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Automotive-related place names in the U.S.

Unlike our main unusual names of towns in the U.S. page, U.S. towns with CHRISTMAS or holiday season names, U.S. towns with names associated with HALLOWEEN, U.S. place names pivotal to the TV series LOST, and town names associated with VALENTINE'S DAY or romance, this page focuses exclusively on place names that are now, or were at some point in the past, also used by manufacturers as the name of a make or model of automobile. Some of these cars are no longer produced (in some cases, that's a blessing), and frankly, some of the towns have dwindled to just a few buildings. But they're all actual places, whose names have come to mean something altogether different in our automotive-obsessed society.

Additional location information is offered for smaller towns that might be less familiar to the reader.

Each of these cities, towns and place names has been officially recognized as a populated place by the U.S. government.

PUNCTUATION NOTE: The U.S. government does not use possessive apostrophes in U.S. place names. Even when proper punctuation would call for the use of a possessive apostrophe in a city or town name, they are not used. When the name of local businesses, or street names incorporate the town's name, that specific usage may utilize an apostrophe.

NOTE: It is not our intent to suggest that there is any connection between these cars and towns. Nor do we mean to imply that the towns were named for the cars, or vice versa. Although there are several vehicles that derived their names from locations, this certainly is not true in many cases.

Automotive Town Names in the United States
Accord, Massachusetts (in Plymouth County, Massachusetts) Two in one -- Both an automotive town and county name!
Amigo, West Virginia (in Raleigh County, West Virginia)
Armada, Michigan (in Macomb County, Michigan)
Avalanche, Wisconsin (in Vernon County, Wisconsin)
Avalon, Maryland (in Talbot County, Maryland)
Avalon, Catalina Island, California Two in one -- Both an automotive town and island name!
Beetle, Kentucky (in Carter County, Kentucky)
Bentley, Louisiana (in Grant Parish, Louisiana)
Blackwood, Alabama (in Henry County, Alabama)
Blazer, Missouri (in Pemiscot County, Missouri)
Bonneville, Alabama (in Limestone County, Alabama)
Bronco, Georgia (in Walker County, Georgia)
Buick, Missouri (Iron County, Missouri)
Cadillac, Michigan (in Wexford County, Michigan)
Capri Village, Illinois (in Cook County, Illinois)
Caravelle, Tennessee (in Wilson County, Tennessee)
Catalina, Arizona (Falcon Valley, Pima County, N. of Tucson and S.W. of Oracle, Arizona)
Cayenne, Massachusetts (Hampden County, Massachusetts)
Century, West Virginia (in Barbour County, West Virginia)
Cherokee, Iowa (in Cherokee County, Iowa)
Chevrolet, Kentucky (in Harlan County, Kentucky)
Chrysler, Alabama (in Monroe County, Alabama)
Cobalt, Connecticut (in Middlesex County, Connecticut)
Colt, Arkansas (in St. Francis County, Arkansas)
Comet, Montana (in Jefferson County, Montana)
Concord, California (in Contra Costa County, California)
Conquest, New York (in Cayuga County, New York)
Continental, Ohio (in Putnam County, Ohio)
Coronado, Arizona (in Pima County, Arizona)
Corsica, Pennsylvania (in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania)
Cougar, California (in Siskiyou County, California)
Dakota, Illinois (in Stephenson County, Illinois)
Dasher, Georgia (in Lowndes County, Georgia)
DeSoto, Georgia (in Floyd County, Georgia)
Diablo, California (in Contra Costa County, California)
Dodge, Massachusetts (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Dodge City, Kansas (in Ford County, Kansas) Two in one -- Both an automotive city and county name!
Durango, Colorado
Eagle, Colorado (in Eagle County, Colorado)
Echo, Minnesota (Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota)
Eclipse, Texas (in both Jasper County, and Gaines County, Texas)
El Dorado, California (in El Dorado County, California)
Endeavor, Forest County, Pennsylvania (found on the West Hickory map)
Fairmont, Minnesota (in Martin County, Minnesota)
Falcon, Tennessee (in McNairy County, Tennessee)
Fiat, Indiana (in Jay County, Indiana)
Fleetwood, Alabama (in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama)
Ford, Mississippi (in Jackson County, Mississippi)
Fox, Oklahoma (in Carter County, Oklahoma)
Frontier, Wyoming (in Lincoln County, Wyoming)
Golf, Illinois (in Cook County, Illinois)
Granada, Minnesota (in Martin County, Minnesota)
La Honda, San Mateo County, California
Horizon, Utah (in Salt Lake County, Utah)
Imperial, California
LaCrosse, Arkansas (in Izard County, Arkansas)
Lancer, Kentucky (in Floyd County, Kentucky)
LaSalle, Texas (in Limestone County, Texas)
Liberty, South Carolina (in Pickens County, South Carolina)
Lincoln, Nebraska
Lotus, California (in El Dorado County, California)
Lynx, Ohio (in Adams County, Ohio)
Malibu, California
Mariner, Maine (in Cumberland County, Maine)
Marquis, Ohio (in Mahoning County, Ohio)
Mercury, Nevada (in Nye County, Nevada)
Milan, Illinois (in Rock Island County, Illinois)
Mirage, New Mexico (in Luna County, New Mexico)
Monaco, California (in Los Angeles County, California)
Monte Carlo, Kansas (in Cherokee County, Kansas)
Monterey, California
Mustang, Oklahoma (in Canadian County, Oklahoma)
Newport, Nebraska (in Rock County, Nebraska)
Nova, Ohio (in Ashland County, Ohio)
Omega, Missouri (in Wright County, Missouri)
Pacifica, California (in San Mateo County, California)
Packard, Iowa (in Butler County, Iowa)
Pantera, Texas (in Brewster County, Texas)
Passport, Richland County, Illinois (found on the Wakefield map)
Pilot, Nevada (in Elko County, Nevada)
Pinto, Maryland (in Allegany County, Maryland)
Plymouth, Michigan
Pontiac, Michigan
Premier, West Virginia (in McDowell County, West Virginia)
Regal, Minnesota (in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota)
Renault, Illinois (in Monroe County, Illinois)
Ranger, West Virginia (in Lincoln County, West Virginia)
Reno, Nevada
Riviera, Arizona (in Mohave County, Arizona)
Rocky, Arkansas (in Polk County, Arkansas)
Rodeo, California (in Contra Costa County, California)
Rover, Arkansas (in Yell County, Arkansas)
Sable, Mississippi (in Clarke County, Mississippi)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Saturn, Texas (in Gonzales County, Texas)
Seville, Ohio (in Medina County, Ohio)
Shadow, Virginia (in Mathews County, Virginia)
Silverado, California (in Orange County, California)
Skylark, Arkansas (in Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Somerset, California (in El Dorado County, California) Two in one -- Both an automotive town and county name!
Sorento, Illinois (in Bond County, Illinois)
Spider, Kentucky (in Knott County, Kentucky)
Spirit, Washington (in Stevens County, Washington)
Sterling, West Virginia (in Boone County, West Virginia)
Summit, Arkansas (in Marion County, Arkansas)
Sundance, Montana (in Glacier County, Montana)
Swift, Minnesota (in Roseau County, Minnesota)
Tacoma, Washington
Tahoe, Idaho (in Idaho County, Idaho)
Tempest, Nevada (in Lincoln County, Nevada)
Thunderbird, New Mexico (in Torrance County, New Mexico)
Tiburon, California (in Marin County, California)
Topaz, Missouri (in Douglas County, Missouri)
Torrent, Kentucky (in Wolfe County, Kentucky)
Torino, Illinois (in Will County, Illinois)
Triumph, Illinois (in La Salle County, Illinois) Two in one -- Both an automotive town and county name!
Trooper, Pennsylvania (in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Vantage, Washington (in Kittitas County, Washington)
Viper, Kentucky (in Perry County, Kentucky)
Volt, Montana (in Roosevelt County, Montana)
Zephyr, North Carolina (in Surry County, North Carolina)

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