - Integrated Border Enforcement Team (Canada)

ICADTS - International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety

ICARS - Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service (Canada)

ICBA - International Conference on Biometric Authentication

ICE - Identifying Child Exploitation (Canada)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USA)
Internet Child Exploitation Unit (Canada)

ICET - Integrated Counterfeit Enforcement Team (Canada)

ICITAP - International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program

ICPO - International Criminal Police Organization -- Better known as INTERPOL.

IDAAT - Islington Drug and Alcohol Action Team (UK)

IDMB - Investigation and Detection Management Branch

IDMS - Intelligence and Detective Management Section
Investigation and Detective Management Section

ID-SIRTII - Indonesian Security Incident Response Team On Internet Infrastructure (Indonesia)

IEG - Intelligence Experts Group on Domestic Security (Canada)

IGTF - Integrated Gang Task Force (Canada)

IHIT - Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (Canada)

IIB - Internal Investigation Branch

IIU - Internal Investigations Unit

IMCRT - Integrated Mobile Crisis Response Team (Canada)

IMPACT - Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (Canada)

IND - Immigration and Nationality Directorate (UK)

INEOA - International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association

INL - Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

INSET - Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (Canada)

INTERPOL - International Criminal Police Organization -- INTERPOL is the world's largest international police organization.

IOFOS - International Organization for Forensic Odonto-Stomatology

IPA - International Police Association

IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commission -- They were formerly known as the Police Complaints Authority. (UK)

IPG - Independent Patrol Group (Australia)

IPOC - Integrated Proceeds of Crime Unit (Canada)

IPS - Indian Police Service (India)

IPTF - International Police Task Force

IRSU - Integrated Road Safety Unit (British Columbia, Canada)

IRU - Incident Response Unit
Investigation and Review Unit
Investigative Review Unit

ISPOT - Integrated Sexual Predator Observation Team (British Columbia, Canada)

ISST - Identity Security Strike Team (Australia)

ISU - Integrated Security Unit

ITAI - Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (UK)

ITBP - Indo-Tibetan Border Police (India)

JBIT - Joint Border Interdiction Team (Canada)

JFAT - Jamaican Fugitive Apprehension Team (Jamaica)

JJT - Juvenile Justice Team (Australia)

JJU - Juvenile Justice Unit

K-IRSU - Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit (Canada)

KLPS - Kawartha Lakes Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

KMP - Kanesatake Mohawk Police (Canada)

KPA - Kent Police Authority (UK)

KPS - Kenora Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Kentville Police Service (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Kingston Police Service (Canada)

KRPF - Kativik Regional Police Force (Nunavik, Canada)

LAGPA - Lesbian and Gay Police Association -- Later known as the Gay Police Association (UK)

LBP - Lothian and Borders Police (Scotland)

LC - Lancashire Constabulary (UK)
Leicestershire Constabulary (UK)

LCSG - Limerick City Sub Group -- A sub-group of the Mid West Regional Drugs Task Force, founded to address drug problems in Limerick City. (Ireland)

LCU - Linked Crime Unit

LDAAT - Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (UK)
Lincolnshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (UK)

LDTF - Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Local Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

LEAD - Law Enforcement Aboriginal Diversity Network (Canada)

LEWG - Law Enforcement Working Group

LIU - Local Intelligence Unit

LMDPDS - Lower Mainland District Police Dog Service (British Columbia, Canada)

LNP - Liberia National Police

LPA - Lancashire Police Authority (UK)
Leicestershire Police Authority (UK)
Lincolnshire Police Authority (UK)
Local Policing Area (UK)

LPDSU - Local Performance and Delivery Support Unit (UK)

LPS - Lacombe Police Service (Alberta, Canada)
LaSalle Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Leamington Police Service (Ontario, Canada)
Lethbridge Police Service (Alberta, Canada)
Liberia Police Service (Liberia, Africa)
London Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

LRPS - Lethbridge Regional Police Service (Alberta, Canada)

LSLRPS - Lesser Slave Lake Regional Police Service (Alberta, Canada)

LTO - Land Transportation Office (Philippines)

MAG - Magistrate system

MASCO - Motorized Anti-Street Crime Operatives (Philippines)

MATF - Multi-Agency Task Force

MCIT - Major Crime Investigation Team (UK)

MCPO - Mandaue City Police Office (Philippines)

MCS - Major Crime Section

MDAAT - Merton Drug and Alcohol Action Team (UK)

MDP - Ministry of Defence Police (UK)

MDT - Mobile Deployment Team

MENAFATF - Middle East and North Africa Financial Action Task Force

MEOCS - Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad (Australia)

MET - Mobile Enforcement Team

MFIG - Major Fraud Investigation Group (Australia)

MHIIU - Medicine Hat Integrated Intelligence Unit (Alberta, Canada)

MHPS - Medicine Hat Police Service (Alberta, Canada)

MIAA-APD - Manila International Airport Authority - Airport Police Department (Philippines)

MIERT - Municipal Integrated Emergency Response Team (Canada)

MIG - Major Incident Group (Australia)

MIT - Major Investigation Task Force (Jamaica)
Murder Investigation Team (UK)

MJIB - Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (Taiwan)

MJPS - Moose Jaw Police Service (Canada)

MOD - Ministry of Defence (UK)

MOLO - Military Observer Liaison Officer

MP - Merseyside Police (UK)

MPA - Merseyside Police Authority (UK)
Metropolitan Police Authority (UK)

MPAO - Mounted Police Association of Ontario (Canada)

MPD-TEU - Manila Police District - Traffic Enforcement Unit (Philippines)

MPF - Miramichi Police Force (New Brunswick, Canada)

MPPAC - Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada

MPS - Midland Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

MPU - Marine Police Unit (UK)

MPUB - Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies

MRDTF - Midland Regional Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

MSSTF - Markham Safe Streets Task Force (Canada)

MTPS - Metropolitan Toronto Police Service (Canada)

MTTU - Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (Ghana)

MWRDTF - Mid West Regional Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

NACAHT - National Action Committee on Anti-Hijacking and Anti-Terrorism (Philippines)

NaCTAG - National Counter-Terrorism Action Group (Philippines)

NaCTSO - National Counter Terrorism Security Office (UK)

NAKTF - National Anti-Kidnapping Task Force (Philippines)

NAPOLCOM - National Police Commission (Philippines)

NAPS - Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

NASAS - Noongar Alcohol and Substance Abuse Service (Australia)

Natforce - National Taskforce to Combat Illegal Importation of Goods, Small Arms, Ammunition and Light Weapons (Nigeria)

NBI - National Bureau of Investigation

NBPA - National Black Police Association (UK)

NBPS - North Bay Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

NC - Norfolk Constabulary (UK)

NCASA - Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault (Australia)

NCB - Narcotics Control Bureau (India)

NCC - Newham Community Constabulary -- They were formerly known as the Newham Parks Constabulary. (UK)

NCECC - National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (Canada)

NCIS - National Criminal Intelligence Service (UK)

NCPE - National Centre for Policing Excellence (UK)

NCRPO - National Capital Region Police Office (Philippines)

NCRSG - National Crime Recording Steering Group (UK)

NCS - National Crime Squad (UK)

NDAAT - Nottinghamshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (UK)

NDCLEU - Narcotic Drug Control Law Enforcement Unit (Nepal)

NDET - National Domestic Extremism Team (UK)

NDRDTF - North Dublin City and County Regional Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

NDRF - National Disaster Response Force (India)

NDST - National Drugs Strategy Team (Ireland)

NDTMS - National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (UK)

NEASU - North East Air Support Unit (UK)

NEDTF - North Eastern Division Task Force (Trinidad and Tobago)

NERDTF - North Eastern Regional Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

NETCU - National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit (UK)

NHTCTC - National High Tech Crime Training Centre (UK)

NHTCU - National High-Tech Crime Unit (UK)

NIA - National Investigation Agency (India)

NICA - National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (Philippines)

NICDTF - North Inner City Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

NID - National Investigation Department (Nepal)

NIITF - National Indigenous Violence and Child Abuse Intelligence Task Force (Australia)

NISCC - National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre (UK)

NOCS - Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza (Italy)

NOMS - National Offender Management Service (UK)

NOPPO - Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office (Philippines)

NORAD - North American Aerospace Defence Command

NP - Neighbourhood Policing (UK)
Nepal Police
Northumbria Police (UK)
Nottinghamshire Police (UK)

NPA - National Police Academy
National Police Agency
Norfolk Police Authority (UK)
Northamptonshire Police Authority (UK)
Northumbria Police Authority (UK)
Nottinghamshire Police Authority (UK)

NPD - Nelson Police Department (British Columbia, Canada)

NPOIU - National Public Order Intelligence Unit (UK)

NPP - Neighbourhood Police Post

NPPT - Neighbourhood Policing Programme Team (UK)

NPS - Nagaland Police Service (India)
National Protection Service (Philippines)

NRPS - Niagara Regional Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

NSCI - National Security Criminal Investigations (Canada)

NSPIS - National Strategy for Police Information Systems (UK)

NSWP - New South Wales Police (Australia)

NSY - New Scotland Yard (UK)

NTP - Northern Territory Police (Australia)

NWA - Neighbourhood Watch Association (UK)

NWCASA - North West Centre Against Sexual Assault (Australia)

NWCU - National Wildlife Crime Unit (UK)

NWEST - National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (Canada)

NWMP - North-West Mounted Police (Canada)

NWMPG - North West Motorway Police Group (UK)

NWP - North Wales Police (UK)

NWPA - North Wales Police Authority (UK)

NWPS - New Westminster Police Service (British Columbia, Canada)

NWRDTF - North Western Regional Drugs Task Force (Ireland)

NYP - North Yorkshire Police (UK)

NYPA - North Yorkshire Police Authority (UK)

OACP - Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (Canada)

OAPSB - Ontario Association of Police Service Boards (Canada)

OBPD - Oak Bay Police Department (British Columbia, Canada)

OCABC - Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia (Canada)

OCCPS - Ontario Civilian Commission of Police Services (Canada)

OCD - Organised Crime Division

OCI - Organised Crime Investigation

OCIU - Organised Crime Investigation Unit

OCNFB - Organized Crime, Narcotics and Firearms Bureau (Trinidad and Tobago)

OCNU - Organized Crime and Narcotics Unit (Trinidad and Tobago)

OCPS - Oxford Community Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

OCS - Organised Crime Squad

OCTA - Organised Crime Threat Assessment (UK)

OCTB - Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (Hong Kong)

OCTF - Organised Crime Task Force (UK)

OCU - Operational Command Unit (UK)

OHIA - Ontario Homicide Investigators Association (Canada)

OIB - Offender Information Bureau (Australia)

OICD - Organised and International Crime Directorate (UK)

O-INSET - "O" Division - Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (RCMP - Canada)

OISP - Office of Investigative Standards and Practices (Canada)

OPI - Office of Police Integrity (Australia)

OPP - Ontario Provincial Police (Canada)

OPPA - Ontario Provincial Police Association (Canada)

OPS - Orangeville Police Service (Ontario, Canada), or Ottawa Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

OSPS - Owen Sound Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

OSTTU - Operational Safety and Tactics Training Unit (Australia)

OVC - Office for Victims of Crime

PAC - Provincial Armed Constabulary (India)

PACE - Police and Criminal Evidence Act (UK)

PACER - Police Anti-Crime Emergency Response (Philippines)

PAIDSOT - Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operating Team

PAO - Police Association of Ontario (Canada)

PAOCTF - Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (Philippines)

PAPS - Prince Albert Police Service (Saskatchewan, Canada)

PASTF - Presidential Anti-Smuggling Task Force (Philippines)

PATT - Provincial Auto Theft Team (Ontario, Canada)

PATU - Police Anti-Terrorist Unit

PAW - Police Authorities of Wales (UK)

PCeU - Police Central e-crime Unit (UK)

PCG - Philippine Coast Guard (Philippines)

P-CRU - Property Crime Reduction Unit (British Columbia, Canada)

PCSO - Police Community Support Officer (UK)

PCSU - Property Crime Support Unit
Police and Crime Standards Unit

PCTC - Philippine Center on Transnational Crime (Philippines)

PDEA - Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (Philippines)

PDS - Police Dog Services (Canada)

PDU - Police Dog Unit (Hong Kong)
Police Dog Unit -- Later known as the Police K-9 Unit. (Singapore)

PF - Policia Federal -- Formerly known as the Policia Federal Preventiva (PFP). (Mexico)

PHPS - Port Hope Police Service (Ontario, Canada)

PICTTS - Police Information Communication Technology Training Services (UK)

PIB - Provincial Intelligence Branch (Philippines)

PISA - Policia Internacional Sonora y Arizona (U.S.A. / Mexico)

PISI - Police Internal Security Intelligence Unit

PITO - Police Information Technology Organisation (UK)