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Record high and low temperatures for all 50 states

The following table lists both the record high and low temperatures for all fifty states. Each state is listed alphabetically in the first column, followed by the highest temperature (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius) ever recorded there. The next column displays the date the record high was set, followed by the location where it occurred. Next appears the lowest temperature (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius) ever recorded in that state, followed by the date the record low was set. The final column displays the city, town or other location where the record low occurred.

Highest and lowest temperatures recorded in the United States
State Record
Date Place Record
Date Place
Alabama 112°F
Sept. 5, 1925 Centerville, Al. -27°F
Jan. 30, 1966 New Market
Alaska 100°F
June 27, 1915 Fort Yukon, Ak. -80°F
Jan. 23, 1971 Prospect Creek
Arizona 128°F
June 29, 1994* Lake Havasu City -40°F
Jan. 7, 1971 Hawley Lake
Arkansas 120°F
Aug. 10, 1936 Ozark, Ar. -29°F
Feb. 13, 1905 Pond, Ar.
California 134°F
July 10, 1913 Death Valley, Ca. -45°F
Jan. 20, 1937 Boca, Ca.
Colorado 118°F
July 11, 1888 Bennett, Co. -61°F
Feb. 1, 1985 Maybell, Co.
Connecticut 106°F
July 15, 1995 Danbury, Ct. -32°F
Jan. 22, 1961* Coventry, Ct.
Delaware 110°F
July 21, 1930 Millsboro, De. -17°F
Jan. 17, 1893 Millsboro, De.
Florida 109°F
June 29, 1931 Monticello, Fl. -2°F
Feb. 13, 1899 Tallahassee, Fl.
Georgia 112°F
Aug. 20, 1983 Louisville, Ga. -17°F
Jan. 27, 1940 near Rome, Ga.
Hawaii 100°F
Apr. 27, 1931 Pahala, Hi. 12°F
May 17, 1979 Mauna Kea, Hi.
Idaho 118°F
July 28, 1934 Orofino, Id. -60°F
Jan. 18, 1943 Island Park Dam
Illinois 117°F
July 14, 1954 East St. Louis, IL. -36°F
Jan. 5, 1999 Congerville, IL.
Indiana 116°F
July 14, 1936 Collegeville, In. -36°F
Jan. 19, 1994 New Whiteland
Iowa 118°F
July 20, 1934 Keokuk, Ia. -47°F
Feb. 3, 1996* Elkader, Ia.
Kansas 121°F
July 24, 1936* near Alton, Ks. -40°F
Feb. 13, 1905 Lebanon, Ks.
Kentucky 114°F
July 28, 1930 Greensburg, Ky. -37°F
Jan. 19, 1994 Shelbyville, Ky.
Louisiana 114°F
Aug. 10, 1936 Plain Dealing, La. -16°F
Feb. 13, 1899 Minden, La.
Maine 105°F
July 10, 1911* North Bridgton -50°F
Jan. 16, 2009 Big Black River, Me.
Maryland 109°F
July 10, 1936* Frederick, Md. -40°F
Jan. 13, 1912 Oakland, Md.
Massachusetts 107°F
Aug. 2, 1975 Chester, Ma. -35°F
Jan. 12, 1981 Chester, Ma.
Michigan 112°F
July 13, 1936 Mio, Mi. -51°F
Feb. 9, 1934 Vanderbilt, Mi.
Minnesota 114°F
July 6, 1936* Moorhead, Mn. -60°F
Feb. 2, 1996 Tower, Mn.
Mississippi 115°F
July 29, 1930 Holly Springs, Ms. -19°F
Jan. 30, 1966 Corinth, Ms.
Missouri 118°F
July 14, 1954* Union, Mo. -40°F
Feb. 13, 1905 Warsaw, Mo.
Montana 117°F
July 5, 1937 Medicine Lake -70°F
Jan. 20, 1954 Rogers Pass, MT.
Nebraska 118°F
July 24, 1936* Minden, Ne. -47°F
Feb. 12, 1899* Camp Clarke
Nevada 125°F
June 29, 1994* Laughlin, Nv. -50°F
Jan. 8, 1937 San Jacinto, Nv.
New Hampshire 106°F
July 4, 1911 Nashua, NH. -47°F
Jan. 29, 1934 Mt. Washington
New Jersey 110°F
July 10, 1936 Runyon, NJ. -34°F
Jan. 5, 1904 River Vale, NJ.
New Mexico 122°F
June 27, 1994 near Carlsbad, NM. -50°F
Feb. 1, 1951 Gavilan, NM.
New York 108°F
July 22, 1926* Troy, NY. -52°F
Feb. 18, 1979 Old Forge, NY.
North Carolina 110°F
Aug. 21, 1983 Fayetteville, NC. -34°F
Jan. 21, 1985 Mt. Mitchell
North Dakota 121°F
July 6, 1936 Steele, ND. -60°F
Feb. 15, 1936 Parshall, ND.
Ohio 113°F
July 21, 1934* near Gallipolis, Oh. -39°F
Feb. 10, 1899 Milligan, Oh.
Oklahoma 120°F
June 27, 1994* Tipton, Ok. -31°F
Feb. 10, 2011 Nowata, Ok.
Oregon 119°F
Aug. 10, 1898* Pendleton, Or. -54°F
Feb. 10, 1933* Seneca, Or.
Pennsylvania 111°F
July 10, 1936* Phoenixville, Pa. -42°F
Jan. 5, 1904 Smethport, Pa.
Rhode Island 104°F
Aug. 2, 1975 Providence, RI. -25°F
Feb. 5, 1996 Greene, RI.
South Carolina 111°F
June 28, 1954* Camden, SC. -19°F
Jan. 21, 1985 Caesars Head
South Dakota 120°F
July 15, 2006* near Usta, SD. -58°F
Feb. 17, 1936 McIntosh, SD.
Tennessee 113°F
Aug. 9, 1930* Perryville, Tn. -32°F
Dec. 30, 1917 Mountain City
Texas 120°F
June 28, 1994* Monahans, Tx. -23°F
Feb. 8, 1933* Seminole, Tx.
Utah 117°F
July 5, 1985 Saint George, Ut. -69°F
Feb. 1, 1985 Peter's Sink
Vermont 105°F
July 4, 1911 Vernon, Vt. -50°F
Dec. 30, 1933 Bloomfield, Vt.
Virginia 110°F
July 15, 1954 Balcony Falls, Va. -30°F
Jan. 22, 1985 Mountain Lake
Washington 118°F
Aug. 5, 1961* Ice Harbor Dam -48°F
Dec. 30, 1968* Winthrop, Wa.
West Virginia 112°F
July 10, 1936* Martinsburg, WV. -37°F
Dec. 30, 1917 Lewisburg, WV.
Wisconsin 114°F
July 13, 1936 Wisconsin Dells -55°F
Feb. 4, 1996 Couderay, WI.
Wyoming 115°F
Aug. 8, 1983 Basin, Wy. -66°F
Feb. 9, 1933 Riverside, Wy.

* This record was equaled on other dates and/or other places in the state.

Record certification
Be aware that some states have a comprehensive and lengthy process for verifying and certifying preliminary statewide all-time record high and low temperatures. As a result, you may not see newly-broken records on this list (assuming the record temperature is certified) for a few weeks after the record was actually broken.

NOTE: Air temperature sensors and data loggers that record statewide all-time record high and low temperatures are sometimes taken out of service to test that the data they collect is within their specified accuracy range. Some states consider new statewide all-time record low and high temps to be unofficial until a thorough review of the equipment and data is conducted by climatologists and other weather experts. Temperature sensors are maintained by the National Weather Service (NWS), United States Geological Survey (USGS), and other partners in the scientific community. A State Climate Extreme Committee (SCEC) may be activated to examine all available vetted data before submitting the new record to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC).


The most in-depth of more than two dozen sources consulted in preparing this record-setting temperature chart, was the National Weather Service and the National Climatic Data Center.

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