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Place Names in Oregon

This page offers an alphabetical listing of place names throughout Oregon. This is not a complete list of every last city, town or place name that has ever existed in Oregon. It does include many of the largest communities in the Beaver State, and also a large number of smaller towns.

The majority of the state is located in the Pacific Time Zone, with the far eastern portion (in the vicinity of Malheur County, on the Idaho border) in the Mountain Time Zone. Oregon can be found on the Pacific coast of North America, and is bordered on the north by Washington, on the east by Idaho, and on the south by California and Nevada.

Each of these cities, towns and place names has been officially recognized as a populated place by the U.S. government.

PUNCTUATION NOTE: The U.S. government does not use possessive apostrophes in U.S. place names. Even when proper punctuation would call for the use of a possessive apostrophe in a city or town name, they are not used. When the name of local businesses, or street names incorporate the town's name, that specific usage may utilize an apostrophe.

For an extensive list of cities and towns in states throughout the United States, visit U.S. cities and towns shown in their respective time zones.

Also be sure and visit our collection of unusual, bizarre or humorous names of towns.

Cities, towns and place names in Oregon
Adair Village, Oregon
Adams, Oregon
Adel, Oregon
Adrian, Oregon
Agness, Oregon
Airlie, Oregon
Albany, Oregon
Alder Creek, OR.
Alfalfa, Oregon
Algoma, Oregon
Alicel, Oregon
Allegany, Oregon
Aloha, Oregon
Alpine, Oregon
Alsea, Oregon
Alston, Oregon
Amity, Oregon
Anlauf, Oregon
Antelope, Oregon
Applegate, Oregon
Arago, Oregon
Arch Cape, Oregon
Arlington, Oregon
Arock, Oregon
Ash, Oregon
Ashland, Oregon
Ashwood, Oregon
Astoria, Oregon
Athena, Oregon
Aumsville, Oregon
Aurora, Oregon
Austin, Oregon
Azalea, Oregon
Baker City, Oregon
Ballston, Oregon
Bancroft, Oregon
Bandon, Oregon
Banks, Oregon
Barlow, Oregon
Barton, Oregon
Barview, Oregon
Bay City, Oregon
Beatty, Oregon
Beaver, Oregon
Beaver Creek, OR.
Beaverton, Oregon
Belknap Springs, OR.
Bellevue, Oregon
Bellfountain, Oregon
Bend, Oregon
Berlin, Oregon
Birkenfeld, Oregon
Blachly, Oregon
Black Rock, Oregon
Blaine, Oregon
Blodgett, Oregon
Blue River, Oregon
Bly, Oregon
Bonanza, Oregon
Bonneville, Oregon
Boring, Oregon
Bourne, Oregon
Boyd, Oregon
Breitenbush, Oregon
Bridal Veil, Oregon
Bridge, Oregon
Bridgeport, Oregon
Brighton, Oregon
Brightwood, Oregon
Broadbent, Oregon
Brogan, Oregon
Brookings, Oregon
Brooks, Oregon
Brothers, Oregon
Brownsboro, Oregon
Brownsville, Oregon
Buchanan, Oregon
Buell, Oregon
Buena Vista, Oregon
Bull Run, Oregon
Bunker Hill, Oregon
Burlington, Oregon
Burns, Oregon
Burnt Woods, Oregon
Butte Falls, Oregon
Buxton, Oregon
Camas Valley, OR.
Camp Sherman, OR.
Canary, Oregon
Canby, Oregon
Cannon Beach, OR.
Canyon City, Oregon
Canyonville, Oregon
Cape Meares, Oregon
Carlton, Oregon
Carpenterville, OR.
Carson, Oregon
Carver, Oregon
Cascade Locks, OR.
Cascadia, Oregon
Cave Junction, OR.
Cecil, Oregon
Cedar Hills, Oregon
Cedar Mill, Oregon
Central Point, OR.
Charleston, Oregon
Chemult, Oregon
Chenoweth, Oregon
Cherry Grove, OR.
Cherryville, OR.
Cheshire, Oregon
Chiloquin, Oregon
Chitwood, Oregon
Christmas Valley, OR.
Clackamas, Oregon
Clarno, Oregon
Clatskanie, Oregon
Clem, Oregon
Cleveland, Oregon
Cloverdale, Oregon
Coburg, Oregon
Colestin, Oregon
Colton, Oregon
Columbia City, OR.
Condon, Oregon
Coos Bay, Oregon
Coquille, Oregon
Corbett, Oregon
Cornelius, Oregon
Cornucopia, Oregon
Corvallis, Oregon
Cottage Grove, OR.
Cove, Oregon
Cove Orchard, OR.
Crabtree, Oregon
Crane, Oregon
Crawfordsville, OR.
Crescent, Oregon
Creston, Oregon
Creswell, Oregon
Crow, Oregon
Crowley, Oregon
Culp Creek, Oregon
Culver, Oregon
Curtin, Oregon
Cushman, Oregon
Dairy, Oregon
Dale, Oregon
Dallas, Oregon
Danner, Oregon
Days Creek, Oregon
Dayton, Oregon
Dayville, Oregon
De Moss Springs, OR.
Deadwood, Oregon
Dee, Oregon
Deer Island, Oregon
Dellwood, Oregon
Denmark, Oregon
Depoe Bay, Oregon
Deschutes, Oregon
Detroit, Oregon
Dexter, Oregon
Diamond, Oregon
Diamond Lake, OR.
Dillard, Oregon
Dilley, Oregon
Disston, Oregon
Dixonville, Oregon
Donald, Oregon
Dora, Oregon
Dorena, Oregon
Drain, Oregon
Drew, Oregon
Drewsey, Oregon
Dryden, Oregon
Dufur, Oregon
Dundee, Oregon
Dunes City, Oregon
Durham, Oregon
Durkee, Oregon
Eagle Creek, Oregon
Eagle Point, Oregon
Eastside, Oregon
Echo, Oregon
Eddyville, Oregon
Elgin, Oregon
Elk City, Oregon
Elk Lake, Oregon
Elkhead, Oregon
Elkhorn, Oregon
Elkton, Oregon
Elmira, Oregon
Elsie, Oregon
Endersby, Oregon
Enterprise, Oregon
Eola, Oregon
Errol Heights, OR.
Estacada, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Fairview, Oregon
Falcon Heights, OR.
Fall Creek, Oregon
Falls City, Oregon
Fern Hill, Oregon
Fields, Oregon
Finn Rock, Oregon
Flora, Oregon
Florence, Oregon
Foley Springs, OR.
Forest Grove, OR.
Fort Klamath, OR.
Fort Rock, Oregon
Fort Stevens, OR.
Fossil, Oregon
Foster, Oregon
Four Corners, OR.
Fox, Oregon
Frenchglen, OR.
Friend, Oregon
Galena, Oregon
Gales Creek, OR.
Galice, Oregon
Garden Home, OR.
Gardiner, Oregon
Garibaldi, Oregon
Gaston, Oregon
Gates, Oregon
Gateway, Oregon
Gaylord, Oregon
Gearhart, Oregon
Gervais, Oregon
Gibbon, Oregon
Gilbert, Oregon
Gilchrist, Oregon
Gladstone, Oregon
Glasgow, Oregon
Glenada, Oregon
Glenbrook, Oregon
Glendale, Oregon
Gleneden Beach, OR.
Glenwood, Oregon
Glide, Oregon
Goble, Oregon
Gold Beach, Oregon
Gold Hill, Oregon
Goldson, Oregon
Goshen, Oregon
Government Camp, OR.
Grand Ronde, Oregon
Granite, Oregon
Grants Pass, Oregon
Grass Valley, Oregon
Gravelford, Oregon
Green, Oregon
Green Acres, Oregon
Greenhorn, Oregon
Greenleaf, Oregon
Gresham, Oregon
Grizzly, Oregon
Gunter, Oregon
Haines, Oregon
Halsey, Oregon
Hamilton, Oregon
Hamlet, Oregon
Hammond, Oregon
Hampton, Oregon
Happy Valley, OR.
Harbor, Oregon
Harlan, Oregon
Harney, Oregon
Harper, Oregon
Harrisburg, Oregon
Hauser, Oregon
Hayesville, Oregon
Hebo, Oregon
Heceta Beach, OR.
Helix, Oregon
Heppner, Oregon
Hereford, Oregon
Hermiston, Oregon
Hilgard, Oregon
Hillsboro, Oregon
Hines, Oregon
Holdman, Oregon
Holland, Oregon
Holley, Oregon
Homestead, Oregon
Hood River, Oregon
Hopewell, Oregon
Horton, Oregon
Hoskins, Oregon
Hot Lake, Oregon
Hubbard, Oregon
Huntington, Oregon
Idanha, Oregon
Idleyld Park, OR.
Illahe, Oregon
Imbler, Oregon
Imnaha, Oregon
Independence, OR.
Ione, Oregon
Ironside, Oregon
Irrigon, Oregon
Island City, OR.
Jacksonville, OR.
Jamieson, Oregon
Jasper, Oregon
Jefferson, Oregon
Jewell, Oregon
John Day, Oregon
Jordan, Oregon
Jordan Valley, OR.
Joseph, Oregon
Junction City, OR.
Juntura, Oregon
Keasey, Oregon
Keizer, Oregon
Kellogg, Oregon
Keno, Oregon
Kent, Oregon
Kenton, Oregon
Kerby, Oregon
Kernville, Oregon
Kimberly, Oregon
King City, Oregon
Kings Heights, OR.
Kings Valley, OR.
Klamath Agency, OR.
Klamath Falls, OR.
Klondike, Oregon
Knappa, Oregon
La Grande, Oregon
La Pine, Oregon
Lacomb, Oregon
Lafayette, Oregon
Lake Oswego, OR.
Lakecreek, Oregon
Lakeside, Oregon
Lakeview, Oregon
Langell Valley, OR.
Langlois, Oregon
Laurel, Oregon
Laurelwood, Oregon
Lawen, Oregon
Leaburg, Oregon
Lebanon, Oregon
Lehman Springs, OR.
Leland, Oregon
Lewis, Oregon
Lewisburg, Oregon
Lexington, Oregon
Lime, Oregon
Lincoln, Oregon
Lincoln Beach, OR.
Logsden, Oregon
London, Oregon
Lonerock, Oregon
Long Creek, Oregon
Lookingglass, Oregon
Lorane, Oregon
Lorella, Oregon
Lostine, Oregon
Lowell, Oregon
Lyons, Oregon

Mabel, Oregon
Madras, Oregon
Malin, Oregon
Manning, Oregon
Manzanita, Oregon
Mapleton, Oregon
Marcola, Oregon
Marion, Oregon
Marion Forks, OR.
Marquam, Oregon
Maupin, Oregon
Maxville, Oregon
Mayger, Oregon
Mayville, Oregon
Maywood Park, OR.
McCoy, Oregon
McCredie Springs, OR.
McKenzie Bridge, OR.
McKinley, Oregon
McLeod, Oregon
McMinnville, Oregon
McNary, Oregon
Meacham, Oregon
Medford, Oregon
Medical Springs, OR.
Mehama, Oregon
Melrose, Oregon
Merlin, Oregon
Merrill, Oregon
Metolius, Oregon
Metzger, Oregon
Midland, Oregon
Mikkalo, Oregon
Mill City, Oregon
Millersburg, Oregon
Millican, Oregon
Millington, Oregon
Millwood, Oregon
Milo, Oregon
Milton-Freewater, OR.
Milwaukie, Oregon
Minam, Oregon
Minerva, Oregon
Mission, Oregon
Mist, Oregon
Mitchell, Oregon
Modoc Point, Oregon
Mohawk, Oregon
Mohler, Oregon
Molalla, Oregon
Monitor, Oregon
Monmouth, Oregon
Monroe, Oregon
Montavilla, Oregon
Monument, Oregon
Morgan, Oregon
Moro, Oregon
Mosier, Oregon
Mount Vernon, Oregon
Mountaindale, Oregon
Mt. Angel, Oregon
Mt. Hood, Oregon
Mulino, Oregon
Murphy, Oregon
Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Myrtle Point, Oregon
Nashville, Oregon
Nehalem, Oregon
Neotsu, Oregon
Nesika Beach, Oregon
Neskowin, Oregon
Netarts, Oregon
New Bridge, Oregon
New Pine Creek, OR.
New Princeton, OR.
Newberg, Oregon
Newport, Oregon
Nimrod, Oregon
Nonpareil, Oregon
North Bend, Oregon
North Fork, Oregon
North Plains, OR.
North Powder, OR.
Norway, Oregon
Noti, Oregon
Nye, Oregon
Nyssa, Oregon
Oak Grove, Oregon
Oakland, Oregon
Oakridge, Oregon
O'Brien, Oregon
Oceanside, Oregon
Odell, Oregon
Olene, Oregon
Olex, Oregon
Olney, Oregon
Ona, Oregon
Ontario, Oregon
Ophir, Oregon
Oregon City, Oregon
Orenco, Oregon
Oretown, Oregon
Otis, Oregon
Otter Rock, Oregon
Pacific City, OR.
Paisley, Oregon
Paradise, Oregon
Parkdale, Oregon
Parkrose, Oregon
Paulina, Oregon
Pedee, Oregon
Peel, Oregon
Pelican City, OR.
Pendleton, Oregon
Peoria, Oregon
Perry, Oregon
Perrydale, Oregon
Philomath, Oregon
Phoenix, Oregon
Pilot Rock, Oregon
Pine, Oregon
Pine Grove, Oregon
Pinehurst, Oregon
Pistol River, OR.
Pittsburg, Oregon
Placer, Oregon
Pleasant Hill, OR.
Pleasant Valley, OR.
Plush, Oregon
Pondosa, Oregon
Port Orford, OR.
Portland, Oregon
Post, Oregon
Powell Butte, OR.
Powers, Oregon
Prairie City, OR.
Prescott, Oregon
Prineville, Oregon
Promise, Oregon
Prospect, Oregon
Provolt, Oregon
Quartz Mountain, OR.
Quartzville, Oregon
Quines Creek, OR.
Rainbow, Oregon
Rainier, Oregon
Raleigh Hills, OR.
Redmond, Oregon
Reed, Oregon
Reedsport, Oregon
Reedville, Oregon
Remote, Oregon
Reston, Oregon
Rhododendron, OR.
Rice Hill, Oregon
Richland, Oregon
Richmond, Oregon
Rickreall, Oregon
Riddle, Oregon
Rieth, Oregon
Riley, Oregon
Ritter, Oregon
Rivergrove, Oregon
Riverside, Oregon
Riverton, Oregon
Rock Creek, Oregon
Rockaway Beach, OR.
Rogue River, OR.
Rome, Oregon
Rose Lodge, Oregon
Roseburg, Oregon
Rowena, Oregon
Ruch, Oregon
Rufus, Oregon
Ruggs, Oregon
Russellville, OR.
Rye Valley, OR.
Saginaw, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Sams Valley, OR.
Sandlake, Oregon
Sandy, Oregon
Scio, Oregon
Scotts Mills, OR.
Scottsburg, Oregon
Seal Rock, Oregon
Seaside, Oregon
Selma, Oregon
Seneca, Oregon
Service Creek, OR.
Shady Cove, Oregon
Shaniko, Oregon
Shaw, Oregon
Sheaville, Oregon
Shedd, Oregon
Sheridan, Oregon
Sherwood, Oregon
Siletz, Oregon
Siltcoos, Oregon
Silver Lake, Oregon
Silverton, Oregon
Silvies, Oregon
Simnasho, Oregon
Sisters, Oregon
Sitkum, Oregon
Sixes, Oregon
Sodaville, Oregon
South Beach, Oregon
Sprague River, OR.
Spray, Oregon
Springfield, Oregon
St. Helens, Oregon
St. Paul, Oregon
Stanfield, Oregon
Starkey, Oregon
Stayton, Oregon
Steamboat, Oregon
Sublimity, Oregon
Summer Lake, Oregon
Summerville, Oregon
Summit, Oregon
Sumner, Oregon
Sumpter, Oregon
Sunny Valley, OR.
Sunriver, Oregon
Sunset Beach, OR.
Suplee, Oregon
Susanville, Oregon
Sutherlin, Oregon
Suver, Oregon
Svensen, Oregon
Sweet Home, Oregon
Swisshome, Oregon
Sylvan, Oregon
Takilma, Oregon
Talent, Oregon
Tangent, Oregon
Telocaset, Oregon
Tenmile, Oregon
Terrebonne, Oregon
The Dalles, Oregon
Three Forks, Oregon
Three Lynx, Oregon
Tidewater, Oregon
Tiernan, Oregon
Tierra Del Mar, OR.
Tigard, Oregon
Tillamook, Oregon
Tiller, Oregon
Timber, Oregon
Toketee Falls, OR.
Toledo, Oregon
Tollgate, Oregon
Trail, Oregon
Trent, Oregon
Tri City, Oregon
Triangle Lake, OR.
Trout Creek, Oregon
Troutdale, Oregon
Troy, Oregon
Tualatin, Oregon
Tumalo, Oregon
Turner, Oregon
Twin Rocks, Oregon
Tyee, Oregon
Tygh Valley, Oregon
Ukiah, Oregon
Umapine, Oregon
Umatilla, Oregon
Umpqua, Oregon
Union, Oregon
Union Creek, Oregon
Unionvale, Oregon
Unity, Oregon
Vale, Oregon
Valley Falls, OR.
Valley Junction, OR.
Vaughn, Oregon
Venator, Oregon
Veneta, Oregon
Verboort, Oregon
Vernonia, Oregon
Vida, Oregon
Wagontire, Oregon
Waldport, Oregon
Walker, Oregon
Wallowa, Oregon
Walterville, Oregon
Walton, Oregon
Wamic, Oregon
Wapinitia, Oregon
Warm Springs, OR.
Warrenton, Oregon
Wasco, Oregon
Waterloo, Oregon
Weatherby, Oregon
Wedderburn, Oregon
Welches, Oregon
Wemme, Oregon
Wendling, Oregon
West Linn, Oregon
West Portland, OR.
West Salem, Oregon
West Side, Oregon
West Slope, Oregon
Westfall, Oregon
Westfir, Oregon
Weston, Oregon
Westport, Oregon
Wheeler, Oregon
White City, Oregon
Whiteson, Oregon
Wilber, Oregon
Wilderville, Oregon
Wilhoit, Oregon
Willamina, Oregon
Williams, Oregon
Willowdale, Oregon
Wilsonville, Oregon
Wimer, Oregon
Winchester, Oregon
Winchester Bay, OR.
Winston, Oregon
Wolf Creek, Oregon
Wonder, Oregon
Woodburn, Oregon
Woodson, Oregon
Worden, Oregon
Wren, Oregon
Yachats, Oregon
Yamhill, Oregon
Yaquina, Oregon
Yoncalla, Oregon
Zigzag, Oregon
Zumwalt, Oregon

U.S. map showing the location of Oregon
U.S. map showing the location of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest

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