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U.S. Law Enforcement Abbreviations and Acronyms

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of a wide variety of abbreviations, acronyms and other terminology used by various police and other law enforcement personnel in the United States.

While certain "insider" terms and lingo are used and recognized almost exclusively within law enforcement, other terms have gained wider acceptance and entered the vernacular of the general public. Some of these abbreviations and acronyms can be found in booking reports, police reports, or used as conversational shorthand between law enforcement officials.

Our extensive collection of U.S. Gang Acronyms offers the ethnicity, abbreviations, acronyms, and other identifiers used by many gangs in the United States.

PUNCTUATION NOTE: We're cognizant of the fact that some of the organizations listed below fail to use proper punctuation in their names. Rather than correcting this, we present their names as they normally refer to themselves.

WARNING: Some of the following acronyms may have completely different meanings in different locations.

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International Law Enforcement abbreviations and acronyms

U.S. Police Abbreviations and Acronyms
A - Active
Alford plea

A and B - Assault and Battery

A and D - Apprehension and Detention Order, or Arrest and Detention

AA - Aggravated Assault

AAA - American Ambulance Association
American Automobile Association
At Above Address

AAC - Alaska Administrative Code

AAFP - American Academy of Forensic Psychology

AAFS - American Academy of Forensic Sciences

AAFTP - Advanced Asset Forfeiture Training Program

AAG - Assistant Attorney General

AAMVA - American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

AAPP - Abbreviated Accident Prevention Plan, or American Association of Police Polygraphists

AAR - After Action Report, or Attempted Aggravated Robbery

AAR/IP - After Action Report / Improvement Plan

AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

AATA - Arizona Automobile Theft Authority

A/B - Assault and Battery

ABC - Alcohol and Beverage Control
American Board of Criminalistics
Arizona Border Control Plan
Atomic, Biological, and Chemical

ABFA - American Board of Forensic Anthropology

ABFDE - American Board of Forensic Document Examiners

ABFO - American Board of Forensic Odontology

ABFP - American Board of Forensic Psychology

ABH - Actual Bodily Harm

ABI - Alabama Bureau of Investigation, or Alaska Bureau of Investigation

ABIS - Automated Biometric Identification System (DoD)

ABLE - Airborne Law Enforcement

ABMDI - American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators

ABS - Anti-lock Braking System
Arson and Bomb Squad
Automated Boat System
Automated Booking Station
Automated Booking System

ABTPA - Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority

ABWIK - Assault and Battery With Intent to Kill

AC - Animal Control

ACA - American Correctional Association

ACADA - Automatic Chemical Agent Detector and Alarm

ACAMS - Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
Automated Critical Asset Management System (DHS)

Acc. - Accident

ACF - Administration for Children and Families, or Adult Correctional Facility

ACFE - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

ACHILD - Abandoned Child

ACHS - Automated Criminal History System

ACIC - Arkansas Crime Information Center

ACISS - Augmented Criminal Investigative Support System

ACJA - American Criminal Justice Association

ACJS - Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

ACJSS - Adult Criminal Justice Statistical System

ACOD - Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal

ACP - Area Contingency Plan, or Association of Contingency Planners

ACP/RCP - Area Contingency Plan / Regional Contingency Plan

ACPA - Arizona Crime Prevention Association

ACRS - Aircraft Registration System

ACSR - Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction

ACTAR - Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction

ACTIC - Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center

ACU - Animal Control Unit

ACYF - Administration on Children, Youth and Families

A/D - Arrest / Detention

ADA - Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Anti-Drug Abuse
Assistant District Attorney

ADAD - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division

ADAM - Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring

ADAMHA - Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration

ADAMS - Authenticated Digital Asset Management System

ADIS - Automated Dental Identification System

ADNET - Anti-Drug Network (DoD)

ADOT - Alabama Department of Transportation
Alaska Department of Transportation
Annapolis Department of Transportation (Maryland)
Arizona Department of Transportation

ADUI - Aggravated Driving Under the Influence

ADW - Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon

AECA - Arms Export Control Act

AEO - Attempting to Elude an Officer
Aviation Enforcement Officer

AES - Advanced Encryption Standard

AEW - Airborne Early Warning

AEXIS - Arson and Explosives Incident System

AF - Access Fraud, or Aggravated Felony

AFA - Asian Female Adult

AFIS - Automated Fingerprint Identification System

AFJ - Asian Female Juvenile

AFO - Arellano-Felix Organization -- A major North American drug trafficking cartel that is also know as the Tijuana Cartel.

AFOSI - Air Force Office of Special Investigations

AFR - Automatic Fingerprint Recognition

AFS - Adult Family Services
Automated Firearms System

AFTE - Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners

AG - Attorney General

Ag. Bat. - Aggravated Battery

AGGDWI - Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated (While driving on a revoked license)

AGI - Advanced Geospatial Intelligence

AGILE - Advanced Generation of Interoperability for Law Enforcement

AGVYI - Anti-Gang Violence Youth Initiative (New York)

AHAN - Assault of a High and Aggravated Nature

AHEC - Arizona HIDTA Executive Committee

AHIDTA - Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

AHPA - Associated Highway Patrolmen of Arizona

AIA - Air Interdiction Agent, or Aviation Interdiction Agent

AIATP - Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Awareness Training Program

AIC - Agent-In-Charge

AIMS - Adult Information Management System

AIRS - Automated Incident Reporting System

AIS / GPS - Automatic Identification System / Global Positioning System

AISLE - Accelerated Information Sharing for Law Enforcement

AJA - American Jail Association, or American Judges' Association

AJIS - Automated Justice Information System

AK - Aggravated Kidnapping

AKA - Also Known As

ALEA - Airborne Law Enforcement Association

ALECA - Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association

ALADS - Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (California)

ALERRT - Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training

ALISS - Accident Location Identification and Surveillance System

ALPR - Automatic License Plate Reader

ALS - Alternate Light Source

AM - Attempted Murder

AMA - Asian Male Adult

AMBBIC - Alpine / Marfa / Big Bend Intelligence Center (Texas)

AMBER - America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response

Amcrin - American Criminal Investigators Network

AMECO - Association of Missing and Exploited Children's Organizations

AMJ - Asian Male Juvenile

AML - Anti-Money Laundering

ANPR - Association of National Park Rangers, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANR - Active Noise Reduction
Agency of Natural Resources (VT ANR Enforcement Division -- Vermont)
Alaskan NORAD Region

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

AOC - Administrative Office of the Courts

AOD - Alcohol and Other Drugs

AODA - Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

AP - Assault on a Police officer

APA - Adult Parole Authority
American Polygraph Association
Arizona Police Association
Arlington Police Association
Association of Police Authorities
Austin Police Association

APAIC - Assistant Patrol Agent in Charge

APB - Advisory Policy Board (CJIS), or All Points Bulletin

APC - Actual Physical Control (of a motorized vehicle), or All Points County

APCM - Alaska Police Chaplains' Ministries

API - Asian and Pacific Islander

APO - Army Post Office, or Alaska Pipeline Office

APPA - American Probation and Parole Association

APS - Accessible Pedestrian Signal
Active Protection Systems
Adult Protective Services
Automated Pawn System
Automated Property System

APSS - American Protection Security Services
Asylum Pre-Screening System
Automated Prisoner Scheduling System

AQ - Additional Query (Additional Information Inquiry)

AR - Additional Reply
Additional Response
Aggravated Robbery

ARDA - Advanced Research and Development Activity -- Later known as the Disruptive Technology Office.
American Rescue Dog Association

ARIDE - Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement

ARJIS - Automated Regional Justice Information System

ARMER - Allied Radio Matrix Emergency Response (Minnesota)

ARMS - Analyst Request Management System
Automated Records Management System

AS - Assault

ASAC - Assistant Special Agent in Charge

ASA-DOJ - Association of Special Agents - Department of Justice

ASC - Airport Security Coordinator, or American Society of Criminology

ASCA - Association of State Correctional Administrators

ASCIA - Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies

ASCLD / LAB - American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors / Laboratory Accreditation Board

ASIA - Anti-Smuggling Investigators Association

ASIS - American Society for Industrial Security

ASLET - American Society for Law Enforcement Trainers

ASNT - Area Searched No Trace

ASPA - Alabama State Port Authority, or Arkansas State Police Association

ASQDE - American Society of Questioned Document Examiners

ASRS - Aviation Safety Reporting System

ASTTP - Active Shooter Threat Training Program

ASU - Air Support Unit

ASUCRP - Association of State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs

AT - Anti-Terrorism, or Automobile Theft

ATA - Anti-Terrorism Assistance

ATAC - Advanced Thermal Acquisition Camera
Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council
Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart
Atlantans Together Against Crime
Auto Theft Advisory Committee (California)

ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or Alcohol Testing Form

ATIX - Automated Trusted Information Exchange

ATL - Attempt To Locate

ATO - Advanced Technology Office
Air Traffic Operations
Air Traffic Organization
Anti-Terrorism Officer
Authority to Operate

ATOD - Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

ATPA - Auto Theft Prevention Authority

ATQ - ATF Gun Tracing Query

ATR - ATF Gun Tracing Response

ATSA - Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

ATSAIC - Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge

AUSA - Assistant U.S. Attorney

AUTOTH - Automobile Theft

AVCI - Anti-Violent Crime Initiative

AVL - Automated Vehicle Location

AVTS - Advanced Vehicle Tracking System

AWACS - Airborne Warning And Control System

AWARE - Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment

AWDW - Assault With a Deadly Weapon
Assault With a Dangerous Weapon

AWIK - Assault With Intent to Kill

AWS - Automated Warrant System

AZCJC - Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

AZGIA - Arizona Gang Investigator's Association

B - Bicycle

BA - Blood Alcohol

BAC - Blood Alcohol Concentration

BAL - Blood Alcohol Level

B&E - Breaking and Entering

BAO - Best Available Option, or Bomb Appraisal Officer

BAT - Beat Auto Theft, or Biometric Automated Toolset

BATI - Behavior Analysis Training Institute

BATIC - Border Auto Theft Information Center

BATS - Bomb and Arson Tracking System (ATF)

BAU - Behavioral Analysis Unit (FBI)

BAYNIN - Bay Area Narcotics Information Network (California)

BC bud - A term for potent, high-grade marijuana grown in British Columbia, Canada.

BCA - Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

BCI - Bureau of Criminal Identification
Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
Bureau of Criminal Investigation

BCII - Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation

BCOE - Biometric Center of Excellence (FBI)

BCS - Bureau of Criminal Statistics -- Later known as the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS). (California)

BCU - Basic Command Unit

BDU - Bomb Disposal Unit

B/E - Breaking and Entering

BECC - Border Enforcement Coordination Cell

BEO - Bicycle Enforcement Officer

BF - Bail Forfeited
Black Female
Bond Forfeiture

BFA - Black Female Adult

BFDE - Board of Forensic Document Examiners

BFJ - Black Female Juvenile

BFS - Bureau of Forensic Services

BGC - Bureau of Gambling Control (California)

BI - Background Investigation, or Bodily Injury

BICS - Background Investigation Contract Services

BIS - Basic Information Sheet
Biometric Identification System
Business Intelligence System
Business Intelligence Specialist
U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security

BISA - Biometric Identification System for Access

BJA - Bureau of Justice Assistance

BJS - Bureau of Justice Statistics

BK - Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

BKD - Booked

BLMAIL - Blackmail / Extortion

BLS - Basic Life Support

BM - Black Male
Burglary of a Motor vehicle
Burglary Modus Operandi

BMA - Black Male Adult

BMJ - Black Male Juvenile

BMO - Biometrics Management Office (DoD)

BMV - Bureau of Motor Vehicles

BNDD - Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

BNE - Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (California)

BO - Bound Over

BOCC - Bound Over to Criminal Court

BOF - Bureau of Firearms (California)

BOLO - Be On the Lookout

BOMBT - Bomb Threat

BOP - Bureau of Prisons

BOPC - Board of Police Commissioners

BP - Border Patrol

BPA - Black Police Association
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Border Patrol Agent

BQ - Boat Registration Query

BRA - Bail Reform Act violation

BRD - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

BSA - Biometrics Systems Administrator, or Blood Spatter Analysis

BTS - Bureau of Transportation Statistics

BU - Burglary

BUI - Boating Under the Influence

BUR - Burglary

BURGB - Burglary of a Business

BURGD - Burglary of a Dwelling

BURGTL - Possession of Burglary Tools

BVP - Bulletproof Vest Partnership -- A D.O.J. program that helps law enforcement agencies procure and replace body armor.

BW - Bench Warrant, or Biological Weapon

C - Cancelled

CAATSEE - California African-American Traffic Safety Education Efforts (California Highway Patrol)

CAC - California Association of Criminalists, or Crimes Against Children

C/ACAMS - Constellation/Automated Critical Asset Management System (DHS)

CAD - Computer-Aided Dispatch, or Computer Assisted Diagramming

CAHP - California Association of Highway Patrolmen

CAI - Child Abduction Investigations, or Child Abuse Investigations

CAJUN - Corrections and Justice Unified Network (Louisiana)

CAL JRIES - California Joint Regional Information Exchange System

CALCASA - California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

CAL-DNA - California DNA Data Bank

CALEA - Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies

CalGangs - A law enforcement database of gang members in California.

CalGRIP - California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention

CALMS - California Methamphetamine Strategy Program

Caltrans - California Department of Transportation

CAMI - Chemically Addicted Mentally Ill -- a.k.a. Mentally Ill Chemically Addicted (MICA).
Chemical Abuser / Mentally Ill -- a.k.a. Mentally Ill / Chemical Abuser (MICA).

CAMP - Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (California)

CAMS - Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

CAN report - Corrective Action Needed report

CANDLE - Collaboration between AAMVA and NLETS for Drivers License Exchange

CA/OCS/CI - Consular Affairs / Overseas Citizens Services / Office of Children's Issues (U.S. State Department)

CAP - Common Alerting Protocol
Community Assisting Police
Corrections Awareness Program
Crimes Against Persons
Criminal Alien Program

CAPRI - Computer-Aided Police Records Index

CAPS - Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy
Community Action Policing Strategy
Computer Assisted Policing Strategy

Capt. - Captain

CAPTA - Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act

CapWIN - Capital Wireless Integrated Network

CARE - Child Abduction Response Effort
Child Abduction Rescue Effort
Computer-Aided Rescue Effort

CARI - Children At-Risk Intervention, or Colorado Association of Robbery Investigators

CARP - Child Abduction Response Plan

CARPOS - California Restraining and Protective Order System

CARS - Command Accountability Reporting System

CART - Child Abduction Response Team, or Central Alaska Response Team

CASMIRC - Child Abduction and Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center

CAST - Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

CAT - Combat Auto Theft

CATI - Colorado Auto Theft Investigators

CATIC - California Anti-Terrorism Information Center

CA2RS - California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists

CBCAP - Community-Based Grants for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Program

CBCF - Cross Border Crime Forum

CBI - Colorado Bureau of Investigation

CBO - Community-Based Organizations

CBP - Customs and Border Protection

CBPE - Certified Bloodstain Pattern Examiner

CBR - Chemical, Biological, and Radiological

CBR-D - Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Defense

CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear

CBRNE - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Explosive

CBRT - Chemical / Biological Response Team

CBT - Central Breath Testing

CBW - Chemical and Biological Weapons

CBYMIN - Consumption of liquor By a Minor

CC - Citizen's Complaint
Criminal Complaint
Criminal Conspiracy

CCA - Central Coordinating Agency

CCATM - Credit Card / ATM Fraud

CCCVP - Commission on Crime Control and Violence Prevention

CCDB - Consolidated Counterdrug Database

CCE - Certified Computer Examiner, or Continuing Criminal Enterprise

CCF - Citizen Complaint Form

CCGIA - Central Coast Gang Investigator Association (California)

CCH - Computerized Criminal History

CCHRS - Consolidated Criminal History Reporting System

CCI - California Criminalistics Institute, or Community Corrections Institute

CCIC - Colorado Crime Information Center

CCIP - Counterterrorism Collaboration Interoperability Project

CCIPS - Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section

CCL - Concealed Carry Law

CCLEA - California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations

CCOSO - California Coalition on Sexual Offending

CCPOA - California Correctional Peace Officers' Association

CCPOR - California Courts' Protective Order Registry

CCR - Citizen Complaint Report, or Consolidated Claim Report

CCSI - Certified Crime Scene Investigator

CCU - Career Criminal Unit, Crowd Control Unit, or Cyber Crime Unit

CCUG - California CLETS Users' Group

CCW - Carrying a Concealed Weapon

CDAIA - California District Attorney Investigator's Association

CDC - California Department of Corrections
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Complainant Dropped Charges

CDCPS - Center for Delinquency and Crime Policy Studies

CDCR - California Department of Corrections And Rehabilitation

CDE - Certified Document Examiner

CDF - Contract Detention Facilities

CDICG - Counterdrug Intelligence Coordinating Group

CDL - California Driver License, or Commercial Drivers' License

CDLIS - Commercial Drivers' License Information System

CDS - Controlled Dangerous Substance

CDR - Crash Data Retrieval System

CDTP - Criminal Damage To Property

CDV - Criminal Domestic Violence

CDVHAN - Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature

CDX - Counterdrug Intelligence Executive Secretariat

CECAT - Community Effort to Combat Auto Theft (California)

CEMP - Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

CENSOR - Centralized Electronic Network of Sex Offender Registries

CenTF - Center for Task Force Training

CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection

CEOS - Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (DOJ)

CEPIN - Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network

CEPP - Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Program

CER - Computer Evidence Recovery

CERT - Community Emergency Response Team
Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Computer Emergency Response Team
Correctional Emergency Response Team

CETS - Child Exploitation Tracking System

CFCI - Certified Financial Crimes Investigator

CFCPA - Central Florida Crime Prevention Association

CFE - Certified Fraud Examiner

CFEI - Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator

CFHIDTA - Central Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

CFI - Certified Fire Investigator

CFISC - Central Florida Investigative Support Center

CFN - Criminal File Number

CFP - Concealed Firearm Permit

CFR - Certified First Responder
Code of Federal Regulations
Consolidated Fiscal Report

CFS - Center for Forensic Studies, or Children and Family Services

CFTT - Computer Forensics Tool Testing

CFU - Central Fingerprint Unit, or Computer Forensics Unit

CGIS - Coast Guard Investigative Service

CH - Criminal History of prior arrests/convictions.

CHAIRS - Criminal History Arrest Incident Reporting System (New York)

CHIEF - Criminal History Information Exchange Format

CHIP - Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property

CHL - Concealed Handgun License

CHOP - Cold Hit Outcome Project

CHRI - Criminal History Record Inquiry, or Criminal History Records Information

CHRIS - Criminal History Records Information System

CHRP - COPS Hiring Recovery Program

CHRS - Criminal History Record Search

CHS - Criminal History System

CI - Chief Investigator
Classified Information
Confidential Informant
Covert Inspections
Covert Investigations
Criminal Intelligence
Criminal Investigation
Critical Infrastructure

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency, or Certified Internal Auditor

CIB - Criminal Investigation Bureau

CICB - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

CICC - Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council

CID - Criminal Investigation Department, or Criminal Investigation Division

C-IED - Counter-Improvised Explosive Device efforts

CIGMIN - Sale of Cigarettes to a Minor

CI-HST - Counterintelligence-Human Intelligence Support Team

CI/HUMINT - Counterintelligence-Human Intelligence

CII - Criminal Identification and Information, or Criminal Investigation and Identification

CI/KR - Critical Infrastructure / Key Resources

CIKRTP - Critical Infrastructure Key Resource Training Program

CIMS - Crisis Information Management Systems, or Critical Infrastructure Management System

CIMT - Crime Involving Moral Turpitude

CINS - Child in Need of Services

CIP - Chemical Irritant Projector
Civilian Investigative Panel
Critical Incident Protocol
Critical Infrastructure Protection

CIPTP - Critical Infrastructure Protection Training Program

CIRG - Critical Incident Response Group

CIRT - Computer Incident Response Team, or Critical Incident Response Team

CISAnet - Criminal Information Sharing Alliance Network

CISD - Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

CISM - Critical Incident Stress Management

CIT - Community Interaction Team
Concealed Information Test (Polygraph terminology)
Crime Identification Technology
Criminal Intelligence Training
Crisis Intervention Team
Crisis Intervention Training
Critical Incident Technique

CITA - Crime Identification Technology Act

CITCS - Criminal Intelligence Training Coordination Strategy

CJ - Criminal Justice
Consent Judgment
County Jail

CJA - Children's Justice Act

CJCC - Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

CJIS - Criminal Justice Information System

CJJIS - Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Systems

CJLEADS - Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services

CJNet - Criminal Justice Network (Florida)

CJS - Criminal Justice Sciences, or Criminal Justice System

CJSC - Criminal Justice Statistics Center

CJSTC - Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission

CL - Clandestine Lab, or Crime Lab

CLA - Crime Laboratory Analyst

CLAIMS - Computer-Linked Application Information Management System

CLASTP - Clandestine Lab Awareness and Safety Training Program

CLBR - Command Level Board of Review

CLE - Criminal Law Enforcement

CLEA - California Law Enforcement Association

CLEAN - Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (Pennsylvania State Police)

CLEAR - Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (Chicago Police Department)
Clear Law Enforcement for Alien Removal Act
Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail
Community Law Enforcement And Recovery
Community Law Enforcement Aware Response
County Law Enforcement Applied Regionally

CLEARS - California Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors

CLEAT - Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas
Communications, Law Enforcement and Technology

CLEET - Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training

CLEJIS - Coordinated Law Enforcement Justice Information Systems

CLEMIS - Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information System (Michigan)

CLEO - Criminal Law Enforcement Online

CLEP - Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Program

CLERIS - Criminal Law Enforcement Reporting and Information System

CLETS - California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System

CLFRT - Command Level Force Review Team

CLIA - Clandestine Laboratory Investigator's Association

CLO - Compliance Liaison Officer

CLPE - Certified Latent Print Examiner

CLSS - Clandestine Laboratory Seizure System

CLT - Crime Laboratory Technician

CMC - Caution Medical Conditions

CMF - Criminal Master File (FBI)

CMIS - Case Management Information System, or Corrections Management Information System

CMVCI - Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction

CN - Case Number
Crisis Negotiation

CNCA - California Narcotic Canine Association

CNH - Criminally Negligent Homicide

CNOA - California Narcotic Officers' Association

CNPA - Civil Nuclear Police Authority

CNSS - Committee on National Security Systems

CNWDI - Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information

CNYLEADS - Central New York Law Enforcement Analysis Database System

CO - Commanding Officer, or Correctional Officer

COB - Close of Business

COC - Conditions of Confinement

COD - Cause Of Death

CODIS - Combined DNA Index System

CODV - Crime of Domestic Violence

CoHIA - Colorado Homicide Investigator's Association

COINOP - Coin-operated device theft

COLRE - California Organization of Licensing Registration Examiners

COMINT - Communications Intelligence

CompStat - Computer Statistics, or Comparative Statistics

COMPUSEC - Computer Security

COMSEC - Communications Security

COMW - Complaint Withdrawn

ConOps - Concept of Operations

COOP - Continuity of Operations Plan

COP - Citizens On Patrol
Collegiate Officer Program
Common Operational Picture
Community-Oriented Policing

COP Team - Community Outreach Program Team (California)

COPPS - Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving

COPS - California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (California)
Citizens' Options for Public Safety
Community Oriented Policing Services -- COPS is a component of the U.S. Department of Justice.
Comprehensive Outpatient Providers
Concerns of Police Survivors

COPS MORE - Community Oriented Policing Services - Making Officer Redeployment Effective

CORI - Criminal Offender Record Information

COSCA - Conference of State Court Administrators

COT - Committee on Terrorism (Washington)

COTP - Captain of the Port

CP - Campus Police
Command Post
Crime Prevention
Criminal Patrol

CPAAA - Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association

CPD - Child Protection Division, or Criminal Subject Photo Delete Request

CPM - Criminal Possession of Marijuana

CPO - Correctional Probation Officer

CPOMF - California Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation

CPOT - Conservation Police Officer Trainee
Consolidated Priority Organization Target

CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or Criminal Subject Photo Request

CPS - Campus Police Services
Certification Practice Statement
Child Passenger Safety
Child Protective Services
Community Policing Strategy
County Planning System
Credentialed Prevention Specialist
Crime Prevention Specialist

Cpt. - Captain

CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

CPU - Campus Police Unit
Child Predator Unit
Child Protection Unit
Community Policing Unit

CQT - Control Question Test (Polygraph terminology)

CR - Case Report
Crash Report
Criminal Report

CRA - Criminal Report Affidavit

CRCCP - Capital Region Cyber Crime Partnership (New York)

C-RCIED - Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices

CRD - Civil Rights Division

CRI - Confidential Reliable Informant
Crash-Related Injuries

CRIB - Civil Rights Integrity Bureau

CRISP - Comprehensive Regional Information Sharing Project

CRO - Community Relations Office, or Community Relations Officer

CROP - Community Response Officer Program
Criminal Repeat Offender Program

CRP - Crash Report

CRVEHD - Criminal Vehicular Homicide

CRVEHI - Criminal Vehicular Injury

CS - Case Summary
Chemical Spray
Child Services
Confidential Source
Controlled Substance
Crime Stoppers
Criminal Summons

CSA - Child Sexual Abuse
CJIS Systems Agency
Crime Scene Analyst

CSAEP - Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention

CSAFE - Creating a Sexual Assault Free Environment

CSAIA - California Sexual Assault Investigator's Association

CSB - Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

CSC - Criminal Sexual Conduct

CSCM - Criminal Sexual Conduct - Molestation

CSCPA - Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

CSCR - Criminal Sexual Conduct - Rape

CSCS - Criminal Sexual Conduct - Sodomy

CSCSA - Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst

CSE - Child Support Enforcement

CSG - Criminal Street Gang -- A generic acronym used to describe any criminal street gang.

CSH - Community Service Hours

CSI - Center for the Study of Intelligence (CIA)
Computer Security Institute
Crime Scene Investigation

CSIRT - Computer Security Incident Response Team

CSJOA - California State Juvenile Officer's Association

CSLEA - California Statewide Law Enforcement Association

CSM - Criminal Sale of Marijuana

CSO - CJIS Systems Officer
Community Services Officer
Controlled Substance Offense

CSOM - Center for Sex Offender Management

CSOS - Controlled Substances Ordering Systems

CSOSA - Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency

CSP - Community Support Program
Concealing Stolen Property
Counterintelligence Scope Polygraph

CSS - Central Security Service
Community Support Services
Counter-Surveillance Specialist
Crime Scene Search

CST - Civil Support Team, or Crime Scene Technician

CSU - Crime Scene Unit

CT - Criminal Trespass, or Counter-Terrorism

CTA - Corrections Technology Association, or Counter-Terrorism Assistance

CTAC - Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center

CTAP - Counter Terrorism Action Plan, or Counter-Terrorism Assistance Program

CTB - Counter-Terrorism Bureau

CTC - Canine Training Center, or Counter Terrorism Center

CTCPA - Central Texas Crime Prevention Association

CTF - Case Tracking Form
Correctional Treatment Facility
Counterterrorism Finance

CTIC - Connecticut Intelligence Center, or Counter Terrorism Intelligence Center

C-TPAT - Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

CTPE - Certified Ten-Print Examiner

CTR - Currency Transaction Report

CTRFT - Counterfeiting

CTS - CalParole Tracking System
Computer Technology Services
Criminal Tracking System

CTTWG - Counter-Terrorism Training Coordination Working Group

CUI - Controlled Unclassified Information

CVC - California Vehicle Code, or Crime Victims' Compensation

CVC HIDTA - Central Valley California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

CVCTP - Commercial Vehicle Counterterrorism Training Program

CVFI - Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator

CVH - Criminal Vehicular Homicide

CVIS - Commercial Vehicle Information System

CVISS - Central Valley Information Sharing System

CVO - Criminal Vehicular Operation

CVSA - Computerized Voice Stress Analysis

CW - Chemical Warfare, or Complaint Withdrawn

CWB - Central Warrant Bureau

CWBC - Charge Withdrawn By Complainant

CWP - Concealed Weapon Permit

CWQ - Concealed Weapons Permit Query

CWS - Countywide Warrant System

CYA - California Youth Authority -- Later known as the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

CYGS - Community Youth Gang Services

DA - District Attorney, or Domestic Assault

DAC - Driving After Cancellation

DACA - Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment -- Formerly known as the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (DoDPI).

DACS - Deportable Alien Control System

DAG - Deputy Attorney General

DAI - District Attorney Investigator

DAL - Dog At Large

DAMIS - Drug and Alcohol Management Information System

DAML - DARPA Agent Markup Language

DAMMV - Damage to Motor Vehicle

DAMPRP - Damage to Property

DAP - Deputy Auxiliary Police

DAPIG - Denver Area Property Investigator's Group (Colorado)

DAR - Driving After Revocation

DARE - Drug Abuse Resistance Education

DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DAS - Disciplinary Administration Section
Disobeying Automatic Signal
Driving After Suspension

DASIS - Drug and Alcohol Services Information System

DASLT - Domestic Assault

DAVID - Driver And Vehicle Information Database

DAWN - Drug Abuse Warning Network

DB - Dead Body
Detective Bureau
Dog Bite

DBV - Dog Bite Victim

DC - Death Certificate
Deputy Chief
Disorderly Conduct
Dispatch / Communications
Dispositional Continuance
DUI Checkpoint

DCAFIS - District of Columbia Automated Fingerprint Identification System (Washington, D.C.)

DCC - Department of Community Correction, or DISA Command Center

DCF - Department of Children and Family

DCFS - Department of Children and Family Services

DCH - Defendant's Criminal History

DCI - Director of Central Intelligence, or Division of Criminal Investigation

DCID - Director of Central Intelligence Directive

DCISE - DIB Collaborative Information Sharing Environment (DIB = Defense Industrial Base)

DCJS - Department of Criminal Justice Services

DCOE - Dominant Cyber Offensive Engagement

DCOE ST - Dominant Cyber Offensive Engagement and Supporting Technology

DCP - Division of Capitol Police
DUI Checkpoint

DD - Deception Detection
Detector Dog
Developmentally Disabled
Diversionary Device

DDA - Deputy District Attorney

DDR - Deception Detection Research
Drug Demand Reduction

DDTC - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls

DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration

DEC - Drug Endangered Children

DECS - Drug Enforcement Coordination System

DELJIS - Delaware Criminal Justice Information System

DEM - Department of Emergency Management

DEMHS - Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

DEO - Detention Enforcement Officer

Dep. - Deputy

DES - Data Encryption Standard

DESC - Description

Det. - Detective

DF - Deferred Finding

DFO - Designated Federal Officer, or DISA Field Office

DFS - Department of Forensic Science

DFSCA - Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

DFTA - Defendant Failure to Appear

DGO - Disciplinary Grievance Officer

DHS - Department of Homeland Security, or Department of Homeless Services

DHSMV - Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency

DIAC - Delaware Information Analysis Center

DIACAP - DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process

DIAP - Defense Intelligence Analysis Program
Defense-wide Information Assurance Program
Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges
Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
Drug Interdiction Assistance Program

DIF - Detainee Intake Form

DIP - Drunk In Public

DIRNSA - Director of the National Security Agency

DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency

DISCON - Disorderly Conduct

DISN - Defense Information Systems Network

DISPFA - Unlawful Display of a Firearm

DISWEA - Discharge of a Weapon

DITEP - Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals

DITSCAP - DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process

DJJ - Department of Juvenile Justice, or Division of Juvenile Justice

DJO - Deputy Juvenile Officer

DK - Drunk

DL - Driver's License

DLC - Date of Last Contact
Directed-Lie Control / Comparison (Polygraph terminology)
Driver's License Check
Driver's License Checkpoint

DLCT - Directed-Lie Control/Comparison Test (Polygraph terminology)

DLE - Division of Law Enforcement

DLEA - Deputies Law Enforcement Association

DM - Disaster Management

DM-OPEN - Disaster Management - Open Platform for Emergency Networks

DMC - Disproportionate Minority Confinement, or Disproportionate Minority Contact

DMS - Dynamic Message Signs

DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles, or Division of Motor Vehicles

DNDO - Domestic Nuclear Detection Office

DNI - Director of National Intelligence

DNR - Do Not Resuscitate

DOA - Date Of Arrest, or Dead On Arrival

DOB - Date Of Birth

DOC - Date Of Cancellation
Department of Corrections
Disorderly Conduct

DOCEX - Document Exploitation

DOJ - U.S. Department of Justice

DOJCERT - Department of Justice Computer Emergency Response Team

DOL - Department of Licensing

DOMEX - Document and Media Exploitation

DOP - Destruction Of Property
Disorderly Person
Division of Parole

DOT - Date Of Theft
Department of Transportation
Direction Of Travel

DOTS - DNA Offender Tracking System

DP - Deferred Prosecution

DPD - Deputy Public Defender

DPL - Denied Persons List

DPS - Department of Public Safety

DPW - Department of Public Works

DQ - Driver's License Query

DRC - Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (Ohio)

DRE - Drug Recognition Expert

DRK - Drunk

DRO - Detention and Removal Office (ICE)

DRPT - Department of Rail and Public Transportation (Virginia)

DS - Deferred Sentence

DSCA - Defense Support to Civil Authorities

DSE - DISA Support Element

DSS - Department of Social Services

DST - Daylight Saving Time

DTAC - Downtown Area Command

DTAP - Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison

DTHCTP - Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crimes Training Program

DTO - Disruptive Technology Office, or Drug Trafficking Organization

DUBAL - Driving with an Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level

DUI - Driving Under the Influence

DUICHD - Driving Under the Influence with a Child in the car

DUID - Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

DUII - Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants

DUS - Driving Under Suspension

DUSM - Deputy U.S. Marshal

DV - Dating Violence, or Domestic Violence

DVDRC - Domestic Violence Data Resource Center (Florida)

DVI - Domestic Violence Incident
Domestic Violence Initiative
Domestic Violence Injunction
Driver-Vehicle Interface

DVROS - Domestic Violence Restraining Order System

DW - Dangerous Weapon

DWAI - Driving While Ability Impaired

DWI - Driving While Impaired, or Driving While Intoxicated

DWLR - Driving While License Revoked

DWLS - Driving While License Suspended

DWLSR - Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

DWR - Driving While Revoked

DWS - Driving While Suspended

DWSL - Driving With Suspended License

DWUI - Driving While Under the Influence

EAP - Electronic Authentication Partnership

EAR - Export Administration Regulations

EAS - Emergency Alert System

EBTS - Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification

EC - Emergency Contact
Endangered Child

ECAP - Endangered Child Alert Program

ECC - Emergency Communications Center

ECD - Electronic Control Device (Taser), or Emergency Communications Division

ECGIA - East Coast Gang Investigator's Association

e-CFR - Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

ECI - Emergency Contact Information

ECO - Emergency Coordination Officer
Environmental Conservation Officer

ECON - Emergency Contact Information

ECS - Evidence Control Section

ECSAP - Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program (USSS)

ECU - Economic Crimes Unit
Evidence Control Unit
Exploited Child Unit

eCWS - Electronic Citation and Warning System

EDC - Every Day Carry, or Explosives Detection Canine

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EDIS - Emergency Digital Information Service

EDL - Electronic Document Library

EDP - Emotionally Disturbed Person

EDR - Event Data Recorder

EDXL - Emergency Data Exchange Language

EEO - Environmental Enforcement Officer
Equal Employment Opportunity
Explosives Enforcement Officer

E-FIT - Electronic Facial Identification Technique

EFS - Electronic Fingerprint System, or Emergency Fire Services

EFTS - Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification

EGG - Enter Gang Group

EGGT - Enter Gang Group or Terrorist Organization

EHD - Electronic Home Detention

EHM - Electronic Home Monitoring

EIP - Early Intervention Program

ELINT - Electronics Intelligence

ELR - Evaluation Latent Fingerprint Submission Request

EMBEZL - Embezzlement

EMD - Electro-Muscular Disruption (tasers / stun weapons)
Emergency Management Director
Emergency Management Division
Emergency Medical Dispatch

EME - A Mexican-American gang.

EME - Enter Missing Person - Endangered

EMI - Enter Missing Person - Involuntary

EMIO - Expanded Maritime Interception Operations

EMJ - Enter Missing Person - Juvenile

EMO - Enter Missing Person - Other

EMS - Emergency Medical Services

EMT - Emergency Medical Technician

ENTF - Emergency Needs Task Force, or Essential Needs Task Force

EOC - Emergency Operations Center, or Eurasian Organized Crime

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOIR - Executive Office for Immigration Review

EOPSS - Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

EPIC - El Paso Intelligence Center (Texas), or Evidence Photographer's International Council

EPPA - Employee Polygraph Protection Act

EPN - Emergency Preparedness Network (a reverse 911 system)

ER - Emergency Response, or Emergency Room

ERNS - Emergency Response Notification System

ERT - Emergency Response Team, or Evidence Response Team

ESCAT - Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic

ESD - Emergency Services Division

ESF - Emergency Support Function

ESO - Elderly Service Officer

ET - Evidence Technician

ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

ETF - Emergency Task Force

ETI - Enterprise Theory of Investigation

eTrace - Electronic Firearms Tracing system (ATF)

ETU - Evidence Technician Unit

EUDL - Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws

EVO - Emergency Vehicle Occupant
Emergency Vehicle Operations
Emergency Vehicle Operator

EVOC - Emergency Vehicle Operations' Center, or Emergency Vehicle Operations' Course

EW - Electronic Warfare, or Enter Wanted Person

EWJ - Enter Wanted Juvenile

F - Fatal

FA - Fatal Accident
Felonious Assault
Fingerprint Analyst

FACT - Forum on the Advancement of Court Technology

FACTS - Factual Analysis Criminal Threat Solution
Financial And Criminal Tracking System
Fingerprint Analysis and Criminal Tracking System

FALSNM - Providing a False Name or information to an officer

FARS - Fatality Analysis Reporting System

FAST - Free and Secure Trade

FATAC - Fatal Accident

FATSA - Florida Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

FB - Flash Bang Grenade

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBG - Flash Bang Grenade

FCAC - Financial Crimes Analysis Center (Florida)

FCBW - Family Court Bench Warrant

FCC - Field Contact Card

FCG - Fusion Center Guidelines

FCIC - Florida Crime Information Center

FCO - Firearms Control Officer

FCPA - Florida Crime Prevention Association

FCR - Federal Case Registry, or Federal Crime Reporting

FD - Field Division
Fire Department
Fraudulent Document

FDAL - Failure to Display Auto Lights

FDAN - Failure to Display Auto Numbers

FDE - Flat Dark Earth (a firearm stock and grip color), or Forensic Document Examiner

FDIS - Failure to Display Inspection Sticker

FDLE - Florida Department of Law Enforcement

FDLP - Failure to Display License Plate

FDLWAR - Federal Warrant

FEL - Felony

FEPAC - Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission

FET - Field Evidence Technician, or Forensic Evidence Technician

FFL - Federal Firearms License, or Federal Firearms Licensee

FFTTP - Financial Forensic Techniques Training Program

FHVI - Failure to Have Vehicle Inspection

FI - Facial Identification
Field Inspector
Field Interview
Forensic Investigator
Forged Instrument

FIAT - Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training

FIC - Florida Intelligence Center

FIDO - Field Investigation Drug Officer

FIDS - FBI IIR Dissemination System

FIG - Field Intelligence Group (FBI)
Firearms Identification Guide

FinCEN - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

FINFO - Providing False Information to an officer

FINS - Family in Need of Services

FIO - Field Intelligence Officer

FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standards

FIR - Field Interview Report

FIS - Fingerprint Image Submission
Force Investigation Section
Forensic Identification Section

FISH - Forensic Information System for Handwriting

FISINT - Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
Foreign Instrumentations Intelligence

FISO - Facility Information Security Officer

FISR - Fingerprint Image Submission Response

FISWG - Facial Identification Scientific Working Group

FIT - Firearms Integrated Technology

FJSRC - Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center

FLEAT - Federal Law Enforcement Analyst Training

FLEE - Fleeing police in a moving vehicle

FLEO - Federal Law Enforcement Officer
Fleeing Law Enforcement Officer

FLEOA - Federal Law Enforcement Officer's Association

FLETA - Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation

FLETC - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared

FLSB - Forensic Laboratory Services Bureau (Washington State Patrol)

FM - Forensic Mapper

FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

FMS - Forensic Mapping System

FMT - Forensic Mapping Team

FNU - First Name Unknown

FO - Field Office
Field Operations
Firearm Offense

FOG - Field Operations Guide

FOIMS - Field Office Information Management System (FBI)

FOP - Fraternal Order of Police

FORG - Forgery

FORGCK - Forgery of a Check

FOSC - Federal On-Scene Coordinator

FOUO - For Official Use Only

FPC - Fingerprint Classification

FPLS - Federal Parent Locator Service

FPO - Fleeing a Police Officer

FPP - Firearm Purchase Program

FPS - Federal Protective Service (ICE)

FQ - Full Query (Full Data Inquiry)

FRED - Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device

FRIS - Foundation for Rape Information and Services (West Virginia)

FRM - First Responder Mobile

FRPT - Filing a False Report

FRT - Force Review Team

FS - False Statement
False Swearing
Forensic Services

FSAT - Forensic Science Assessment Test

FSD - Federal Security Director
Forensic Services Division
Forensic Sciences Division

FSO - Field Security Operations

FST - Field Sobriety Test

FT - Forensic Technician, or Forensic Technologist

FTA - Failure to Appear

FTEP - Field Training and Evaluation Program

FTO - Failure To Obey (traffic signs, signals, or an officer)
Field Training Officer
Foreign Terrorist Organization

FTO SIGN/TCD - Failure To Obey Sign / Traffic Control Device

FTP - Failure To Pay

FTR - Failure To Respond

FTS - Failure To Stop

FYSB - Family and Youth Services Bureau

G - Guilty

GAN - Gang-Related

GangTECC - National Gang Targeting, Enforcement and Coordination Center

GAPP - Gang Alternatives Prevention Program

GAS - Government Auditing Standards

GATE - Gang Awareness Training Education

GBH - Grievous Bodily Harm

GBI - Georgia Bureau of Investigation, or Grievous Bodily Injury

GBMI - Guilty But Mentally Ill

GCA - Grayscale Compression Algorithm

GCFA - GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst

GCIC - Georgia Crime Information Center

GCIH - GIAC Certified Incident Handler

GCIP - General Counterdrug Intelligence Plan

GCS - Gang Crimes Specialist

GCSP - Gang Crime Suppression Program

GDC - General District Court

GHSAC - Governors' Homeland Security Advisory Council

GIAC - Global Information Assurance Certification

GIG - Global Information Grid

GIO - Gang Intelligence Officer

GIS - Gang Intervention Specialist
General Investigation Section
Geographic Information System

GISAC - Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center

GISWG - Global Infrastructure / Standards Working Group

GI2Vis - Geospatial Intelligence Information Visualization

GIU - Gang Intelligence Unit

GIWG - Global Intelligence Working Group

GJXDM - Global Justice XML Data Model

GKT - Guilty Knowledge Test (Polygraph terminology)

GL - Grand Larceny

GM - Gang Member

GNG - Gang-Related

GOA - Gone On Arrival

GOR - General Offense Report

GPIQWG - Global Privacy and Information Quality Working Group

GPOR - Georgia Protective Order Registry

GQ - General Query, or Generic Query

GR - Gang-Related

GRAD - Gang Renouncement and Disassociation

GRASP - Gang Reduction and Aggressive Supervised Parole (New Jersey)
Gang Rescue And Support Project
Ground Reaction and Self Protection

GRC - Group Reference Capability

GREAT - Gang Reporting, Evaluation and Tracking, or Gang Resistance Education And Training

GRIP - Gang/Narcotics Relational Intelligence Program
Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention
Gang-Related Intervention Program
Gang Resistance Is Paramount
Gang Risk Intervention Program

GRIPS - Gang Response Intervention, Prevention and Suppression

GRITS - Gang-Related Inmate Tracking System

GRYD - Gang Reduction and Youth Development Zones

GSBW - General Sessions Bench Warrant

GSI - Gross Sexual Imposition

GSR - Gunshot Residue

GSW - Gunshot Wound

GSWG - Global Security Working Group

GTA - Grand Theft Auto

GUNPUB - Possession of a firearm in Public

GUNVEH - Possession of a firearm in a Vehicle

HA - Hells Angels, or House Arrest

HAMC - Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

HANDGN - Illegal Possession of a Handgun

HAR - Harassment

HAZMAT - Hazardous Materials

HBD - Has or Had Been Drinking

HCCC - Holding Cell Compliance Committee

HCS - HUMINT Control System

HF - Hispanic Female

HFA - Hispanic Female Adult

HFJ - Hispanic Female Juvenile

HFO - Habitual Felony Offender

HGN - Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus -- A field sobriety test.

HIBIS - HIDTA Internet-based Information System

HI-CAAP - High Intensity Criminal Alien Apprehension and Prosecution

HIDTA - High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

HIDTA DIG - High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area - Digital Information Gateway

HIFCA - High Intensity Financial Crimes Area

HIIDE - Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment

HIRT - Hazardous Incident Response Team

HIS - HUMINT Imagery Server

HISC - Houston Intelligence Support Center (Texas)

HITS - Homicide Information Tracking System (Washington)

HITS Center - HIDTA Intelligence and Technical Support Center

HM - Hispanic Male

HMA - Hispanic Male Adult

HME - Home-Made Explosives

HMEP - Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness

HMIRS - Hazardous Materials Information Reporting System

HMIS - Hazardous Materials Information System

HMJ - Hispanic Male Juvenile

HMLI - Houston Money Laundering Initiative (Texas)

HMR - Hazardous Materials Regulations

HMT - Hazardous Materials Transportation

HMT-SALE - Hazardous Materials Transportation - State and Local Education

HO - Habitual Offender

HOV - High-Occupancy Vehicle

HP - Highway Patrol

HPSCI - House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

HRMMIN - Distributing or supplying material Harmful to Minors

HRSO - High Risk Sex Offender

HRT - Hostage Rescue Team

HS - Health and Safety Code

HSAC - Homeland Security Advisory Council

HSC - Health and Safety Code
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron
Homeland Security Corporation
Homeland Security Council

HSD - Highway Safety Division

HSDL - Homeland Security Digital Library

HSEEP - Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program

HSGP - Homeland Security Grant Program

HSIN - Homeland Security Information Network

HSIN-CI - Homeland Security Information Network - Critical Infrastructure

HSOC - Homeland Security Operations Center

HS-SLIC - Homeland Security - State and Local Intelligence Community

HSTC - Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center

HT - High-Tech
Hostage Taker
Human Trafficking

HTCC - High Tech Crime Cops

HTCIA - High Technology Crime Investigation Association

HTCN - High-Tech Crime Network

HUD - Heads-Up Display

HVA - Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

HVE - High Visibility Enforcement, or Human-Vehicle-Environment

HVE-CSI - Human-Vehicle-Environment - Crash Site Investigator

IA - Intelligence Analyst, or Internal Affairs

IAAI - International Association of Arson Investigators

IAARS - International Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists

IAATI - International Association of Auto Theft Investigators

IAB - Internal Affairs Bureau

IACA - International Association of Crime Analysts

IACIS - International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists

IACLEA - International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators

IACP - International Association of Canine Professionals, or International Association of Chiefs of Police

IAD - Internal Affairs Division

IADLEST - International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training

IAFCI - International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators

IAFIS - Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System

IAFMS - International Association of Forensic Mapping Specialists

IAI - International Association for Identification

IAIP - Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection

IAIS - Integrated, Automated Information System

IALEETP - Intelligence Awareness for Law Enforcement Executives Training Program

IALEIA - International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

IAMI - International Association of Marine Investigators

IARC - Internal Affairs Review Commission

IAS - Internal Affairs Section

IASIU - International Association of Special Investigation Units

IATAI - Illinois Association of Technical Accident Investigators

IATP - Intelligence Analyst Training Program

IAU - Internal Affairs Unit

IBIS - Integrated Ballistic Identification System

IBR - Incident-Based Reporting

IC - Implied Consent
Incident Command
Incident Commander
Intelligence Community
Internal Carriers - (a.k.a. "swallowers") A drug smuggler who ingests or inserts "balloons" containing illegal drugs -- such as heroin or cocaine -- into body cavities.
Internet Crimes

ICAC - Internet Crimes Against Children

iCAV - Integrated Common Analytical Viewer

ICBA - International Conference on Biometric Authentication

ICD - In-Custody Death

ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICHS - Integrated Criminal History System

IC-IRC - Intelligence Community - Incident Response Center

ICITAP - International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program

ICJIS - Integrated Criminal Justice Information System

I-CLEAR - Illinois' Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting

ICN - Intelligence Coordination Network

ICN - IAFIS Control Number

ICP - Incident Command Post, or Integrated Contingency Plan

ICPA - Idaho Crime Prevention Association
Illinois Crime Prevention Association
Iowa Crime Prevention Association

ICPC - International Conference of Police Chaplains

ICS - Incident Command System

ICSIA - International Crime Scene Investigators Association

ICSIS - Intelligence Community System for Information Sharing

IC3 - Internet Crime Complaint Center

ICTAP - Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program

ICTOA - International Counter-Terrorism Officer's Association

ICU - Intensive Care Unit

ID - Identification
Illegal Drugs
Illicit Drugs
Intrusion Detection

I/D - Intoxicated and Disruptive

IDA - Integrated Digital Archive

IDACS - Indiana Data and Communications System

IDC - Image Designation Character, or Indigent Defense Commission

IDCSP - Inland Division Corridor Safety Project (California)

IDEOA - Illinois Drug Enforcement Officer's Association

ID/IP - Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Prevention

IDS - Intrusion Detection System

IEA - Immigration Enforcement Agent

IED - Improvised Explosive Device

IFC - Issuing a Fraudulent Check

IFL - Integrated Forensic Laboratories

IFTA - International Fuel Tax Association

IHSDM - Interactive Highway Safety Design Model

III - Interstate Identification Index

IIJIS - Illinois Integrated Justice Information System

IIMG - Interagency Incident Management Group

IIR - Institute for Intergovernmental Research, or Intelligence Information Report

IIU - Innocent Images Unit (FBI), or Internal Investigations Unit

IJIS - Integrated Justice Information Systems

ILEA - International Law Enforcement Academy

ILEAS - Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

ILEMP - Immigration Law Enforcement Monitoring Project

ILERSBA - Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks

ILO - Intelligence Liaison Officer

ILP - Intelligence-Led Policing

ILRC - Ignitable Liquids Reference Collection

IM - Involuntary Manslaughter

IMAGE - ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers

IMINT - Imagery Intelligence

IMN - Image Number

IMPPO - Impersonating a Police Officer

IMPS - Impound Sheet

IMT - Image Type

INA - Information Not Available

INCR - International Network of Collision Reconstructionists

INDCON - Indecent Conduct

INDEX - Indecent Exposure

INEOA - International Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association

INF - Infraction

INL - International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

INL/A - International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs' Office of Aviation

INPEA - International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service -- Later known as the USCIS.

INT - Intoxicated

INTERPOL - International Criminal Police Organization

IOMGIA - International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigator's Association

IP - Infrastructure Protection
Internet Protocol
Internship Program
Intrusion Prevention
Involved Party

IPA - International Police Association

IPCA - Idaho Police Canine Association
International Parental Child Abduction
Iowa Police Chiefs Association

IPMBA - International Police Mountain Bike Association

IPMC - Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club -- A motorcycle club comprised of active and retired law enforcement officers and firefighters.

IPRM - Information Protection and Risk Management

IPROST - Loitering with the Intent of Prostitution

IPTM - Institute of Police Technology and Management

IPV - Interpersonal Violence, or Intimate Partner Violence

IPWDA - International Police Work Dog Association

IR - Incident Report, or Investigative Report

IRA - Intelligence Research Analyst

IRIS - Incident Reporting Identification System

IRR - Fingerprint Image Request Response

IRS - Incident Reporting System, or Internal Revenue Service

IRTPA - Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act

IS - Identification Services

ISAC - Information Sharing and Analysis Center

ISC - Investigative Support Center

ISDC - Investigative Support and Deconfliction Center

ISE - Information Sharing Environment

ISFCE - International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners

ISI - Information Sharing Initiative

ISLA/IDA - Information Systems for Los Angeles / Integrated Digital Archive

ISR - Indoor Shooting Range
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Intelligence Support Report
International Security Register

ISS - Intelligence Support System

ISU - Investigative Services Unit

ITA - Indiana Troopers' Association

ITAC - Identity Theft Assistance Center

ITACG - Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group

ITAR - International Traffic in Arms Regulations

ITN - Identification Tasking and Networking (FBI)

ITOA - Illinois Tactical Officer's Association

IUPA - International Union of Police Associations

IVAT - Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma

IWBA - International Wound Ballistics Association

IZGO - Ismael Zambada Garcia Organization -- A major North American drug trafficking cartel.

JABS - Joint Automated Booking System

JAC - Juvenile Assessment Center

JAG - Judge Advocate General, or Justice Assistance Grant

JCON - Justice Consolidated Office Network

JCPSS - Juvenile Court and Probation Statistical System

JCREW - Joint Counter RCIED Electronic Warfare

JDC - Juvenile Detention Center

JDF - Juvenile Detention Facility

JDIS - Justice Detainee Information System (USMS)

JDISS - Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System

JDRC - Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts

JFHQ-NCR - Joint Force Headquarters - National Capital Region (U.S. Army)

JFO - Joint Field Office

JH, JHO, and JHOMIC - Justifiable Homicide

JIC - Justice Information Center

JICC - Joint Information Coordination Center, or Justice Intelligence Coordinating Council

JIEDDO - Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization

JIEM - Justice Information Exchange Model

JIN - Justice Information Network

JIP - Juvenile Impact Program

JIRC - Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission

JJIS - Juvenile Justice Information System

JMS - Jail Management System

JOLTS - Juvenile On-Line Tracking System

JPO - Juvenile Probation Officer

JRA - Justice Reference Architecture

JRIC - Joint Regional Intelligence Center

JRIES - Joint Regional Information Exchange System

JRS - Juvenile Regional Services

JRSA - Justice Research and Statistics Association

JSC - Justice Standards Clearinghouse

JT - Jury Trial

JTIDS - Joint Tactical Information Distribution System

JUMP - Juvenile Mentoring Program

JUSTNET - Justice Technology Information Network

Juv. - Juvenile

JVLOIT - Juvenile Loitering

JVU - Juvenile Victims Unit

JWICS - Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

K - Knowingly

K & R - Kidnap and Ransom

KAR - Kentucky Administrative Regulations

KASAP - Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs

KBI - Kansas Bureau of Investigation

KCSP - Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property

KGM - Known Gang Member -- A generic term used to describe any known member of a street or prison gang.

KIDNAP - Kidnapping

K-9 - Canine Unit

KOPS - Keeping Our Police Safe (Minnesota)

K-Rail - A movable concrete barrier used by law enforcement and public safety workers during highway construction, for crowd control, or to temporarily divert mud, falling rocks, etc.

KRS - Kentucky Revised Statutes

KVE - Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement

LACRCIC - Los Angeles County Regional Criminal Information Clearinghouse

LACRIS - Los Angeles County Regional Identification System

LA-HIDTA - Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

LAPB - Local Area Policing Board

LAPPL - Los Angeles Police Protective League

LARGIN - Los Angeles Regional Gang Information Network

LA RTTAC - Los Angeles Regional Terrorist Threat Assessment Center (California)

LASPA - Los Angeles School Police Association (California)

LASPA - Los Angeles Sheriff's Professional Association (California)

LCH - Limited Criminal History

LEA - Law Enforcement Agencies

LEAA - Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
Law Enforcement Association of America

LEADS - Law Enforcement Agencies Data System

LEAP - Law Enforcement Accreditation Program
Law Enforcement Advanced Protection
Law Enforcement Advocacy Partnership
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Law Enforcement Against Pushers
Law Enforcement Alliance Project
Law Enforcement Analysis Portal
Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program
Law Enforcement Assistance Program
Law Enforcement Availability Pay
Local number portability Enhanced Analytical Platform

LEAPS - Law Enforcement And Private Security
Law Enforcement And Protective Services

LEARN - Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network

LEBA - Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association

LEC - Law Enforcement Center

LECC - Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee

LECJ - Law Enforcement / Criminal Justice

LEDETs - Law Enforcement Detachments (U.S. Coast Guard)

LEDS - Law Enforcement Data System

LEEWT - Law Enforcement Edged Weapons Tactics Training

LEIC - Law Enforcement Innovation Center (Tennessee)

LEIM - Law Enforcement Information Management

LEIN - Law Enforcement Information Network, or Law Enforcement Intelligence Network

LEISP - Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program

LEISS - Law Enforcement Information Sharing Service, or Law Enforcement Information Sharing Strategy

LEITSC - Law Enforcement Information Technology Standards Council

LEIU - Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit

LEMA - Law Enforcement Memorial Association

LEMAS - Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics

LEMS - Law Enforcement Management System

LEMU - Law Enforcement Management Unit

LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
Law Enforcement Online (FBI)
Law Enforcement Organizations

LEOKA - Law Enforcement Officer Killed or Assaulted

LEOSIGs - Law Enforcement Online Special Interest Groups

LEOSS - Law Enforcement Officer Stress Survey

LEP - Limited English Proficiency

LEPC - Law Enforcement Police Council
Law Enforcement Product Council
Local Emergency Planning Committee

LEPET - Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test

LEPM - Law Enforcement Protective Measures

LERA - Law Enforcement Response Actions, or Local Emergency Response Authority

LERP - Law Enforcement Response Plan, or Local Emergency Response Plan

LES - Law Enforcement Sensitive, or Law Enforcement Standards

LESC - Law Enforcement Support Center

LESO - Law Enforcement for Special Olympics
Law Enforcement Security Officer
Law Enforcement Security Operations
Law Enforcement Student Organization
Law Enforcement Support Office
Law Enforcement Support Officer
Law Enforcement Support Operations
Law Enforcement Surplus Office

LETA - Law Enforcement Thermographers' Association

LETPP - Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program

LEWG - Law Enforcement Working Group

LFFS - Latent Fingerprint Features Search

LFIS - Latent Fingerprint Image Search

LFMR - Latent File Maintenance Response

LFS - Latent Fingerprint Image Submission, or Latent Forensic Scientist

LKA - Last Known Address

LKP - Last Known Position

LLEBG - Local Law Enforcement Block Grant

LNU - Last Name Unknown

LOCATER - Lost Child Alert Technology Resource

LPO - Loss Prevention Officer

LPOR - Louisiana Protective Order Registry

LPR - Legal Permanent Resident
License Plate Reader
License Plate Recognition

LPU - Loss Prevention Unit

LR - Light Rail, or Long Range

LRAD - Long Range Acoustical Device (Sound Cannon)

LRSQ - Latent Repository Statistics Query

LRSR - Latent Repository Statistics Response

LRT - Light Rail Transit, or Long Range Tracker

LS - License Suspended

L/S - Lost/Stolen

LSA - Leaving the Scene of an Accident

LSAA - Leaving the Scene After an Accident

LSI - Livescan Interface

LSMR - Latent Search Status and Modification Response

LSMQ - Latent Search Status and Modification Query

LSR - Latent Submission Results

LSTLE - Local, State, and Tribal Law Enforcement

LSW - Last Seen Wearing

LT - Lieutenant, or Life Threatening

LTATP - Land Transportation Anti-terrorism Training Program

LTI - Life Threatening Injury

LTL - Less Than Lethal

LV - Locate (Stolen) Vehicle

LW - Locate Wanted Person

LWOP - Life Without Possibility of Parole

M - Machine Gun

MAC - Multi-Agency Coordination Committee

MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MAG - Magistrate system

MAGLOCLEN - Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network

MAP - Motorist Assistance Program

MAPP - Methamphetamine Awareness Prevention Project
Model for the Allocation of Patrol Personnel
MOSAIC for Assessment of Public-figure Pursuit

MARGIN - Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigator's Network

MASCA - Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association

MASINT - Measurement and Signature Intelligence

MATAI - Maryland Association of Traffic Accident Investigators, or Michigan Association of Traffic Accident Investigators

MATRIX - Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange

MAVIA - Mothers Against Violence in America

MC - Medical Center

MCATI - Managing Civil Actions in Threat Incidents

MCC - Major Cities Chiefs Association

MCD - Major Crimes' Division

MCIC - Missing Children Information Clearinghouse

MCMIS - Motor Carrier Management Information System

MCP - Mobile Command Post

MCPA - Maryland Crime Prevention Association

MCSA - Major County Sheriffs' Association

MCSAP - Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program

MCV - Mobile Command Vehicle, or Mobile Communications Vehicle

MDMA - 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine -- The drug commonly known as Ecstasy.

MDOP - Malicious Destruction Of Property

MDR - Mileage Death Rate

MDT - Mobile Data Terminal
Mobile Deployment Team
Multi-Disciplinary Team

MDTO - Major Drug Trafficking Organization, or Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization

ME - Medical Examiner

MEC - Munitions and Explosives of Concern

MEO - Medical Examiner's Office

MECC - Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center

MEPIC - Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse (Florida) -- Formerly known as the Missing Children Information Clearinghouse.

Meth - Methamphetamine

MFH - Missing From Home (runaways)

MGIA - Midwest Gang Investigator's Association

MHFPS - Mental Health Firearms Prohibition System

MHISC - Midwest HIDTA Investigative Support Center

MICAD - Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Detector

MII - Modify Identifying Image (Mugshot)

MINCAVA - Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

MIO - Maritime Interception Operations

MIP - Minor In Possession of alcohol

MIS - Misdemeanor, or Multi-agency Information Sharing

Misd. - Misdemeanor

MISLE - Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement

MJINMV - Marijuana In Motor Vehicle

MJPOA - Massachusetts Juvenile Police Officer's Association

MLEIN - Money Laundering Threat Assessment

MLTA - Money Laundering Threat Assessment

MMUCC - Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria

M/N - Model Number

MNCPA - Minnesota Crime Prevention Association

MNI - Master Name Index

MNJIS - Minnesota Justice Information Services

MO - Modus Operandi

MOCIC - Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center

MOD - Model

MOE - Method Of Entry

MORIS - Mobile Offender Recognition and Information System

MOSAIC - Method for Objectively Selecting Areas of Inquiry Consistently
Menace, Object, Subject, Affect, Intensity, and Clarity

MoSPIN - Missouri Statewide Police Intelligence Network

MOSS - Map Overlay and Statistical System

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MP - Military Police
Missing Person
Movable Property

MPC - Missing Person Case
Missing Person Circumstances
Missing Person Clearinghouse

MPS - Missing Persons System

MPTC - Municipal Police Training Committee -- They were formerly known as the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council.

MPU - Marine Patrol Unit
Missing Persons Unit
Mounted Patrol Unit

MROD - MNJIS Reports on Demand

MSA - Maine Sheriffs' Association
Maryland Sheriffs' Association
Massachusetts Sheriff's Association
Michigan Sheriffs' Association
Minnesota Sheriffs' Association
Missouri Sheriff's Association

MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet

MSLTR - Manslaughter

MSS - Managed Security Services
Mission Support Specialist
Mobile Surveillance System

MT - Metropolitan Transit

MTA - Macon Transit Authority (Georgia)
Maryland Transit Administration
Mendocino Transit Authority (California)
Methadone to Abstinence
Metropolitan Transit Authority

MTZ - Mutual Threat Zone

MU - Marine Unit
Mobile Unit
Mounted Unit

MULES - Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System

MUPS - Missing and Unidentified Persons System

MUTCD - Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

MV - Motor Vehicle, or Moving Violation

MVA - Motor Vehicle Accident

MVR - Motor Vehicle Registration

MVTAM - Motor Vehicle Tampering

MVTHFT - Motor Vehicle Theft

MW - Modify Wanted Person

MWOMGIA - Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigator's Association

N - Narcotics

NA - Narcotics Anonymous, or Not Available

NAAG - National Association of Attorneys General

NABI - National Association of Bunco Investigators

NACJD - National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

NACLA - National Cooperation for Laboratory Accreditation

NACOP - National Association of Chiefs of Police, or National Association Citizens On Patrol

NACVCB - National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards

NADDI - National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators

NADDIS - Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Information System

NADE - National Association of Document Examiners

NADEC - National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children

NADR - Non-proliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs

NADR / ATA - Non-proliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs / Anti-Terrorism Assistance

NADR-TIP - Non-proliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs - Terrorist Interdiction Program

NAFI - National Association of Fire Investigators, or National Association of Fraud Investigators

NAGIA - National Alliance of Gang Investigator's Associations

NAI - Non-Accidental Injury

NAILS - National Alien Information Lookout System

NAIS - National Association of Investigative Specialists

NAJIS - National Association for Justice Information Systems

NAME - National Association of Medical Examiners

NamUs - National Missing and Unidentified Persons System

NAPARS - National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists

NAPD - National Academy of Police Diving, or National Academy of Police Driving

NAPO - National Association of Police Organizations

NAPWDA - North American Police Work Dog Association

NAQ - NICB All File Query

NARC - Narcotics Awareness Recognition Committee

NART - Northern Alaska Response Team

NASBLA - National Association of State Boating Law Administrators

NASEMSD - National Association of State EMS Directors -- Later known as the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO).

NAT - No Action Taken

NATARI - National Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and Investigators

NATIA - National Technical Investigators' Association

NBACC - National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center

NBSCAB - National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board

NC RTTAC - Northern California Regional Terrorist Threat Assessment Center

NCADI - National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

NCALL - National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life

NCAP - National Consortium for Advanced Policing

NCAVC - National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime

NCAVP - National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs

NCB - National Central Bureau -- USNCB is another acronym that also refers to the U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol in Washington, D.C.

NCCD - National Council on Crime and Delinquency

NCCT - Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories

NCF - No Charges Filed

NCFIA - Northern California Fraud Investigator's Association

NCFS - National Center for Forensic Science

NCFY - National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth

NCG - Network Coordination Group

NCGIA - North Carolina Gang Investigator's Association

NCHIP - National Criminal History Improvement Project

NCIC - National Crime Information Center

NCILP - National Consortium for Intelligence-Led Policing

NCIRC - National Criminal Intelligence Resource Center

NCISP - National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan

NCJA - National Criminal Justice Association

NCJJ - National Center for Juvenile Justice

NCJRS - National Criminal Justice Reference Service

NCMEC - National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

NCO - Neighborhood Contact Officer
No-Contact Order

NCPA - National Crime Prevention Association

NCPC - National Crime Prevention Council

NCPI - National Crime Prevention Institute

NC-RAFIS - National Capital Region Automated Fingerprint Identification System

NCTC - National Counterterrorism Center, or Northeast Counterdrug Training Center

NCVIP - National Child Victim Identification Program

NCVS - National Center for Vital Statistics

NCWP - National Center for Women and Policing

NDDOCR - North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

NDDOT - North Dakota Department of Transportation

N-DEx - National Data Exchange

NDIC - National Drug Intelligence Center

NDNAD - National DNA Database

NDPIX - National Drug Pointer Index

NDRF - National Defense Reserve Fleet

NDTS - National Drug Threat Survey

NEAC - Northeast Area Command

NeFISC - Northeast Florida Investigative Support Center

NEGIS - Northeast Gang Information System

NEGLCT - Child Neglect

NEHIDTA - New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

NeLEIN - Nebraska Law Enforcement Intelligence Network

NeLEIS - Nebraska Law Enforcement Intelligence System

NEMSIS - National EMS Information System

NERRTC - National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center

NESPIN - New England State Police Information Network

NF - Not Filed, or Not Found

NFA - No Further Action

NFDD - Noise Flash Diversionary Device

NFF - National Fingerprint File

NFI - No Further Information

NFIC - National Fraud Information Center

NFOCIS - National Field Office Case Information System (ATF)

NG - Not Guilty

NGCRC - National Gang Crime Research Center

NGI - Next Generation Identification (FBI) -- A "Next Generation" state-of-the-art biometric identification system.

NGIC - National Gang Intelligence Center

NGRI - Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

NGS - National Gang Strategy

NGTA - National Gang Threat Assessment

NHAC - National HIDTA Assistance Center

NHPO - National HIDTA Program Office

NHTRC - National Human Trafficking Resource Center

NIAAA - National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

NIBIN - National Integrated Ballistics Information Network

NIBRS - National Incident-Based Reporting System

NICB - National Insurance Crime Bureau

NICS - National Instant Criminal Background Check System

NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse

NIDS - Network Intrusion Detection System

NIEM - National Information Exchange Model

NII - National Identification Index

NIJ - National Institute of Justice

NIMD - Novel Intelligence from Massive Data

NIMS - National Incident Management System

NIMSCAST - National Incident Management System

NIN - Narcotic Information Network

NIPAS - Northern Illinois Police Alarm System

NIPP - National Infrastructure Protection Plan

NIQ - NICB Impound/Export Query

NISP - NLETS Interstate Sharing of Photos

NISS - National Information Sharing Strategy

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

NJCAP - New Jersey Child Assault Prevention

NJGIA - New Jersey Gang Investigator's Association

NJT - Non-Jury Trial

NK9DTA - National K-9 Dog Trainer's Association

NLEC - National Law Enforcement Council

NLECTC - National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center

NLEOMF - National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund

NLERA - National Law Enforcement Recruiter's Association

NLETC - National Law Enforcement Training Center

NLETS - National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System

NLPOA - National Latino Peace Officers' Association

NLT - Non-Life Threatening

NMCPA - New Mexico Crime Prevention Association

NMCSAAS - New Mexico Clearinghouse on Sexual Abuse and Assault Services

NMIC - National Maritime Intelligence Center

NMPI - National Methamphetamine Pharmaceuticals Initiative

NNALEA - National Native American Law Enforcement Association

NNDDA - National Narcotic Detector Dog Association

NNOAC - National Narcotic Officers' Associations' Coalition

NOA - Notice Of Appearance, or Notify Originating Agency

NOBLE - National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives

NOC - National Operations Center (DHS)

NOFORN - Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals

NOL - No Operators License

NORAD - North American Aerospace Defence Command

NORT - National Odor Recognition Test (K-9 training)
Northern Oahe Rescue Team (Mobridge, South Dakota)

NOVARIS - Northern Virginia Regional Identification System

NPBA - National Police Bloodhound Association

NPC - No Probable Cause

NPCA - National Police Canine Association

NPG - National Preparedness Guidance, or National Preparedness Goal

NPO - Neighborhood Police Officer

NPSFL - National Public Safety Football League -- A football league for law enforcement personnel, correction officers, and fire fighters.

NRCC - National Response Coordination Center (FEMA)

NRN - No Report Needed, or No Report Necessary

NRP - National Response Plan

NSA - National Security Agency
National Sheriffs' Association
Network Security Appliance

NSC - National Security Council

NSCID - National Security Council Intelligence Directive

NSD - National Security Directive

NSDD - National Security Decision Directive

NSOPW - The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website

NSS - National Security Staff
National Seizure System
National Standards Strategy

NSSE - National Special Security Event

NST - National Security Threat, or Neighborhood Stabilization Team

NSTISSC - National Security Telecommunications Information Systems Security Committee

NSTTC - Office of National Security and Technology Transfer Controls

NSV - No Similar Violations

NSVRC - National Sexual Violence Resource Center

NTA - Notice To Appear

NTAC - National Threat Assessment Center (USSS)

NTC - National Troopers' Coalition

NTCPA - North Texas Crime Prevention Association

NTIMC - National Traffic Incident Management Coalition

NTOA - National Tactical Officer's Association

NUG - National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management

NVAA - National Victim Assistance Academy

NVAWPRC - National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center

NVD - Night Vision Devices

NVG - Night Vision Goggles

NVOL - No Valid Operators License

NVPS - National Virtual Pointer System

NW WARN - Northwest Warning, Alert and Response Network (Washington)

NWAC - Northwest Area Command

NWGIA - Northwest Gang Investigator's Association

NW3C - National White Collar Crime Center

NYGC - National Youth Gang Center

NYGIA - New York Gang Investigator's Association

NYSPIA - New York State Police Investigator's Association

NYSPIN - New York Statewide Police Information Network

OA - Order to Appear

OADM - Open Air Drug Market

OAG - Office of Attorney General

OAJJA - Office of Adult and Juvenile Justice Assistance

OASAS - Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (New York)

OASIS - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

OBIS - Offender-Based Information System

OBN - Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics -- They're also known as the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD).

OBSCPH - Obscene Phone Calls

OBSTRU - Obstructing the legal process

OBTS - Offender-Based Tracking System
Offender-Based Transaction Statistics
Offender-Based Transaction System

OC - Obscene Conduct
Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper spray)
Organized Crime

OCA - Office of Court Administration, or Originating Case Agency

OCAN - Office on Child Abuse and Neglect

OCI - Office of the Chief Investigator

OCJG - Office of Criminal Justice Grants

OCJP - Office of Criminal Justice Planning

OCN - Offense Cycle Number (Missouri)

OCPA - Ohio Crime Prevention Association

OCS - Office of Child Support

OCVA - Office of Crime Victims Advocacy

OD - Overdose

ODC - Office of Drug Control

ODCCP - Office of Drug Control and Crime Prevention

ODCP - Office of Drug Control Policy

ODD - Other Dangerous Drugs

ODOT - Ohio Department of Transportation, or Oregon Department of Transportation

ODP - Office for Domestic Preparedness
Overdose Drug Prevention
Overdose Prevention
Overdose Prevention Project

OEM - Office of Emergency Management

OES - Office of Emergency Services

OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control

OGIA - Oklahoma Gang Investigators' Association

OHMS - Office of Hazardous Materials Safety

OIC - Officer in Charge

OIG - Office of the Inspector General

OIS - Officer-Involved Shooting

OJJDP - Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (DOJ)

OJP - Office of Justice Programs (DOJ)

OLN - Operator's License Number

OLS - Operator's License State
One Leg Stand -- A field sobriety test.

OMG - Outlaw Motorcycle Gang -- A generic term used to describe any violent and/or criminal motorcycle gang.

OMVI - Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated

ONDCP - Office of National Drug Control Policy

ONEA - Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association

OP - Operations
Order of Protection

OPD - Office of the Public Defender

OPEN - Open Platform for Emergency Networks

OPHPR - Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (CDC)

OPIM - Other Potentially Infectious Materials

OPS - Office of Pipeline Safety
Office of Public Safety

OPSACTP - Operations Security for Public Safety Agencies Counterterrorism Training Program

OPSCAN - Olympic Public Safety Communication Alliance Network (Washington)

OPSEC - Operations Security

OR - Released on Own Recognizance

OREIS - Operation Respond Emergency Information System

Org. - Organized Crime

ORI - Originating Agency Identifier code

ORT - Organized Retail Theft

OSI - Office of Special Investigations, or Office of Statewide Intelligence

OSIN - Oregon State Intelligence Network

OSN - Obliterated Serial Number

OSO - Office of Security Operations (TSA), or Operational Support Officer

OSS - Operation Safe Streets

OSSIP - Outreach and Support to Special Immigrant Populations (Oregon)

OTA - Order To Appear

OTFCA - Ohio Task Force Commanders Association

OUI - Operating Under the Influence

OVA - Office for Victim Assistance (FBI)

OVC - Office for Victims of Crime

OVCRC - Office for Victims of Crime Resource Center

OVI - Operating a Vehicle while Impaired, or Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated

OVWI - Operating a Vessel While Impaired / Intoxicated

OW - Open Warrant, or Oral Warning

OWI - Operating While Intoxicated

P - Pending

PAB - Police Advisory Board, or Professional Accountability Bureau

PACE - Police Automated Computer Entry
Probationer Accountability with Certain Enforcement

PACER - Public Access to Court Electronic Records

PACT - Police Action Counseling Team
Police Agency Combined Testing
Police and Citizens Together
Police and Clergy Team
Police and Community Together

PAIC - Patrol Agent in Charge

PAIR - Police Action Incident Report

PAL - Parolee-at-Large
Police Activity League
Police Athletic League

PALES - Public and Law Enforcement Services

PAQ - Parole, Probation, and Corrections Query

PAROLE - Parole Violation

PAS - Preliminary Alcohol Screening Device

PASG - Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment

PAV - Parole Violation

PAVC - People Against Violent Crime

PBA - Police Benevolent Association

PBIED - Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices

PBQ - Probation Query

PBT - Portable Breathalyzer Test, or Preliminary Breathalyzer Test

PC - Passenger Car
Penal Code
Probable Cause
Protective Custody

PCAD - Police Computer Aided Dispatch

PCASS - Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System

PCF - Primary Collision Factor

PCH - Pacific Coast Highway (California)

PCIARC - Police Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission

PCII - Protected Critical Infrastructure Information

PCMS - Probation Case Management System

PCN - Process Control Number

PCQ - Parole / Corrections Query, or Probation / Corrections Query

PCR - Preliminary Complaint Report

PCS - Possession of a Controlled Substance

PCSOT - Post Conviction Sex Offender (Polygraph) Testing

PCU - Property Crimes Unit

PD - Pistol / Derringer
Police Department
Prescription Drug
Property Damage
Public Defender

PDD - Psycho-physiological Detection of Deception

PDFA - Partnership for a Drug Free America

PDMP - Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

PDO - Police Detention Officer
Prescription Drug Offense
Property Damage Only

PDR - Photo Delete Response

PEACE - Putting an End to Abuse through Community Efforts

PEBT - Portable Evidential Breath Test

PELTP - Police Entry Level Training Program

PEND - Charges Pending

PEP - Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

PEPFF - Public Employees Police and Fire Fund

PER - Property and Evidence Report

PERF - Police Executive Research Forum, or Public Employees' Retirement Fund

PERJRY - Perjury

PERK - Physical Evidence Recovery Kit

Perp. - Perpetrator

PF - Possession of a Firearm
Possession of a gun by a Felon

PFA - Police Family Association
Possession of a Firearm and Ammo
Preliminary Finding of Abuse
Protection From Abuse

PFARM - Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

PFDCVDC - Possession of a Firearm During a Crime of Violence or Dangerous Crime

PHMSA - Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (U.S. DOT)

PI - Personal Injury, or Public Intoxication

PIFA - Pacific Islander Female Adult

PIFJ - Pacific Islander Female Juvenile

PII - Pre-Incident Indicators -- Specific activities that precede virtually every terrorist attack.

PIMA - Pacific Islander Male Adult

PIMJ - Pacific Islander Male Juvenile

PIMS - Photo Imaging Mugshot System
Pennsylvania Information Management System
Police Information Management System

PIN - Police Information Network

PIO - Public Information Officer

PIRMA - Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Risk Management Association

PISCES - Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System

PIT Maneuver - Precision Immobilization Technique
Pursuit Intervention Technique
Precision Intervention Tactic
Parallel Immobilization Technique

PIV - Personal Identity Verification

PIX - Proactive Information Exchange

PL - Petty Larceny

PLC - Probable Lie Control, or Probable Lie Comparison (Polygraph terminology)

PLEA - Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

PLS - Place Last Seen

PM - Personal Misconduct
Personnel Misconduct
Post Mortem
Provost Marshall

PM Tox - Post Mortem Toxicology

PMIX - Prescription Monitoring Information Exchange

PMP - Prescription Monitoring Program

PNG - Persona Non Grata

PO - Parole Officer
Police Officer
Probation Officer
Protection Order

POA - Peace Officers' Association

POB - Place Of Birth

POC - Point of Contact

POD - Place Of Death

POE - Port Of Entry

POI - Person Of Interest
Point of Impact
Probability of Intercept

POMC - Pagans Outlaw Motorcycle Club -- A U.S.-based outlaw motorcycle gang.

POMF - Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation

POP - Problem Orientated Policing

POR - Protection Order Registry

PORAC - Peace Officers' Research Association of California

PORNO - Pornography

POSDPA - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Poss. of Cont. Sub. - Possession of a Controlled Substance

POST - Peace Officer Standards and Training
National Police Officer Selection Test

POVIOL - Order of Protection Violation

PPC - Parole, Probation or Corrections

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

PPO - Persistent Prolific Offender, or Probationary Police Officer

PPOA - Professional Peace Officers' Association (California)

PPQ - Parole / Probation Query

PR - Parole Registrant
Periodic Reinvestigation
Released on Personal Recognizance
Pistol / Revolver
Probation Registrant

PRAWN - Paperless Re-Arrest Warrant Network (Connecticut)

PRISM - Performance and Registration Information Systems Management (U.S. D.O.T.)

PRND - Preventive Radiological Nuclear Detection

PROFAN - Use of Profanity in Public

PROP - Prevent Repeat Offender Program, or Property

PROSTU - Prostitution

PROTECT - Program for Response Options and Technology Enhancements for Chemical/Biological Terrorism
Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to End the Exploitation of Children Today

PRPROS - Promotion of Prostitution

PRR - Photo Request Response, or Public Records Request

PRS - Problematic Roadway Segments

PRXDR - Possession of Prescription Drugs

PSA - Police Service Aide
Police Service Area
Pretrial Services Agency
Protective Security Advisor
Protective Services for Adults
Public Service Aides

PSAP - Public Safety Answering Points

PSD - Police Service Dog, or Public Safety Dispatcher

PSFM - Professional Society of Forensic Mapping

PSI - Pre-Sentence Investigation

PSMV - Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle

PSN - Project Safe Neighborhoods

PSN MAP - Project Safe Neighborhoods Mapping and Analysis Program

PSO - Public Service Officer

PSOR - Public Sex Offender Registry

PSSFIR - Possession of a Stolen Firearm

PSTRG - Private Sector Terrorism Response Group

PSU - Professional Standards Unit, or Public Services Unit

PSV - Police Support Volunteer

PT - Police Technology
Police Training
Polygraph Test
Pre-Trial Diversion
Prevention and Treatment
Public Transportation

PTA - Prior To Arrival

PTC - Police Tracking Computer

PTH - Pre-Trial Hearing

PTI - Police Training Institute (Illinois), or Pre-Trial Investigation

PTO - Police Training Officer

PTS - Points Assessed for Violation
Police Traffic Services
Prisoner Tracking System

PTU - Personal Tracking Unit
Police Tactical Unit
Prisoner Transport Unit

PV - Parole Violation, or Parole Violator

PWC - Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski, Seadoo, WaveRunner, etc.)

PWID - Possession With Intent to Distribute

PYO - Persistent Young Offender

QATL - Query Attempt to Locate

QB - Query Boat file

QD - Query Driver's License

QDC - Query Driver's License Disability Certificate

QDD - Query Depth of Detail

QDE - Questioned Document Examiner

QDL - Query Driver's License

QDLI - Query Driver's License Image

QDP - Query Driver's Record and Person's File

QDR - Query Driver Record

QDS - Query Driver's License Status

QG - Query Gun file

QGM - Query Gang Member

QH - Query (Criminal) History

QID - Query Identity Theft

QMR - Query Motor Vehicle Registration

QMV - Query Motor Vehicle Registration

QOA - Quiet On Arrival

QORV - Query Off Road Vehicle Registration

QP - Query (Missing) Person file

QP - Query (Wanted) Person file

QPC - Query Permit to Carry

QPO - Query Protection Order

QPOR - Query Predatory Offender Registration

QR - Query (Criminal) Records

QSNO - Query Snowmobile Registration

QU - Query Unidentified Person

QV - Query (Stolen) Vehicle

R - Recklessly

RAC - Rent-A-Cop (a security guard or private patrol officer), or Resident Agent in Charge

RACKT - Racketeering

RAFIS - Regional Automated Fingerprint Identification System

RAGILP - Regional Anti-Gang Intelligence-Led Policing Program (California)

RAID - Real-time Adversarial Intelligence and Decision-making
Real-time Analytical Intelligence Database
Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection

RAIN - Regional Alliance for Information Networking
Regional Automated Information Network

RAINN - Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

RAINS - Regional Alliances for Infrastructure and Network Security

RAM - Random Antiterrorism Measures
Risk Assessment and Management
Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Risk Assessment Methodology

RAND - Random Access to Nlets Data

RAP Sheet - Record of Arrests and Prosecutions

RAPS - Refugees, Asylum, and Parole System

RAPTOR - Regional Analysis of Police Technology and Operations Reporting

RAR - Resisting Arrest

RC - Reckless Conduct

RCFL - Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory

RCIED - Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices

RCP - Regional Contingency Plan

RCPI - Regional Community Policing Institute

RCVPRF - Receiving Profit From Prostitution

RD - Reckless Driving

REG - Vehicle Registration

RESIST - Resist Arrest

RFES - Remote Fingerprint Editing Software

RFI - Request for Information

RHY - Runaway and Homeless Youth

RIC - Regional Intelligence Center

RICPA - Rhode Island Crime Prevention Association

RISC - Regional Intelligence Support Center

RISS - Regional Information Sharing Systems

RISS ATIX - Regional Information Sharing Systems - Automated Trusted Information Exchange

RISS DES - Regional Information Sharing Systems - Data Exchange Specification

RISS OIT - Regional Information Sharing Systems - Office of Information Technology

RISSafe - Regional Information Sharing Systems - Officer Safety Event Deconfliction System

RISSGang - Regional Information Sharing Systems - National Gang Database

RISSLeads - Regional Information Sharing Systems - Investigative Leads Bulletin Board

RISSNET - Regional Information Sharing Systems - Secure Intranet

RISSSearch - Regional Information Sharing Systems - Search Engine

RISSTraining - Regional Information Sharing Systems - Training Web site

RIT - Relevant/Irrelevant Technique (Polygraph terminology)

RJ - Runaway Juvenile

RL - Reference Line, or Reference Location

RLE - Rural Law Enforcement

RLEMI - Rural Law Enforcement Methamphetamine Initiative

RLSD - Released

RMAC - Regional Multi-Agency Coordination Committee

RMB - Risk Management Bureau

RMG - Risk Management Group

RMHIDTA - Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

RMIN - Rocky Mountain Information Network

RMP - Radio Motor Patrol
Risk Management Plan
Risk Management Program

RMS - Records Management System

RNACS - Reengineered Naturalization Application Casework System

RO - Registered Owner
Release Order
Responding Officer
Restraining Order

ROB - Robbery

ROBBIZ - Robbery of a Business

ROBPER - Robbery of a Person

ROC - Regional Operations Center

ROCIC - Regional Organized Crime Information Center

ROP - Regional Occupational Program
Repeat Offender Program

ROR - Released on Own Recognizance

RORDER - Violation of Restraining Order

ROS - Restraining Order System

RP - Reference Point
Reporting Person
Reporting Party

RPDSS - Regional Pawn Data Sharing System

RPOT - Regional Priority Organization Targets

RPV - Rancho Palos Verdes (Los Angeles County, California), or Remotely Piloted Vehicle

RQ - Registration Query

RS - Reasonable Suspicion

RSAN - Roam Secure Alert Network

RSO - Registered Sex Offender

RSVP - Reduction of Street Violence Program

RTP - Released To Parent

RTTAC - Regional Terrorist Threat Assessment Center

RUSMA - Retired United States Marshals Association

RVSS - Remote Video Surveillance System

S - Sentenced

SA - Sexual Assault
Special Agent
State's Attorney
Suspect Apprehension
Suspicious Activity

SABER - State-of-the-Art Biometrics Excellence Roadmap

SAC - Special Agent in Charge, or Statistical Analysis Center

SACSI - Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative

SAFE - Security and Accountability for Every Port Act
Sexual Assault and Family Emergencies
Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (California)
Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner
Sexual Assault Free Environment

SAFER - Sexual Assault Free Environment Resource
Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response

SAFETNet - Secure Automated Fast Event Tracking Network

SAFIS - Statewide Automated Fingerprint Identification System

SAIC - Special Agent in Charge

SAIN - Sexual Abuse Intervention Network

SAMHSA - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

SANE - Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program

SANTA - Sober All Night Totally Awesome Designated Driver (designated driver campaign)
Stop Another Needless Tragic Accident (DUI checkpoints and patrols)
Substance Abuse Need for Treatment among Arrestees

SAO - State Attorney's Office

SAR - Search And Rescue
Situation Analysis and Response
Special Access Required
Suspicious Activity Report

SART - Sexual Assault Response Team, or Southeast Alaska Response Team

SAS - Special Agent Supervisor

SAT - Special Agent Trainee

SATAI - Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators

SBC - Suicide By Cop -- An increasingly common suicide method in which a person threatens others, or engages in other criminal activities in an attempt to get oneself killed or injured by responding law enforcement personnel.

SBI - Serious Bodily Injury

SBMTP - Suicide Bomber Mitigation Training Program

SBPA - Supervisory Border Patrol Agent

SBU - Sensitive But Unclassified

SC - Security Clearance
Sex Crime
Sexual Conduct
Sexual Contact
Street Crime

SCAAP - State Criminal Alien Assistance Program

SCALP - Ticket Scalping

SCARS - South Carolina Association of Reconstruction Specialists

SCI - Sensitive Compartmented Information
Spinal Cord Injury
Street Crime Initiative

SCIA - Security Clearance Information Act

SCIC - State Crime Information Center

SCIF - Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SCJOA - Southern California Juvenile Officer's Association

SCL - Sex Crimes Law, or State Crime Lab

SCNA - AFIS Segment Control Number

SCRAM - Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring

SCSA - Senior Crime Scene Analyst

SCWM - Sexual Contact With a Minor

SDDO - Supervisory Detention and Deportation Officer

SDFSP - Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program (U.S. Department of Education)

SDGT - Specially Designated Global Terrorist

SDN - Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons -- It's more commonly known as the SDN List.

SDNTK - Specially Designated Narcotics Trafficking Kingpin

SDR - Software Defined Radio (a "Smart" Police Radio)
Surveillance Detection Reporting

SDT - Specially Designated Terrorist

SDUSM - Special Deputy U.S. Marshal, or Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal

SEAC - Southeast Area Command

SED - Specialized Enforcement Division

SEHS - Special Event Homeland Security

SENTRI - Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (Customs and Border Protection)

SEOC - State Emergency Operations Center

SER - Serial Number

SERP - Statewide Emergency Response Plan

S/F - Stolen/Fraudulent

SF-1 and SF-2 - Special Form of Complaint and Summons

SFISC - South Florida Investigative Support Center

SFLEO - Senior Federal Law Enforcement Officer, or Senior Federal Law Enforcement Official

SFM - State Fire Marshal

SFST - Standardized Field Sobriety Test

Sgt. - Sergeant

S/H - Stationhouse

SHARE - Secure Homeland Access and Reporting Environment

SHOCAP - Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program

SHOP - Sexual Habitual Offender Program

SHOPLF - Shoplifting

SHP - State Highway Patrol

SHR - Supplementary Homicide Report

SHSAS - State Homeland Security Assessment and Strategy

SHSGP - State Homeland Security Grant Program

SHSI - Sensitive Homeland Security Information

SHSP - State Homeland Security Program

SHSS - State Homeland Security Strategy

SID - State Identification Number

SIGINT - Signals Intelligence

SIJS - Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

SIMNAR - Selling Simulated Narcotics

SIMS - Statewide Intelligence Management System (New Jersey)

SIOC - George Bush Strategic Information and Operations Center (FBI)

SIPRNet - Secret Internet Protocol Router Network

SIR - Send Identification Record

SIREN - Strategic Information Response Electronic Network

SIU - Special Initiatives Unit

SKIDDS - SWAT and K-9 Interacting During Deployment School

SLAP - Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program (New Jersey)
Sheriff's Location of Assets Program

SLATT - State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training

SLGCP - State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness

SLIC - Saving Lives In California (California Highway Patrol)

SMART - Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking
Supervision and Management Automated Record Tracking System
Supervision Management And Recidivism Tracking
Systemwide Mental Assessment Response Team (LAPD)

SME - Significant Military Equipment, or State Medical Examiner

SMIS - Security Management Information System

SMT - Scars, Marks, Tattoos, and other characteristics

S/N - Serial Number

SNAP-R - Simplified Network Application Process Redesign

SNS - Strategic National Stockpile

SO - Sex Offender
Sheriff's Office
Shoplifting Offense

SOAP - Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution

SOAR - Society of Accident Reconstructionists

SOC - Security On Campus, or Stipulated Order of Continuance

SOCE - State Officer Certification Exam

SODA - Stay Out of Drug Areas

SOFT - Society of Forensic Toxicologists

SON - Sex Offender Notification

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure, or Street Outreach Program

SOPU - Sexual Offender/Predator Unit (Florida)

SOQ - Sex Offender Query

SOR - Sex Offender Registry / Registration / Registrant

SORB - Sex Offender Registry Board

SORI - Sex Offender Registry Information

SORNA - Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act

SOS - Sexual Offense Services

SOSC - State On-Scene Coordinator

SOSMC - Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club -- A U.S. motorcycle gang founded in Colorado in the 1960s.

SOT - Sex Offender Treatment, or Special Operations' Team

SOTP - Sex Offender Treatment Program, or Sex Offender Treatment Provider

SOU - Special Operations Unit

SOVA - State Office of Victim Assitance (South Carolina)

SP - Sexual Predator, State Patrol, or State Police

SPAR - Spill Prevention and Response

SPCC - Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures

SPFPA - Security, Police, Fire Professionals of America

SPIN - Sexual Predator Identification and Notification Program
Statewide Police Information Network
Suspect Pointer Index Network

SPOT - Screening Passengers by Observational Techniques (TSA)

SPSS - Self-Propelled Semi-Submersible

SPU - Sexual Predator Unit

SQ - Snowmobile (Registration) Query

SRF - Supervised Release File

SRFERS - State, Regional, and Federal Enterprise Retrieval System

SRL - Search Results Latent

SRO - School Resource Officer

SRS - Summary Reporting System

SS - Suspended Sentence

SSA - Supervisory Special Agent or Senior Special Agent

SSBI - Single-Scope Background Investigation

SSCI - Safe Schools Campus Initiative
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Social Sciences Citation Index

SSCOT - State Strategic Committee on Terrorism

SSD - Special Support Division

SSN - Social Security Number

SSO - School Security Officer, or Special Security Official

SSOSA - Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative

ST - Seized / Towed, or Serious Traffic Violation

STARS - State Traffic Accident Reporting System (Missouri)

STEEP - Selective Traffic Enforcement and Education Program

STEP - Selective Traffic Enforcement Program
Sheriff's Tactical Enforcement Personnel (Tulare County, California)
Sheriff's Targeted Enforcement Program (Butte County, California)
Special Traffic Enforcement Program

STEP Act - Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act (California)

STG - Security Threat Group -- A generic term used to describe any violent and/or criminal street or prison gang.

STGMO - Security Threat Group Management Office

STIC - Statewide Terrorism Intelligence Center

STOLMV - Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle

STOPS - Strategies and Tactics Of Patrol Stops

STR - Short Tandem Repeat (Forensic DNA terminology)

STRAPE - Statutory Rape

STTAC - State Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (California)

STV - Serious Traffic Violation
Spatial-Temporal Visualization (for identifying crime patterns)
Student Transportation Vehicles

Susp. - Suspect, or Suspicious

SV - Stolen Vehicle, or Suspect Vehicle

SVP - Senior Volunteer Patrol
Sexually Violent Predator
Signal Vehicle Products

SVS - Stolen Vehicle System

SWAC - Southwest Area Command

SWAP - Sheriff's Work Alternative Program

SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics

SWB HIDTA - Southwest Border High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

SWBPI - Southwest Border Prosecution Initiative

SWBSADIS - Southwest Border States Anti-Drug Information System

SWERN - Southwest Emergency Response Network

SWET - Search Warrant Execution Training

SWGANTH - Scientific Working Group for Forensic Anthropology

SWGCBRN - Scientific Working Group for the Forensic Analysis of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Terrorism

SWGDAM - Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods

SWGDE - Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence

SWGDOC - Scientific Working Group for Forensic Document Examination

SWGDOG - Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal detector Guidelines

SWGDRUG - Scientific Working Group for the Analysis of Seized Drugs

SWGFAST - Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study and Technology

SWGGUN - Scientific Working Group for Firearms and Toolmarks

SWGIBRA - Scientific Working Group on Illicit Business Records

SWGIT - Scientific Working Group for Imaging Technology

SWGMAT - Scientific Working Group for Materials Analysis

SWGSTAIN - Scientific Working Group on Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

SWGTREAD - Scientific Working Group on Shoeprint and Tire Tread Evidence

SWIFS - Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences

SWIFT - States Working Interstate Fraud Together (Florida)

SWITRS - Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System

T - Target

TA - Technical Assistance, or Traffic Accident

TAARS - Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists

TAASA - Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

TADEC - Tennessee Alliance for Drug Endangered Children

TAG - Tactical Assault Group, or Training Advisory Group

TASC - Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime

TBC - To Be Charged

TBCJ - Texas Board of Criminal Justice

TBD - Theft by Deception, or To Be Determined

TBI - Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

TBLDG - Theft from a Building

TBR - To Be Resolved

TBUT - Theft by Unlawful Taking
Theft by Unlawful Taking or Disposition

TC - Tactical Coordination, or Traffic Collision

TCD - Traffic Control Device

TCLEOSE - Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education

TCPA - Texas Crime Prevention Association

TDCJ - Texas Department of Criminal Justice

TDD - Telecommunications Device for the Deaf, or Tire Deflation Device (spike strips)

TDS - Tire Deflation System, or Traffic Data Sensor

TDV - Teen Dating Violence

TECS - Treasury Enforcement Communication System

TENORM - Technologically-Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

TES - Test for Espionage and Sabotage

TEW - Terrorism Early Warning Group

TF - Task Force -- Visit our extensive database of U.S. Law Enforcement Task Forces.
Transporting Firearm

TFC - Task Force Commander

TFI - Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

TFMV - Theft From a Motor Vehicle

TFO - Task Force Officer

TFOS - Terrorist Financing Operations Section

TFPER - Theft From a Person

TGCCPA - Texas Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Association

TGFV - Too Good For Violence -- A school-based education program that promotes character values, and violence prevention.

TGIA - Texas Gang Investigator's Association

TIA - Terrorism Information Awareness

TIAFT - The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists

TIDE - Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment -- A U.S. Government database of known or suspected terrorists.

TIG - Terrorist Identities Group

TIGER - Traffic Issues - a Guide to Enforcement Resources

TIM - Traffic Incident Management

TIME - Traffic Incident Management Enhancement

TINS - Threat Incident Notification System

TIP - Terrorism Information Program -- Also known as TIPOFF.
Terrorist Interdiction Program
Threat Image Projection
Truancy Intervention Project

TIS - Tactical Information Sharing
Thermal Imagery Sight
Truth In Sentencing

TISS - Tactical Information Sharing System
Thermal Imaging Sensor System
Transportation Information Sharing System

TLC - Time of Last Contact

TLO - Terrorism Liaison Officer
Traffic Lights On

TMVP - Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts

TNGIA - Tennessee Gang Investigator's Association

TNIS - Texas Narcotics Intelligence System

TNOA - Tennessee Narcotics Officer's Association, or Texas Narcotics Officer's Association

TO - Training Officer

TOA - Time Of Arrival

TOC - Time Of Call -- (time the incident was reported)
Traditional Organized Crime
Transporting Open Container

TOD - Time Of Death

TOPS - Traffic and Operations Support

TOT - Type of Transaction

TPFS - Ten-Print Fingerprint Features Search

TPIS - Ten-Print Fingerprint Image Search

TPO - Temporary Protection Order, or Tribal Police Officer (Alaska)

Tr Inf - Traffic Infraction

TRAC - Terrorist Research and Analytical Center, or Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse

TRACE - Target Responsibility for Alcohol Connected Emergencies

TRACEM - Thermal, Radioactive, Asphyxiation, Chemical, Etiological (biological hazards), and Mechanical -- Types of harm one may encounter at a terrorist incident.

TRACS - Technical Reconciliation Analysis Classification System

TRAK - Technology to Recover Abducted Kids

TRCT - Truancy Court

TRO - Temporary Restraining Order, or Towing and Recovery Operators

TRS - Terrorism Research Specialist

TRSPAS - Trespassing

TRSSCH - Trespassing on School property

TS - Top Secret

TSA - Transportation Security Administration

TSA-OI - Transportation Security Administration - Office of Intelligence

TSC - Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (also known as TSCM)
Terrorist Screening Center (FBI)

TSD - Technical Services Division, or Traffic Safety Division

TSDB - Terrorist Screening Database

TS/ORCON - Top Secret / Originator Controlled

TSR - Type of Search Requested

TS/SCI - Top Secret / Special Compartmented Information

TTAC - Training and Technical Assistance Center
Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing (TSA)

TTCI - Technical Traffic Collision Investigators

TTCU - Technical Traffic Collision Unit

TTIC - Terrorist Threat Integration Center

TTPOA - Texas Tactical Police Officer's Association

TVPRA - Trafficking Victims Protection and Reauthorization Act

TWGCSI - Technical Working Group on Crime Scene Investigation

TWGDEC - Technical Working Group for Digital Evidence in the Courtroom

TWGDI - Technical Working Group for Death Investigation

TWGDRUG - Technical Working Group for Analysis of Seized Drugs -- Later known as the Scientific Working Group for the Analysis of Seized Drugs (SWGDRUG).

TWGED - Technical Working Group for Education and Training in Forensic Science

TWGEYEE - Technical Working Group for Eyewitness Evidence

TWGFASI - Technical Working Group on Fire / Arson Scene Investigation

TWGFEX - Technical Working Group for Fire and Explosives

TWIC - Transportation Worker Identification Credential

TWOC - Taken Without Owner's Consent

TWPDES - Terrorist Watchlist Person Data Exchange Standard

UA - Urinalysis

UAS - Unmanned Aircraft System
Urban Area Security
User Authentication Service

UASI - Urban Area Security Initiative

UBAL - Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level

UBE - Unknown Bulk Explosives

UC - Under Cover, or Unified Command

UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice

UCR - Uniform Crime Report

UDECS - Unified Drug Enforcement Coordination System

UDETC - Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center

UDOT - Utah Department of Transportation

UF - Use of Force

UFAP - Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution

UFIR - Use of Force Incident Report

UGSOA - United Government Security Officers of America

UHR - Unidentified Human Remains

UIBC - Unlawful Issuance of Bank Checks

UL - Unverified List

ULAC - Unsolved Latent Add Confirm Request

ULAR - Unsolved Latent Add Confirm Response

ULD - Unsolved Latent Record Delete Request

ULDR - Unsolved Latent Delete Response

ULF - Unsolved Latent File

ULM - Unsolved Latent Match

ULW - Universal Latent Workstation (Fingerprint terminology)

UM - Unknown Male

UNA - Uniform Narcotics Act

UNK - Unknown

Unk Susp - Unknown Subject

UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Unsub - UNknown SUBject

UOF - Use of Force

UPD - Uniform Patrol Division

UPM - Unlawful Possession of Marijuana

USAO - United States Attorneys' Office

USAR - Urban Search and Rescue

USARTF - Urban Search and Rescue Task Force

USBDC - U.S. Bomb Data Center (ATF)

USBP - United States Border Patrol

USCG - United States Coast Guard

USCIS - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services -- Formerly known as the INS.

USCP - United States Capitol Police (Washington, D.C.)

USCYBERCOM - United States Cyber Command

USFS - United States Forest Service

USML - United States Munitions List

USMS - United States Marshals Service

USPC - United States Parole Commission

USPCA - United States Police Canine Association

USPIS - United States Postal Inspection Service

USSS - United States Secret Service

UTC - Uniform Traffic Citation
Unknown Trouble Call
Coordinated Universal Time

UTL - Unable To Locate

UTM - Unified Threat Management

UTT - Uniform Traffic Ticket

UULD - Unsolicited Unsolved Latent Delete

UUMV - Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

UUW - Unlawful Use of a Weapon

UV - Ultra Violet

UVI - Under Vehicle IED

UVS - Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer

VABUSE - Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult

VACIS - Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System

VANEG - Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult

VBIED - Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device

VC - Vehicle Code, or Violation Citation

V/C - Victim / Complainant

VCC - Virtual Command Center (FBI's LEO)

VCDCC - Violent Crime and Drug Control Council (Florida)

VCFO - Vicente Carrillo-Fuentes Organization -- A major North American drug trafficking cartel.

VCIN - Violent Crime Information Network

VCO - Valid Court Order

VCPA - Virginia Crime Prevention Association

VCS - Violent Crime Section

VCSA - Violation Controlled Substance Act

VCSC - Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission

VDAU - Vicious and Dangerous Animals Unit

VE - Video Evidence

VECHS - Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System

VEH - Vehicle

V-GAP - Violent Gang Apprehension Program

VGIA - Virginia Gang Investigator's Association

VGTOF - Violent Gang and Terrorist Organization File

VIC - Victim

ViCAP - Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (FBI)

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number

VINE - Victim Information and Notification Everyday

VIP - Vehicle Impound Program

VIPER - Vehicle Installed Protection against Electronic warfare and RCIEDs
Virginia Interoperability Picture for Emergency Response
Visible Intermodal Protection and Response team (also known as VIPR teams)

VIPS - Video Interoperability for Public Safety, or Volunteers in Police Service

VIVIOL - Violation of Visitation order

VM - Vehicular Manslaughter

VOC - Victims of Crime

VOCA - Victims of Crime Act

VOCP - Victims of Crime Program

VOI/TIS - Violent Offender Incarceration / Truth In Sentencing

VOP - Violation Of Probation

VOR - Violent Offender Registration, or Violent Offender Registry

VORs - Victim to Offender Relationships

VPA - Virginia Port Authority

VPB - Virginia Parole Board

VPO - Village Police Officer (Alaska)
Violation of Protective Order

VPSO - Village Public Safety Officer (Alaska)

VQ - Vehicle Query

VRP - Vehicle Recovery Program, or Violence Recovery Program

VSA - Voice Stress Analysis

VSDL - Violation of State Drug Law

VSP - Violence Suppression Program (California)

VTRTF - Vehicle Theft Reduction Trust Fund (California)

VTS - Vessel Traffic System

VUCSA - Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act

VWP - Victim / Witness Protection

WACII - Washington State Criminal Intelligence Index

WAHI - Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators

WAJAC - Washington Joint Analytical Center

WAR - Weekly Activity Report

WARR - Warrant

WASIS - Washington State Identification and Criminal History Section

WASPC - Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs

WAT - Walk And Turn -- A field sobriety test.

WATCH - Washington Access To Criminal History

WATPA - Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority

WCC - Wrong Code Citation

webADIS - web-based Automated Dental Identification System

WF - White Female

WFA - White Female Adult

WFJ - White Female Juvenile

WFQU - Wanted For Questioning

WI - Welfare and Institutions Code

WIDEC - Wisconsin Alliance for Drug Endangered Children

WIFLE - Women in Federal Law Enforcement

WIN - Warrant Information Network (USMS)

WIQD - Witness Identification and Questioning Documentation

WIREFR - Wire Fraud

WIS - Warrant Information Sheet, or Warrant Information System

WisDOT - Wisconsin Department of Transportation

WM - White Male

WMA - White Male Adult

WMCPA - West Michigan Crime Prevention Association

WMJ - White Male Juvenile

WOW - Wanted On Warrant

WPOA - Wauwatosa Peace Officer's Association (Wisconsin)
Webster Police Officer's Association (Texas)
Women Peace Officers' Association of California
Woodland Police Officer's Association (Washington)

WPS - Wanted Person System

WQ - Wanted (Person) Query

WSCPA - Washington State Crime Prevention Association

WSDOT - Washington State Department of Transportation

WSIC - Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center

WSIN - Western States Information Network

WSLEMF - Washington State Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation

WSQ - Wavelet Scalar Quantization (Fingerprint terminology)

WTCPA - West Texas Crime Prevention Association

WTI - Weapons Technical Intelligence

WTSC - Washington Traffic Safety Commission -- They're occasionally referred to as the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission (WSTSC).

WW - Written Warning

WySORS - Wyoming Sex Offender Registry System

XRF - X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

YA - Youth Authority

YCG - Youth Crime - Gun

YPU - Youth Programs Unit


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